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  1. Will do! They’ve been poor but who cares now!
  2. Massengo won’t get the assist so the stats geeks can keep saying he doesn’t affect the final third
  3. Very average first half. Weimann and Martin non existent. Pring average. Atkinson poor. Everyone else has done okay but too many off their game
  4. Ref has to stop the play for a head injury. It’s in the rules.
  5. If a player goes down holding his head the ref has to stop play.
  6. He’s gone down holding his head. What do you want the ref to do ?
  7. Atkinson and Kalas completely lose Dykes. Amateurish stuff
  8. What a cross from Sam McCallum. He looks very good down their left.
  9. Who knows what it will be. I don’t want baker at left back so I hope it’s 5-3-2
  10. Personally I take no pleasure in news like this. The fans aren’t at fault at all and it’s them that suffers the most.
  11. I find it very weird when fans have a problem with other teams attendances. Usually seems to be glory fans who don’t even go to the games themselves anyway!
  12. Not to the extent of yesterday we haven’t.
  13. I agree that yesterday’s performance was a surprise. The tactics of get it wide and get in crosses seemed very immature.
  14. Harsh on Matty James I’d say
  15. Agreed. He’s a good championship keeper and we aren’t a good championship team so he is currently playing below himself at our club. Pretty much the least of our worries. Wish we had a team of good championship players
  16. How many errors has Bentley made this season? I think he’s been very good overall.
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