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  1. TomF

    Prem today.

    Don’t see Leeds getting anything at Brentford so this point will keep them up.
  2. TomF

    Prem today.

    Burnley just need to hang on to 1-1 as I reckon it’ll be enough.
  3. TomF

    Prem today.

    Richarlison single handedly saving Everton.
  4. With massive backlogs on cases I think they’re trying to get as many as possible through magistrates rather than crown..
  5. TomF

    Prem today.

    Leeds are going to ruin this aren’t they?
  6. TomF

    Prem today.

    Penalty for Burnley!
  7. Must be one of the slowest pitches/outfield ever at Taunton.
  8. Maybe its because of central contracting and actually being rested too much then?
  9. It goes back such a long way - Simon Jones, Harminson, Flintoff, Wood, Jofra.. sure there are others but all of these had massive periods out of the game. Flogged to much?
  10. The ECB fast bowler career ruining department does it again.
  11. Duncan Ferguson did time for a headbutt. I’d argue that prosecution team would say that’s with intent so much more likely.
  12. Keith Andrews crying in the sky sports studio I hope
  13. I’m glad someone spelt parachute for me tonight
  14. Sheff U still getting PL hand me downs?
  15. Seeing an away end absolutely loosing their shit and limbs everywhere is still one of the great football things.
  16. Getting Forest v Yeovil vibes here
  17. People on social media using the result to bash the club. Really do wonder if some of our fans get enjoyment from defeats
  18. The twitter post from Blackpool is an absolute horror show. Every PL team has quoted it offering support and then the replies to each are awful.
  19. No we drew 0-0 with them at home having beaten both QPR & Plymouth at home prior. People go on about Millers miss v Swindon but that home game against Brighton. That is where we lost auto promotion.
  20. Reckon they might do a Barnsley
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