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Community Answers

  1. Hope these pitches are going to be the norm. Awful stuff in both games so far
  2. The lack of a regional transport authority for decades in the main reason why. But also the mess of Avon and then infighting between the subsequent regional UA's has also put paid to any sensible transport solution. We're miles behind the likes of Manchester/Nottingham/Sheffield etc.
  3. It’s basically improving the A4 with bus lanes. The current railway line provides a 12-15 minute service between the two and runs every 15 minutes at peak hours. It’s just embarrassing how much money we’ve wasted on buses last decade
  4. £7bn in budget for public transport projects - lots of funding improving or extending tram systems all over the country What do we get/ask for? Half a billion for a bus lane between Bristol and Bath. We really are a feckless backwater when it comes to any sort of forward thinking.
  5. There hasn't that I've seen, I don't think the loop has any baring on the Portishead Branch situation. It's more about it actually getting funding possibly. Certainly the SB line is getting busier by the year, they will have to consider bringing back the double tracking before long.
  6. Conspiracy Theory: Currently up to 4 x 2200 tone (er yeah about those environmental issues..) stone trains run a week to and from RPD. These are rumoured to be for HS2 but nobody will confirm that so they don't get any potential hassle. These trains would have to stop in the event of work beginning on the line (relaying the track/signalling from Bedmister Jct to RPD stop) - so kicking it further down the line excuse the pun will allow more trains to run for the HS2 project and **** anyone who actually wants to use it for passenger service. I even wrote to Dr Fox about it today and his response was he was 'fuming' about the decision. Hmm...
  7. I actually had our quote back from these scheme yesterday. For a 6kw battery it added 2.3k onto the bill. That was already around 6k for 16 panel setup which would generate approx. 5000kw per year. It actually stated that it would allow for potentially 65% of your electricity needs to be run from the PV/Battery setup(they term it 'independence from the grid). A 9kw battery was £3.3k but 80% independence from Grid. - It's a lot of dollar that you may/may not get back I guess.
  8. Confirmed its off. Dillian is apparently devastated
  9. For some reason always felt the WBC didn’t want to let Eddie be in control of the belt - when AJ held the rest - Fury beating Whyte keeps it away from him further
  10. No blame whatsoever, he's been messed about by the WBC for years. Stadium fight in early next year and a pay packet that'll sort him for life at a guess.
  11. So he potentially gets to fight Fury regardless. Nice swerve for the money..
  12. It seems odd that National Trust removed their concerns (as did most others) for it to be still environmental issues. It was fine when we had 5-6 coal trains flowing down a day it for 10+ years after it was reopened to the docks but now a 1 hour DMU service is an issue. I hope its just reviewing what NSC sent to them recently but it does smell fishy.
  13. Odds Checker with the banter
  14. Decision delayed for another 6 months, so that's 2024 opening.. if it ever happens. Starting to think never is the most lilkely. https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/portishead-branch-line-metrowest-phase-1-planning-update
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