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  1. Sorry if this has been covered already. To my way of thinking appointing Dean Holden would contradict all we've been told regarding SL's and the boards ambition for the club. We've been told we need someone to take us to the next level, someone who can mould the talent we undoubtedly have at the club into a team capable of not only getting in the play-offs but seriously challenging for the top two. I'm sure Dean's an excellent coach and has the potential to become a good manager/head coach, but we don't want to be a nursery for up and coming young managers. Appointing from within 9 t
  2. You are right Jon Lansdown is only chairman due to his dad owning the club and ultimately Steve Lansdown will appoint who he like to whatever position he likes. Until someone comes along with very deep pockets and buys the club off the Lansdown family SL will continue to appoint whoever he wants. I'm not saying SL's decisions are beyond question but, as the saying goes, "He who pays the piper calls the tune" Under his stewardship he has underwritten the clubs losses whilst advancing the club off the pitch. Yes there has been some questionable decisions but I'd hate to think where the club
  3. Firstly he has been vice chairman for several years, thus should have gained some experience in that role. Mark Ashton does much of the day to day running of the club whilst J L is the figurehead. Ultimately before either MA or JL can implement any decisions they are first examined by Steve Lansdown who then ratifies or rejects them. As for the tweet, it was a harmless bit of fun. During a normal closed season how many misleading or plain wind up topics are posted on this forum? Give the bloke a break I'm sure everyone is working hard to appoint a new manager/coach. Let's hope we get
  4. With 3 games to go there is little benefit in changing the coach. Saying that its the perfect time to unveil the new man who could sit alongside SL and the others assessing his future players. Also go watch them train, see what's needed in terms of recruitment whether a different coaching regime would benefit the squad. Mark Ashton has publicly stated the club have recruitment plans in place for various situations and I'd hope changing the coach/manager is one of those situations. If it is we've no doubt already got a list of ideal candidates and have a good idea of who we want. This
  5. I have no doubt LJ loved / loves the club and would have loved nothing better than delivering promotion for it. Yes he was very well rewarded as head coach but then most coaches are well paid. As for loving Bristol City and supporting another club look no further than the late Norman Hunter who loved the club but would forever be a Leeds fan. Lee Johnson was always like marmite to our fans, but even those who had a strong dislike of him for whatever reason can't argue the fact he has consolidated our position in the Championship over the last 4+ years and gave us that fantastic cup run.
  6. Trust me when a self confessed "Happy Clapper" can't find anything positive to say, things are bad. I would have loved Lee to take us into the promised land or even into a play-off position, but the poors standard of football we're playing is indefensible.
  7. I have never called for a managers head to roll and I won't change that now. What I am unable to do is defend the current management team who seem to be like rabbits in the headlights. In the four games since the lockdown we've been out thought and outclassed,our game plan has been so predictable and chopping and changing the starting 11 is no help at all. If Steve Lansdown is going to ring the changes then I hope it's sooner rather than later to give a new man chance to assess what we need for next season. I also hope that Mark Ashton has identified a replacement that will not only tak
  8. He was such a great player throughout his career but that was surpassed by his warmth off the pitch. Heaven could witness some great tussles with Norm and Gerry Gow facing Best and Cruyff. RIP big man
  9. Oscar does have some very valid points, football has changed dramatically and therefore so has the matchday experience. But just looking at the small sample of fans on OTIB most want success and to get success in this time of FFP and parachute payments the club had to change. The old stadium wasn't fit for purpose in the championship. My first game at AG was in the old grandstand as the Williams was called then and it was a sad day when they knocked it down. Sad, but understandable. The leadership under the Lansdowns has, in the past, been naive. The introduction of FFP has forced St
  10. I was reminiscing about the "old days" and the talent Alan Dicks had at his disposal which lead me to think how it compared to our current squad. It's difficult to compare them like for like due to the combative nature back then and how the game has evolved. I think Merrick, Collier, Whitehead, Gow and Cheesley would warrant a place in the squad although I think Gerry may have had a few games off due to suspensions. Going the other way I think the likes of Eliasson, Bentley Fam and a few other would have been pushing for a starting place. I think we have a better depth of squad but I'll a
  11. This is such a toxic subject, a subject where facts are included or omitted to suit the person posting. Yes LJ has had more to spend than an other manager, that is a fact. But by the same token the players sold have earned the club more than any other manager has brought in and would go as far as to say more than all our previous manager put together. We must also remember inflation and the amount of money in football have made silly numbers normal. Remember we paid £1M for Tony Thorpe how much would that be in today's prices? So how much more has he been backed when you take that into a
  12. The F.A Cup is bigger than any manager be it Jose, Pep or Klopp and should be bigger than any team.
  13. F.A Cup replays bring in much needed revenue to clubs like Shrewsbury especially when you hold a top 6 premier side at home. If replays are scrapped would teams like Liverpool and Manchester City give up some of their Sky cash to support lower league sides? We've seen Bury go under this season but had they been in Shrews position with a replay at Anfield would that have saved them? Before the F.A. bow to Premier League pressure they need to take stock of the bigger picture. City are in a decent financial position but the League Cup run certainly helped us out. And during that run bot
  14. A question southvillekiddy you highlight Alan Dicks as the only manager of note, what was his previous managerial experience? I'm sure someone of 71 years will remember. Oh yeah and can you tell me how his first few season went as I'm a little too young to remember.
  15. If, and it's a big if, we find ourselves looking for a new head coach/manager I can't think of someone British who I would think " yes 100%" Seeing some of the names on this and other threads give me mixed feelings. Houghton I'd say would be an ok appointment where as mad Mick McCarthy doesn't fill me with enthusiasm. Then we have to take the corporate model Steve Lansdown wants to pursue. Would MM or CH wish to work with those constraints? Then there is the Mark Ashton factor. Lee Johnson says he has the final say, but isn't the truth more along the lines of 'here's a list of players w
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