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Community Answers

  1. It's actually the full season (18/19) but on Wiki someone has put it down for 19/20..
  2. Feels like a retort to the RLWC situation. If they won't come over here.. why should we go over there. Don't blame the players - 4 months without your family.. sod that.
  3. More goals that Tom the goal machine Nichols
  4. To be fair that is absolute scraping the barrel behaviour for the BEP: Mohamed played 21 times for Rovers in 2013/14, scoring four goals while on loan from Port Vale as the Gas suffered relegation to the Conference.
  5. It's a proper dry period, even deathlist.net hasn't had one since April I still remember Shane dying on H&W as a kid.. 45 is shocking.
  6. Actually on front page of the BBC News website.
  7. TomF

    Tokyo Olympics

    @Fordy62 already has first dibs
  8. Anyway enough of that 100 shite. Really enjoying the Som/Derby 50 over game. Steve Kirby on comms is really insightful. Think I saw @ralphindevonis at the ground ?
  9. Is there a possibility he gets refused bail given other pending case and seen as possibly reoffending if bailed? Surely with his past it’s not going to be overlooked?
  10. It's the same seats as before. It's more of a hybrid solution. Personally think more likely to get injuries with this design.
  11. Did the County Ground ever get officially called Nevil Road or is that just a nickname from its location? ~I always called it that when at college
  12. I remember the T20 game at the Rec about 10 years ago maybe. Wasn't a great idea. I also had a crohns flare up and ended up at Frenchay A&E before the game had finished
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