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  1. Sad thing is these people often have kids. Probably passing their paranoia onto them.
  2. Yeah downloading an app or making a 90 second phone call is a massive hassle!
  3. Worth pointing out that the NHS app and the Test and Trace app are different so those that have deleted the latter can download the former to show their vaccine status without thr threat of being pinged
  4. Mick McCarthy as well. These managers can’t all be wrong and some people on a forum be right
  5. Interesting to see if COD starts for Pearson as he has started most games when fit for every club and international manager he’s played under I think.
  6. Most I have ever seen us is 18/1 Shop around. Sky bet has us at 16/1
  7. Apart from their 35 mistakes. If you ignore a teams mistakes then each team will be perfect!
  8. Sam Pearson, one of the few bright sparks today, with a good cross for Janneh/own goal to score. Couldn’t tell who scored
  9. it’s online for free Thankfully I didn’t pay !
  10. Can barely see due to the rain drops. This club is so thoughtless sometimes. Cover the camera for gods sake!!
  11. One good game, three bad/anonymous games is roughly his record to date. If Pearson can reverse that he’s done very well indeed
  12. Enjoyed last nights game and enjoying tonight’s game. Don’t think you need a team to support, same as when watching Prem football. Ultimately if kids are enjoying it then it’s successful in my eyes. My kids cricket team are all talking about it on their WhatsApp group Don’t think it really works like that in franchise cricket.
  13. I’ve been as disparaging as anyone about the hundred but now it’s started will give it a chance. So far the kids at my cricket club seem to be loving it and it’s on the BBC so they can all watch it
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