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  1. Players of yesteryear had many of the bad habits now frowned upon. The stories of Alfie Biggs in the Black Swan are legendary. With today's pro's the training and conditioning has got them finely tuned with muscles so tight which is great when fit but it'll only take an overstretch to pull or even rip a muscle Different times, different game but I do believe the old timers lack of fitness help them avoid serious muscular injuries.
  2. Personally I think we need both a CEO and a Director of Football/Head of Scouting. It would be great if we could appoint a DoF known to and respected by Pearson to identifyi players who fit the managers brief with the CEO being responsible for the contracts and offers. The last thing we need is another Mark Ashton with to much influence over footballing issue. It'll be a balancing act to give Nige what he needs whilst providing Steve Lansdown with what he wants. Interesting summer ahead I think.
  3. I agree Nigel won't have an easy job. As for those we don't offer new contract it highlights the weakness in the recruitment process. Losing players we've paid fees for isn't great but if by them leaving it frees up wages for players Pearson needs it makes it a little more bearable.
  4. A mate of mine went to school with Paul Hollland 8n Lincoln. Holland told him it was likely going to be his last contract as his knees were shot.
  5. On the plus side is the new man will have a potentiality clear canvas with so many out of contract. Given the comments Pearson has made its clear more than a few will not be offered a new deal.
  6. I do appogise alas I'm not inclined to read 17 threads half the time let alone 1,754 so have not seen any link to this. I am sure that should you be correct (although I do question both your figures and your weak attempt at sarcasm) the mods will move or merge the threads. Perhaps having read the title you should maybe just moved on without reading or replying to this thread ( the clue was in the title after all) Once more I am sorry for the inconvenience you have suffered by forcing you to read this thread.
  7. As the season draws to a close we find ourselves at, what could be termed, a crossroad. We have a manager who's contract expires in June, a CEO who will be heading to pastures new very soon and a large number of well paid first player out of contract. If we get this right then we can look forward to seeing the club evolve, we get it wrong then we regress. There are other areas we need to overhaul such as the recruitment and the medical departments. Firstly we need to sort out the managers post. We need to ensure we have the right man with the right resources to build a competitive squad. I think Nigel Pearson could be the right man but if the board do not see him in this light then they must act with haste and, unlike the last closed season take weeks to get nowhere. It's clear to most of us an experienced man is needed at the helm, we have come to far to be a training ground for wannabe managers or head coaches. Next is the CEO. Now Mark Aston is was and will remain a controversial character but, in giving the devil his due, Ashton negotiated some excellent fees when we sold. We need someone with Astons skill in the financial dealings but leaves the playing side to those who know best. The recruitment over the last 2 or 3 windows has fallen short of what was needed. This department needs tweaking or dialing back. I'm a huge fan of buying potential but that said we have to stop approaching it with a scatter gun mentality. We need more Bakinson and Semenyos and a lot less Engval and Eisas. When Dean Holden came in we started signing experienced players. The problem is we signed them 2 or 3 years to late. To my mind we need to look at 18 to 24 year old Championship ready or at least close to ready in the main and 26 to 28 year old as our experienced signings. As for the medical side of things only God knows how to sort that out as it appears players go in with minor knocks and come out with major injuries. All in all these next few weeks will shape our clubs future for the next 5 or so seasons. If Steve Lansdown and the board get it right we should have a club to be proud of. Get it wrong and more and more season ticket holders will not renew those tickets. Steve we are counting on you and the board to get both the playing side and the backroom team right.
  8. Not every manager/head coach is confident or happy in front of a T.V. camera. Cotts and LJ appeared to love doing the TV interviews, Holden alway appeared happy enough. Pearson seems to me to be the type who does these interview because he must. Given our performances the questions are almost alway the same ones week after week. Being a TV loving manager isn't what Pearson is about, he wants results on the pitch and time in front of a camera is time wasted.
  9. I don't question their abilities and they should be good enough to at least challenge for the top 6. The problem is they lack application. We have 2 current internationals in Nagy and Kalas who, I believe are underperforming by about 70%, totally unacceptable. The experience brought in under Holden appear to be happy picking up their money every week without doing the job they were brought in to do. My one concern from a club perspective is our underachievement down to contract uncertainty? With so many out of contract at the end of the season and the club not willing to enter into discussions with most of these players until the season ends does that give them incentive enough to give 100%. You could say that they are playing for a new contract but maybe with the uncertainty they've instructed their agents to find them other clubs. I agree wholeheartedly with the O.P. the performances are embarrassing and I'd like to add the words disgraceful and unprofessional. I'll be glad when this season finally ends and the uncertainty of the managers post is resolved. I hope Pearson or whoever is appointed sorts out the wheat from the chaff. I know loyalty in football is a thing of the past when it comes to moving clubs but I'd hope they can show committed performances whilst they are here.
  10. It was his honesty that struck me. He acknowledged we could have and maybe should have been 2 or 3 down at half time. He did this whilst still praising their commitment, throwing their bodies in front of the ball. He could have said he gave them sh1t at half time and took credit for the second half. It appears he has the players backs in front of the media and behind closed doors, well that between him and the squad, the way it should be.
  11. I think the relationship between manager and CEO could blossom in NP is given the job for next season. Pearson has the respect within the game and will probably not accept having players he doesn't want. If NP is sorting out identifying that will leave Mark Ashton to do what he does best, negotiations.
  12. If we go for Paul Cook will he insist on having Steve Jones as assistant and John Lydon as head of recruitment?
  13. Before we question the likes of Fam and Wells surely we should question why an established goal scorer at this level is failing to find the net or why Fam, who says he loves the area isn't signing a new contract and is playing like he has no interest. They hear and read the same stuff we do, and the board/owner/CEO said they were looking at a head coach who could take us that extra step. And like us they were mislead. We have a squad of players who have had no real leadership and had all their confidence sucked out of them. We need a manager/ head coach who has a decent record at this level, a man with his own ideas. This isn't Appleton, and with his connection to Ashton will be seen by both players and fans alike as "jobs for the boys" We need direction, we need to challenge the system, we need championship experience.
  14. I agree the pressure on a new man would be to keep us up and given the points we have the squad that shouldn't be too difficult. On the flip side though football is a crazy world and should the new man get us in or around the play-offs in May he will be lauded as a hero.
  15. We need to press the reset button. This club needs a shake up from top to bottom and whoever Steve Lansdown appoints needs to have a huge say in the matter. After a few seasons when the club appeared to have struck a good formula for bringing in and developing raw talent this year our signings have, on the whole, been nearer the end of their careers. The new man must bring experience of developing talent along with an astute eye for one or two more seasoned heads who will assist the youngsters. As we've been told many times our revenue streams are smaller than quite a few other championship side so the buy low sell high principle is what will make us competitive. I'm not in a hurry for promotion but I do want to see good good football and see progression year year. For that reason we need a manager/head coach with experience, we've tried the young and up coming coaches in Holden and Johnson and although LJ did give us moment to cherish and developed players, neither were able to push on. Its hard to see someone losing their job especially when it was 80% certain he wasn't the right option in the first place. I wish Dean all the luck in the world and hope he finds a new role quickly. But as for City, well its over to you Mr Lansdown the future is yours to shape.
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