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  1. 2-0 up at home against bottom of the league. He’ll be doing 50 laps of the stadium at full time
  2. TomF


    I guess it was just me then, although I saw there were 3 from the Southville Running Club. Really enjoyable event, probably helped by a glorious autumnal morning. Running through the forest with the sunshine breaking through was pretty special. Fair few climbs on the route! Defo recommend it though - the Spring one in March is slightly different route and less hilly
  3. Apparently still to vote on it but the general consensus was it would be for at least 2 years. I quite like it, personally, gives everyone a chance to win the title again.
  4. Did he feature on the MOTD intro for years? Like in the 90's I always remember the intro going 'Hunt' and someone hitting a tremendous volley or something along those lines.
  5. Roger Hunt, world cup winner in 66 https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/sep/28/roger-hunt-england-world-cup-winner-and-liverpool-striker-dies Down to 7 of the squad remaining
  6. It's nearly bloody October as well. Redic
  7. It's a difficult w**k for sure.
  8. Would love it if Leach told England to FO as well now, leaving them with the likes of Dawson and Root as spinning options
  9. Yep. What a call from Max. New engine penalty and finishes second. He’s had a blinder
  10. What an absolute batshit ending! Gotta feel for Noris but totally wrong call from his team. Max played a blinder going early on wets too
  11. Putting everything aside about AJ - Uysk has now won 5 (inc ring/linear) belts in Cruiser and 3 at Heavy. In under 20 fights. Without losing any. Staggering stuff really and maybe worthy of being in the top 5 p4p?
  12. Rememeber he’s Uysk’s promoter as well.
  13. Yep has more money than ever needs. What’s left for him? A rematch where he probably gets schooled again because this isn’t Ruiz. Fury on tonight’s evidence runs rings around him. It’s over imo Bound to be. Will AJ want it tho?
  14. If AJ wants it. I wonder if he’s had enough.
  15. Should be at least 4 rounds to Uysk, maybe 5-6.
  16. Fury v Uysk would be fascinating tho
  17. Getting close to TKO or nothing for AJ
  18. https://boxrec.com/en/event/835927 one more I think
  19. Well Usyk won’t be winning on points then!
  20. Hopefully the last time we have to suffer him.
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