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  1. Crazy opinion on Dyche. Burnley had won 4 in 30 I think when he was sacked. Since then they have won 3 in 8 and picked up 11 points in that time. If Dyche had carried on they would be down already. Jackson has changed the way they play and improved them drastically. It hasn’t worked out for Leeds but don’t just look at a league table and think the same applies for Burnley
  2. That’s what I was hoping for. Think it would be great for the game. In reality it might not be as perfect as I imagine but it certainly couldn’t be any worse.
  3. I’m not sure it’s the pitch invasions per se that is the issue. In the last week we have seen Billy Sharp get assaulted, Vieira get abused last night and Swindon players physically abused last night. Think there has been one more incident as well but so many I’ve forgotten! I assume you are not happy about those incidents! One way to stop them is to stop fans going on the pitch. If fans can’t be trusted to behave on the pitch then they shouldn’t go on it, whether they’ve paid money or not
  4. A lot of angry people in this country at the moment. Anger + booze + maybe drugs, is not a good cocktail
  5. Weak thinking really. Going on the Daily Mail website to find out what your opinion is on something is weak minded
  6. Well that makes it interesting 1-2
  7. Would like Everton to go down but if they don’t then Leeds is a lovely consolation prize Haha unfortunately it’s not the 90s anymore. What’s the point in VAR if they don’t send him off?!
  8. Wouldn’t be the biggest shock I’ve ever seen
  9. “As a Manager, I like to turn up the attacking dial during the game and I want to play a high-tempo brand of football. I felt connected to the Hibs project very quickly. I am looking forward to getting stuck in and embedding the process. We’ve got a team of players that naturally fit my style and of course we are going to have to recruit to try and enhance that. You’ve got to engage players, make them feel wanted and valued and you’ve got to make them believe in that playing style. Whatever happens we must compete and compete at the top end of the table."
  10. That’s my new second club sorted. Trip to Easter Road @Fordy62?
  11. Could well be. Just listened to an expert on the latest Wisden podcast and he didn’t seem to know!!
  12. Not even sure it’s that. Olly Stone, Saqib Mahmood, Matt Fisher, Woakes, Curran, Robinson are all injured as well. A lot of those haven’t been flogged. Anderson and Broad have enjoyed pretty much injury free careers and look at this: Number of first-class/List A/T20 overs bowled between the ages of 20 and 24: Stuart Broad 2357 Jimmy Anderson 2032 Ollie Stone 795 Saqib Mahmood 591 Matthew Fisher 549 Mark Wood 412 I certainly have no idea why this is happening but would love to know. I am going to find out if there is anything kids can be doing to help prevent injury when they get to their 20s. Their must be something. Would be good to know not least for my own child’s sake who is 11 and playing for 3 teams so doing lots of bowling at a young age.
  13. Unbelievable. Poor guy. No idea why so many England quicks have so many injuries. Amazed that nothing can seemingly be done.
  14. Careful or you will be called a troll and likened to Robbored, despite many people liking the post that provoked the slur!
  15. Not sure how you work that out. Firstly I don’t like rangers and secondly you may have noticed I always want Germany and German teams to win for family reasons.
  16. Haha piss off rangers! Up the Germans
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