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  1. I meant Wednesday not Saturday.
  2. Our first behind closed doors game is at Home on Saturday against Southampton.
  3. I like Palmer but dont understand why LJ signed him, he dont like those type of players and does not give them a run of games to prove themselves. For me got to have Eliasson Palmer Weimann behind Diedhiou, gives you Pace Creativity and the added Strength up top.
  4. WHY when chasing a game do you make 2 subs and bring them both on at full back, unless Perreira was injured what a waste of a sub we was not getting out played in his position or anything, then to make matters worse we bring on COD at LB !!! Last couple of seasons he moans about having to “flog the players” and they were drained eg. Villa away few years back, we have Smith available and he plays same 2 fragile CM’s yet again ! Logical subs for me was Smith and COD for Nagy and Massengo at HT and put Brownhill in CM with Smith and play 2 proper wingers. Weimann also is loved by Johnson and
  5. Anyone who is looking to park for ALL Bristol City games only i rent my drive out by The Robins pub its £200 for the season which includes any game and can be used for 3 hours before and after games. Let me know if interested as a private message, there is 2 spaces and 1 is sold already. I am a season ticket holder myself. Cheers.
  6. 3rd kit is white top with purple and green stripe.
  7. 3rd kit is White with Green and Purple stripe !
  8. We clearly dont have a great option with Fam so why not play Smith Pack AND Brownhill in the middle with O’Dowda and maybe Paterson either side. Solid and creative. Smith has to play. If we ever have 100% fit players: Fielding Hunt Webster Baker Kelly Brownhill Pack Smith Paterson Diedhiou Odowda
  9. O’leary Pisano Webster Baker DaSilva Brownhill Smith Walsh Watkins Taylor Eisa
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