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  1. I’d say that’s the symptom not the actual problem
  2. The ECB can say what they want about test cricket being a priority but it’s all lies. A lot of these players haven’t played a 4 day game for over a month. No practise whatsoever. I actually feel sorry for them today. Switching codes is a lot harder than people think
  3. These places have had a year of not earning so I’m not going to criticise moving from free to a tenner
  4. Shrewsbury at 7th sticks out as one I would certainly disagree with. Also hoping Sunderland is wrong and they win the league! I’ve got Shrewsbury around 14th. Small squad but if they manage to add a bit in the next few weeks then maybe top half. To answer OPs question on the managers, I think it lends itself to league one being one of the most exciting and competitive leagues this season. Really looking forward to it. Certainly Cook at Ipswich is one of the stand outs and I’m intrigued to see how they do. Sheff Wed manager is unproven and I’m not a massive fan of their signings. Rotherham are my safe bet and we know that their boss is a solid one
  5. Not quite sure how we are 2-3 light. We have a 28 man squad which includes about 10 youngsters that we are seemingly looking to blood. We would be light in quality for a play off push but I don’t see that the play offs is the aim. If we know there is a good chance we won’t achieve that then best to spend the season improving what we have which is a decent young(ish) squad, in the main
  6. Only natural to see that a young player is scoring lots and conclude they should be given a chance I guess.
  7. There’s definitely a correlation between the fans that think he should be in the first team squad and the fans who haven’t actually seen him play for more than 10 mins.
  8. Bell is a lot more versatile and can play across the front 3. Conway is a lot more dynamic and athletic than Britton. Britton is not mobile enough for me. Can’t see him ever being at championship level or even league one but hey, hope I am wrong!
  9. Can anyone tell me how Nathaniel Williams is doing ?
  10. He seems to be 6th choice striker here so hard to see much game time without a loan
  11. But you have to be good enough. Being big isn’t enough or we would sign Peter Crouch
  12. Bell and Conway are both better players. Don’t think it’s got anything to do with contracts
  13. That’s amazing value. Thanks for sharing
  14. Is it £10 per head and then you can get into everything listed for free for 3 days ? Incredible value if so.
  15. Kane’s agent is dealing with Levy to be fair. The agent has ballsed this up it would seem
  16. Yeah cos Starmer has really killed Johnson in PMQs!
  17. Would be very surprised if Kalas left to fund a striker as we would then need a centre back as well. Pearson described Atkinson as a signing for the future so I can’t see Kalas going anywhere. Just OTIB speculation
  18. If you quote someone it’s easier. Don’t tell me what I do and do not get. And dont tell me I will wake up. Why don’t you realise that not everyone will care about everything you care about? I have little interest in the premier league so I don’t care if the best team in the country buys the striker of the 6th best team. I watched not a single MOTD last season. I’m not bothered. It has always happened and the championship hasn’t really suffered so I don’t think it will.
  19. I didn’t hear him say James is the best midfielder he’s worked with. Heard him say he’s as good as any he’s worked with which is slightly different.
  20. I would suggest posting this on the Kane thread would have made more sense Personally I don’t care two hoots what clubs like Man City do. Best teams have always bought the best players and always will
  21. She didnt manage a single lift. Maybe the hysterical people will go back in their box for the time being. There will be a lot who will be gutted she didnt win simply because they cannot rage now
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