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  1. I think individually the players are mostly all mid table ish players. What they don’t have is any confidence and seemingly a coherent plan to work too. Forests players have gone from not good enough to play off contenders all because of a new manager. Just got to hope Pearson can get us there.
  2. Did you watch the game? Every player put in their worst performance of the season, hence I said they are all better players than they showed today. That’s all I’ve said. I’m puzzled how you can disagree with that really. They were all incredibly poor today and are all better than they produced. I think your reply shows we are talking at cross purposes
  3. He was definitely offside but the question was did weimann get a touch. Robins tv showed an angle that proved he did
  4. Wells disallowed goal was correct decision
  5. They are all better than they showed today.
  6. Clueless from windies. My kids team adapt to a changing game situation better!
  7. Surprised no mention of how poor Rob Atkinson has been recently. Still a long way for him to go to be a top half championship centre back. Good on the ball but not a great defender yet. Needs to player watch more and not just follow the ball. Players movement at this level top much for him right now
  8. His players were low on confidence and clearly didn’t believe they could get anything out today. That’s on him though. You call them sows ears but they are better players than they showed today.
  9. As bad as anything produced under Holden or Johnson. Need to stick with the manager though. Big test for the players but also the fans coming up
  10. Chants of ‘you don’t know what your doing’ as Simpson comes on for Tanner
  11. Confirmation that Weimann DID touch it for the disallowed goal
  12. They’ve decided no point in changing it back as will only have to change it again in 5 mins
  13. Should be 3-0. We are defending like children
  14. It’s only a matter of time. This is truly awful
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