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  1. Don’t defend so deep and maybe we win the game
  2. Swansea slowly improving. Imagine the meltdown if we’d appointed Russell Martin
  3. That’s just wrong. We aren’t very likely to get relegated.
  4. A certainty for relegation?! Give over. Some amazing overreactions on here sometimes
  5. Wish I could get sacked for £8m
  6. If someone offered to double your wages you’d leave as well. Pretty simple really.
  7. Agree 100%. The people who say they enjoyed the game and thought we were good must be pissed. It’s the only excuse
  8. I’m 200 miles away from home with a lovely bottle of Shiraz and otib for company!
  9. Very good from him. Not many come out of tonight with credit but he can be proud of how he keeps improving
  10. No mate. Baffled how you can conclude that! Crying over losing a football match would be weird
  11. Eh? I’m not crying mate. Why would I be?! You keep trolling if you like though
  12. What do you want to see then? Us spend £25m in the summer?
  13. James clattered their player and they should have had a penalty for that
  14. No way. The stadium is nice but there are many nice grounds in this league
  15. You make your own luck. Don’t sit deep for 20 mins and those goals don’t happen. No need for it
  16. Ian Gay is on the radio and he says he has the answer!!
  17. Can’t agree with this. Draw probably a fair result. If anyone deserved to win they did. We couldn’t get out our half for long period
  18. Amazing how low the expectations are now. Some people saying we played well tonight! We really didn’t
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