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  1. Benkovic also joining on loan and Moore going to Blackpool on loan as well apparently.
  2. He’s signed on loan will be announced this evening apparently.
  3. I wonder if he is also too stubborn. I believe he is against rotating his team and likes to work with small squads? Would be great to see him at a real big club though.
  4. Really like Bielsa and his sides are great to watch but his style doesn’t bring success in club football. It’s just not sustainable to play at that tempo for a whole season hence why his sides burn out. He’s definitely made football a lot better though. It’s all about pressing and transitions now which I think makes for a more entertaining game. Just feels like the likes of Guardiola and Klopp have been able to build on his philosophy and make it more sustainable.
  5. If we don’t make playoffs actually think it may benefit all parties for LJ to leave at the end of the season. He will leave with his reputation untarnished. Will likely be able to walk easily in to another Championship job. We will likely have the opportunity to get a bigger name head coach who fingers crossed can take us to the prem.
  6. I believe he can be recalled this month? I am by no means his biggest fan but could we save ourselves a bit of money and give him a run of games in the number 9 role. Always feels like he’s played more as a number 10 for us when at Rovers and Oxford he has been played as a number 9. I am of the view that we are more suited to a 3-5-2. We have a very good number 10 in Weimann but since Afobe got injured we haven’t had a number 9 who can play on last man and stretch the play. Gives a bit more options in terms of how we can play. Can play more possession based football with Weimann and Taylor upfront and then more direct style with Fam and Weimann upfront. Could even play all 3. Let’s be honest to get anyone who’s a Championship ready striker in this window is gonna cost a lot. Can take a punt on someone like Hogan but he’s hardly set the world alight recently or get someone from aboard who’s probably gonna need time to adapt.
  7. Like Bobby and think he’s a very good player at this level but think we need a number 9 who plays on the last man and stretches the game more. See Bobby as more of a number 10 and we have a very good player in that position in Weimann.
  8. I think a lot depends on if we can get a striker with similar qualities to Afobe. We looked a much better side before he got injured.
  9. The ruthless sacking of manager approach certainly has worked well for Watford.
  10. Let’s be honest the local press won’t report anything without the clubs authority. I’d imagine they have leaked this to them in view of getting rid of KP or maybe even LJ.
  11. I think we just aren’t very good at it. We do try and play out the back but then due to limited options we normally then give it away or hoof it aimlessly up field.
  12. A lot of clubs have tried to copy Pep. Unfortunately most have got it all wrong and play a slow and pointless possession game that just isn’t effective. There has been quite a few times this season when I think we are one of them.
  13. I think Lee deserves to be given until the end of the season to sort things out. However, I would get rid if we aren’t in the playoffs.
  14. I do think we should wait until the end of the season and then asses our options which I think SL will do.
  15. I think we should probably look overseas. The director of football and head coach role is fairly new in this country. Also I am sure lots of promising young managers are more than willing to come to a championship club. I think we have the structure of the club right we just need a coach who can really improve young players and someone who is tactically sound. I think LJ has done ok but I don’t think he’s quite good enough to take us to the next level.
  16. Probably his kind of level now to be honest. Football has moved on and not sure he has.
  17. There all so well media trained now it’s almost pointless doing them.
  18. Not sure this type of midfielder exists anymore, football has moved on. We need someone who keeps the ball and sets the tempo. Hopefully Nagy is back soon or otherwise looks a poor decision to let Pack go.
  19. No idea why he isn’t a regular starter. We look so much more dangerous with him on the pitch and the stats back that up. COD needs to be a lot more consistent and have more of a end product for me.
  20. The sad thing is I don’t think it’s even the minority of our fans anymore, certainly not those who travel away anyway. I go more away than home due to where I live so can’t really comment on home games. We are talking a few hundred people at least singing about an extremist. Ive have been watching city away for 15 years or so and can’t help but think our fans are worse than ever in that period. I have two young boys and sadly don’t think I am ever going to take them to see city away due to the level of abusive chanting and fighting. Football should be about bringing communities together and having a good time with your mates and family. Sadly it often feels a very toxic environment when watching city away.
  21. I'm not too disheartened by todays result tbh. Yes very annoying we threw away a 2 goal lead and they were there for the taking. However think we showed again that we have enough to stay up this season. Wade Elliott was excellent as was Maloney. Had Elliott not been subbed off think we would have won. If we keep few of the lads on loan and get a decent old fashioned target man think we will do alright next season. Only slight critism for me is jet who I feel needs to get in the box more. Just isn't an out and out striker and the formation we are playing think we would benefit from playing a target man.
  22. He's one of those blokes you meet and think what a ..... Cocky for no reason having him as manager in league two just depresses me.
  23. What's killing us is we are not very good. Nothing to do with the fans another good away following today.
  24. The league table right now is very worrying. Lets hope it looks better come 5 o clock!
  25. Will be pleased with a point. Orient lost their last two so could be a good time to play them.
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