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  1. To the people blaming it on financial reasons because of COVID, well it would of been cheaper to keep Johnson instead we are downgrading, this club is a joke!
  2. Hughton 6/4 favourite again now with SkyBet, more than likely just because of this thread tho
  3. Yes he was and he's a keen admirer of him and was at Griffin Park to watch him when we had Brentford away
  4. Got past the first problem the redeem button worked on chrome but then get this message aswell
  5. I’ve just looked online and there’s only 76 tickets left to buy in the whole stadium, that can’t be right can it
  6. Nkeitah just scored but only gets another 13 minutes
  7. Can’t see it happening but I would love this thread to be in the Classic thread section when he bangs about 20 goals next season or this season
  8. On SSN they just said there has been a development to this story, Bristol City are also in talks to sign him
  9. You just have to look at the comments on Chelsea’s twitter just to see how amazing this signing is, pretty much every comment wanted him in there squad as they rate him much more than Alonso
  10. Luciano Narsingh would also be an interesting shout, winger who has played for Holland a few times and has a bit of pace about him, wages could be an issue tho
  11. Yes you can, it says you can also access the live matches through the Sky Sports App
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