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  1. Oscar does have some very valid points, football has changed dramatically and therefore so has the matchday experience. But just looking at the small sample of fans on OTIB most want success and to get success in this time of FFP and parachute payments the club had to change. The old stadium wasn't fit for purpose in the championship. My first game at AG was in the old grandstand as the Williams was called then and it was a sad day when they knocked it down. Sad, but understandable. The leadership under the Lansdowns has, in the past, been naive. The introduction of FFP has forced Steve to heavily invest in the infrastructure and business model. The other thing I think changes the viewpoint of the older fan was the debacle of 1982. If we want to be chasing the dream then we had to move with the times. We are the club Steve Lansdown is just the custodian but he has sunk huge amounts of money, and supporters expect him to. But, however when the club look to entice money from the fans (and remember no one forces you to buy from the club shop or food outlets) people think it's the club that's pulling away. The debate regarding the quality of the football at home and the head coach are well covered in one or two other threads. If we want to progress then we have to expect these changes off the field to finance the team on the field. Yes there was some good days in the past as well as some bloody awful ones. But remember nostalgia wears rose tinted glasses.
  2. I was reminiscing about the "old days" and the talent Alan Dicks had at his disposal which lead me to think how it compared to our current squad. It's difficult to compare them like for like due to the combative nature back then and how the game has evolved. I think Merrick, Collier, Whitehead, Gow and Cheesley would warrant a place in the squad although I think Gerry may have had a few games off due to suspensions. Going the other way I think the likes of Eliasson, Bentley Fam and a few other would have been pushing for a starting place. I think we have a better depth of squad but I'll always hold that promotion squad on a pedestal.
  3. This is such a toxic subject, a subject where facts are included or omitted to suit the person posting. Yes LJ has had more to spend than an other manager, that is a fact. But by the same token the players sold have earned the club more than any other manager has brought in and would go as far as to say more than all our previous manager put together. We must also remember inflation and the amount of money in football have made silly numbers normal. Remember we paid £1M for Tony Thorpe how much would that be in today's prices? So how much more has he been backed when you take that into account? During these runs of winning or losing luck has had an impact be it a goal line clearance or a refereeing decision going for or against us. This s no different for any other club. For me a manager should be judged at the end of the season not on a small batch of results unless of course we are spiralling out of control. Lee Johnson is a marmite subject and I respect people's opinions will differ but making it us and them fuels the toxic nature causing what is tantamount to civil war. We all support the same club, we all want success and entertainment. Could we not give Lee Johnson the remaining 16 games to try to cement our place in the playoffs? If he fails to achieve this then we can reopen the subject. This forum is a great place to debate things but does it really need to be so black and white?
  4. The F.A Cup is bigger than any manager be it Jose, Pep or Klopp and should be bigger than any team.
  5. F.A Cup replays bring in much needed revenue to clubs like Shrewsbury especially when you hold a top 6 premier side at home. If replays are scrapped would teams like Liverpool and Manchester City give up some of their Sky cash to support lower league sides? We've seen Bury go under this season but had they been in Shrews position with a replay at Anfield would that have saved them? Before the F.A. bow to Premier League pressure they need to take stock of the bigger picture. City are in a decent financial position but the League Cup run certainly helped us out. And during that run both Manchester teams showed us respect with their matchday squad in all 3 games. As for Klopp not being in the dug out that's his prerogative but I hope he doesn't moan if their youth side lose.
  6. A question southvillekiddy you highlight Alan Dicks as the only manager of note, what was his previous managerial experience? I'm sure someone of 71 years will remember. Oh yeah and can you tell me how his first few season went as I'm a little too young to remember.
  7. If, and it's a big if, we find ourselves looking for a new head coach/manager I can't think of someone British who I would think " yes 100%" Seeing some of the names on this and other threads give me mixed feelings. Houghton I'd say would be an ok appointment where as mad Mick McCarthy doesn't fill me with enthusiasm. Then we have to take the corporate model Steve Lansdown wants to pursue. Would MM or CH wish to work with those constraints? Then there is the Mark Ashton factor. Lee Johnson says he has the final say, but isn't the truth more along the lines of 'here's a list of players we can sign that fits the business model." I often read about other successful clubs such as Huddersfield, Wolves and Norwich. These clubs have taken a punt on less well known foreign coaches whilst Sheffield Utd trusted Chris Wilder. Perhaps a continental coach would see the best of our flare players like Palmer and Eliasson whilst willing to work within the set up we have in place. As I said at the start LJ being sacked is unlikely right now but without a drastic up turn in form we may be in the market come the middle of May.
  8. I hear this phrase everytime we hit a bad run or the managers tenure is, or as some would like, coming to an end. Now this isn't about Lee Johnson or any other manager in particular. If the squad are unhappy with their coach/manager that's fair enough. It becomes wrong when the let it affect their work. In the real world there are plenty of poor manager regardless of the industry we all have to put up with. Imagine you disliked your manager in work and the quality of your work went into free fall. Who would be getting the disciplinary? These players are Bristol City employees not Lee Johnsons, not Steve Lansdowns they are, for the want of a better word, the property of the club. If there is a growing discord between the manager and his squad then those with a grievance should go to either the chairman or the owner and tell them what the problem is. You can question the managements ability to motivate but surely running out to the cheers and applause of 17 or 18,000 home fans should be motivation enough. These guys are living the dream of millions of 18 to 30 year old men, doing something they love and getting far more money than they would in almost any other walk of life. When I thought about starting this topic I tried to see it from many angles and came to a worrying conclusion. The squad may have lost respect for the manager but by putting in substandard performances they are showing disrespect to the club who pay their wages but more importantly they're showing no respect to the likes of you and I, the fans who give up time and money to watch them not just at BS3 but all over the country. So my message to the squad would be, if your unhappy take the problem up with the manager. If you get no joy take it to Steve Lansdown. Finally if there's no improvement hand in a transfer request en mass and do it very publically I'm sure your agents to arrange the publicity. Don't make the fans suffer.
  9. I saw that but I think he was rather flustered having told one supporter to fk off. He was unfit physically and unable to keep up with the play.
  10. I can understand why some feel let down and Mark Ashton Lee Johnson and Steve Lansdown do need to shoulder some of the blame. They raised expectations with their comments regarding a "proven no.9" The club can't be held responsible for the young lad not showing up for a medical or for the fact Emery has a mate working at Leeds. When we looked at alternatives it was too late in the day. Austin was always going to pick West Brom over us and Bobby Reid was bound to choose Fulham for several reasons. As others have said and with hindsight we should have moved on from Nketiah earlier, but it looked nailed on he would join us. Maybe we should have scouted a forward/striker when we were scouting Nagy, Pereira and Messengo. I don't think Afobe was such a panic signing as some believe and I think he may surprise a few. I hope we will continue to search for that goalscoring no. 9 and maybe bring him in in January. It's going to be interesting.
  11. Why can Leeds appoint a very good (not world class) head coach/manager? Could be something to do with an average attendance of 33k, 10k more than us over many years. Also Leeds live on the history from the early 70's as illustrated by the flags. They get support from all over the country on the back of their great sides of the past. We have bought a lot of players since LJ took over but we've made more profitable sales than losses. 4 of these sales were to Premier league clubs 3 of which I would put down to Johnson's influence. It fits the clubs model of buy, improve, sell, reinvest. You say Steve Lansdowns patronage is holding us back, I see it differently. I see it as holding us back from a re-run of 1982. If Lansdown did sell up who would replace him? A dubious Italian? A middle eastern sheik? We could get big named manager certainly, but at what price? And what guarantee of success? We don't have a history of success in our 120 odd years to attract a name so we'd need to throw big money at it. Being a City fan is frustrating but I think we are moving in the right direction. Is Lee Johnson the man to get us promoted, I don't know. But who believed Alan Dicks would take us up in his early years at the club? Despite Sundays game I'm still optimistic about the season and about the clubs future.
  12. Could it be something to do with international clearance?
  13. Ignoring the insult, my point is society today is very much anti discrimination (quite rightly so) but in an effort to counter this discrimination things have gone the other way. How can you create an inclusive society when you promote exclusive groups or clubs? Myself I only see the person and break people into 3 group, those I like, those I dislike and those I don't know so can't form an opinion. A persons ethnicity sexulaity gender etc are just the component part of a person they shouldn't define someone. I don't advocate a white healthy heterosexual group, I question the need for exclusive group. I hope that has explained my view.
  14. I whole heartedly agree with you and not just in football. It seems everyone qualifies to join a group except healthy white heterosexual men. That said if the senior Reds enjoy the group where's the harm, just because it's not my thing.
  15. I am assuming the OP was subtle sarcasm as some fans are electrically quick to plant the blame on Fam. In his first season here he struck up a very useful partnership with Bobby Reid. Last season he was used as a lone striker, a role he doesn't seem comfortable in. So to me it's obvious we need a quick, intelligent striker that will bring the best out of Diedhiou. Fam is, I think, a confidence player and although he'll never be a prolific goal scorer his game will improve without the pressure of being our main goal threat. Given the poor value of the English transfer market I hope we are looking to bring in a youngish talent from the continent (another French speaker to help him gel with fam?) if we can't get the young Arsenal lad.
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