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  1. Great days cricket but we won’t get 280 or over so big first hour tomorrow. They may even have enough with how good we are against spin
  2. Coming back as assistant
  3. Why would he turn down a job if he believes he can do it ?
  4. Not sure what you are talking about. The OP is asking someone who has been presented an amazing opportunity to turn it down even if he thinks he is up to the job.
  5. Who said it was Robbo? Not me. If he thinks he can do the job then why the hell should he turn it down? It’s a massive opportunity for him.
  6. Shut up you idiot. Who do you think you are? Big opportunity for him and he should take the job. Sure he has the self belief.
  7. Might be best candidate who agreed to fit in with the clubs policies.
  8. Save your negativity for another thread
  9. Not really unless Holden has told lies after lies that affect people’s health and livelihoods. Massive overreaction.
  10. Is that it for you on this forum as well then?
  11. No negativity on this thread please.
  12. The beauty of football is you have no idea if he will or not. We will have to wait and see.
  13. They decided after interviewing others that Holden best candidate. They’ve got their last two appointments correct so let’s see if it’s a hat trick
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