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  1. Would not be surprised if his contract was terminated on mutual consent.
  2. I have more confidence in NP taking us to the premier League than I had in LJ to be honest. I feel really optimitistic currently. The three year plan feels realistic to me and it's based on a model that has worked before. The last season under LJ I felt like we were heading into League one in a few seasons.
  3. Last summer they spent a huge amount as well though. So having a little look seems like following Man City winning their case against UEFA previously a lot of the big clubs just aren't following FFP as they are now pretty confident they would win if it goes to court. Hence Real Madrid making a bid of over 100 million for Mbappe despite them being 600 million in debt.
  4. Is FFP even a thing anymore? I thought that it's not being taken into account because of COVID currently? Doesn't seem to be stopping Man City, PSG, Chelsea etc.
  5. He's better on the ball and has more energy than King that's for sure. I would say Kings positional sense is better mind and he's more of a goal threat. I wonder if that's all that's preventing Massengo being a top player is his positional sense? He certainly has the ability on the ball. Hopefully playing alongside James will really help him.
  6. He's 17 he's obviously not going to be perfect but his first touch, positional sense and confidence on the ball makes me think he's going to be very special. Yeah agreed with Pring. Interested to see what he's like at defending cos his final ball certainly looks better than Dasilvas. Wonder if he may end the season our first choice left back.
  7. Pring looks a decent player but doesn't look like a winger to me. He didn't seem to make enough runs in behind for me which is what we really need from our wingers when Martin plays. I was much more impressed with Scott to be honest. Another fine display from him. I honestly think he's a potential world class player which I've never said about a city player before.
  8. To keep it very simple I would say a combination of Pring giving us some width, Weimann being further forward, Kalas starting and James/King and Massengo when he came on giving us a solid base.
  9. He does exactly what NP wants. Flat back 4 with 2 holding midfielders screening them. Pring used left mid to give us some width and then Scott, Martin and Weimann had quite a bit of freedom and were somewhat interchangeable. Was nice to see us having a clear and sensible game plan to be honest.
  10. Martin and Weimann as a partnership is a nightmare for most centre backs at this level. We were fluid last night as well which was nice to see.
  11. Fair play to him imagine he could have easily stayed at home if he wanted to.
  12. We really controlled the midfield which is something we haven't seemed to have done in ages. James looks a great signing on a free for me and can see him and Massengo being a decent partnership moving forward.
  13. Thought Martin deserved at least a 7. His pressing was excellent, won lots in the air, was a nuisance for their defenders throughout and scored! Kings rating seems bit harsh as well. Thought him and James controlled the game well. Something not seen for a while from a city midfield. Haven't seen the XG but imagine we won that quite comfortably. Right back is a concern but think a lot of our shaky defending was more linked to our poor run of form and lack of confidence.
  14. In his first interview Pearson mentioned that he thinks tactics are overrated or something like that. This worried a bit to be honest and I am starting to see this is something he may neglect. All for team spirit etc but I do personally think tactics play a very important role in football. Especially nowadays and I wonder if football has moved on and NP hasn't. Obviously hope I am wrong!
  15. Does it highlight a lack of organisation and/or tactical flaw? I gather our squad isn't great and Vyner has to do better for the first goal but the second goal is another goal from a set piece which we seem to concede an awful lot from. Surely set pieces come down purely to organisation and working on them on the training ground? It's not like we are a small side.
  16. I still don't think PSG will win the champions league. Obviously a great player and one of the greatest ever but when you haven't got the ball you effectively have one player less than the opposition. Like Ronaldo he's still quality on the ball as is going to score a lot of goals. But and it's a big but, I think to beat the real top sides in Europe nowadays you need players who are just as good off the ball as on it.
  17. Yeah same seems like a good championship player but not sure he's got enough about him to do well in the Premier league. I would be a bit worried if I was a Southampton fan could see them going down this season.
  18. I thought we looked really comfortable up until around the 70th minute mark and they came into it a bit then. We should have killed the game off in the first half. I thought it was quite promising, we won't go up this season but confident we seem to be heading in the right direction with NP. Think he just needs a few transfer windows to get us where we need to be.
  19. Was a shame COD went off so early and he's one of the few players we have who can make runs in behind. Imagine we will be looking to get that type of player in on loan before the window shuts. I watched a lot of Pearsons Watford side and they certainly weren't a long ball side. I personally enjoyed watching them play. From what I see he's looking to make us safe and solid first and then once he feels he has achieved that will focus more on our attacking play.
  20. Decent player but just not physically strong enough to play centre midfield in the championship.
  21. Hes probably on decent money and imagine their will be quite a bit of interest in him. I rate him but we have plenty of decent players in his position, so makes sense to cash in on him.
  22. Thought we were quite good and deserved to win that game. We need more quality in the final third and think we are going to be better away from home again. Hoping we can get a decent winger and striker in on loan as think that's what we are missing currently.
  23. Really exciting to see how Scott does! Pleased with that team, although would personally start Kalas ahead of Baker and Nagy or Massengo ahead of King.
  24. Transition season for me, would be pleased with a mid table finish. Think we should focus more on the performances to be honest.
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