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  1. What is he actually out injured with? Swear no one from the club has ever said.
  2. Only saw second half but looked promising. Obviously can't read too much into it but we really do have some promising young players, a lot of them more than held their own this evening.
  3. Keep. It's nice to see an England manager who has a plan and isn't afraid to drop big names if they don't fit his system. I also don't think there is currently a better candidate for the job who would want it.
  4. I really find all the talk on border line decisions like the Sterling penalty a bit boring to be honest. Thought England could have had two penalties before that as well. Denmark lost this game because they were shattered after 60 minutes or so and after that they just sat back and offered zero threat going forward. That's why they lost this game.
  5. My sister in law worked for the Watford media team when NP was there so knows him quite well. She said he's a lovely bloke behind the scenes and is polite and nice to all the staff. She said he just doesn't like being interviewed by the media and she learnt very quickly to keep it short with him which he prefers.
  6. I guess the point of pre season is to get fit for the whole season and not just the first 5 games. Interesting interview! Confirms Baker is on reduced wages and seems to clearly rate a lot of our younger players. Very critical of the previous regime!
  7. Really seems like a great guy. Have watched him play in person for United and he's a real quality player as well. Wouldn't it be great if he came on and scored the winner tonight or on Sunday!
  8. Greg Goodridge was playing for Barbados and was their captain?!
  9. Amazing to think we have 2 players now with Premier league winning medals. Who was the last City player before them who had won the top division? Norman Hunter?
  10. I'd be tempted to keep with the 3-4-3 but bring Mount in for one of the holding midfielders and I would start Grealish instead of Saka but wouldn't be top dissapointed to see Saka get another start.
  11. Seems like a sensible signing to me. Decent defender with a lot of experience at this level. Imagine he's on less money than he was and no transfer fee. Still think we need another centre back mind.
  12. Her tactical knowledge is very impressive. Dare I say far more impressive than a lot of the head coaches we have had. Makes me think she could do a decent job in men's football.
  13. Think we have a hard group and then likely a a very hard game in the last 16. Still not overly convinced by Southgate and how we have played against half decent opposition under him. So think I am one of the few with quite low expectations. Obviously hope I'm proven wrong.
  14. I can't understand why people get so annoyed about it to be honest. I literally don't care if players do it or not. It also just seems very controproductive to be booing players who you are meant to be supporting taking the knee.
  15. Wonder if he's just more suited to international football than the championship? Technically looks decent from what I've seen but perhaps isn't quite up to it physically. I think like Nagy really he would be decent in a 4-2-3-1 as one of the defensive midfielders along side a more dominant type.
  16. We have so much decent attacking talent but our defence and keepers worry me a lot. Most successful international teams tend to have a real top quality deep lying midfielder who can dictate the game. Think Mount is probably the only one in our squad who can play that role despite the fact he plays further forward for Chelsea. Not convinced by Southgate either. Hard group as well hope I'm wrong but think we might massively underperform.
  17. Still think they should have just kept Wilder to be honest. Although decent enough appointment.
  18. Really good interview this. Seems like a nice guy but reminds me very much of DH. Good coach but without trying to be overly harsh probably isn't quite intelligent enough to be a top head coach.
  19. Really pleased with this and that NP is clearly being able to bring in the team he wants! Also quite interesting that since he's left Leicester they have had an awful lot more injuries.
  20. Personally see him as quite similar to big Sam to be honest. Great at setting a side up and grinding out enough results to slightly overachieve but awful to watch and probably isn't going to win much. Hes had a good career but personally from a purely watching football to be entertained point of view will be quite glad to not have to watch his sides play. Similar to big Sam, Pulis and Steve Bruce really.
  21. When you hear ex players talk about what it was like when they were at the real big clubs it certainly doesn't sound like a 'family feel' there. Get the impression it just wasn't professional enough here to be honest.
  22. Great point could have got both Soucek and Coufal instead of Kalas.
  23. To be fair I wouldn't be surprised to see Kasey Palmer get good numbers in league one. To be fair I wouldn't be surprised to see Kasey Palmer get good numbers in league one. To be fair I wouldn't be surprised to see Kasey Palmer get good numbers in league one.
  24. At Watford he mainly played 4-3-3. I think he's fairly flexible to be honest.
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