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  1. Game abandoned. At least we should have Conway for the next fixture v Slurrey?
  2. Worse rain coming over so no chance. Frustrating but I think I’d have taken two points from these fixtures
  3. Weather doesn’t look great for tonight. What a bumper round of shit sport results last 24 hours
  4. Well that was kinda irrelevant as they needed to score again
  5. Sheedy missing those 2 conversions at the start certainly came home to roost as well as the pen that hit the post
  6. Well it was because he brings that back for a penalty, Sheedy puts it over
  7. Rovers fans enjoying the defeat. What a strange bunch of whoppers they are
  8. Quinn’s advantage = 5 mins Bears advantage = 10 seconds
  9. And again Barnes, get in the ******* bin
  10. He was going to give them penalty after penalty till they scored basically
  11. Christ need to get focused again or this is going
  12. Just feel they’ve hit another gear today
  13. This might be over inside 15 minutes
  14. Urgh they’ve gone for the higher camera angle
  15. TomF

    Euro 2021/21

    Sideways pass, backward pass, sideways pass, stand still, pass back to keeper. absolute dogshit
  16. TomF

    Euro 2021/21

    Fodens first touch is just out of this world
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