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  1. All the Liverpool fans I know are very quiet but then the signal around Anfield is very bad apparently
  2. Yes!!!! Man City win the league
  3. Liverpools title now Grealish doesn’t even play a minute in a game his side need to win. What a waste of £100m
  4. Hopefully Man City win the league, spurs get 4th and Leeds go down.
  5. No way would I go if I had to pay for it. I love test cricket more than anything but two tickets for what I’ve managed to get is about £400 I think. Just day one for me I’m afraid. Hope your host saves you a seat so you don’t have to get their for 9am!
  6. Me and the boy in the upper mound stand with lunch and tea in the restaurant, day one. All courtesy of my generous employers. Cannot wait. If it rains he will most probably cry. Nice work getting in the members area. Make sure you dress up for it!
  7. Different leagues have different numbers of subs and the premier league is the only one with VAR so they can make adjustments if they want
  8. Is that true ? I’m not sure it is. Think they could bring that academy rule in if they wanted
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