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  1. As someone joked - parents dropped the kids at the pyramid and then came to watch PSB
  2. This is crazy good for us oldies
  3. I’m the silly ***** with a Somerset hat on. Neil Tennants voice is still incredible
  4. Just watched Cut Capers on Glade. Bristol band smashing it out of the park, one of the best sets all weekend. Im lurking at back by the flags, leaving site after this, not ready to go back to real life
  5. Mega crowd at other for Pet Shop Boys. Think they’ll be outshining Kendrick
  6. Guy Garvey is a national treasure. He knows exactly what Glasto is about.
  7. It’s not I like agreeing with Vaughan but as he said ‘He can dominate at County level and with a run of games he can do it at test level’ - the key is to keep him in the side and not just picking him for tours in India etc
  8. Anyway Elbow up next, a nice calm hour
  9. She’s got a hell of a lot of bangers to get through. Voice improved as it’s gone on. But yeah the contrast between her voice and Garvey who’s on next..
  10. As someone in the crowd. Right in the midst of the heaving crowd, I’d say 80% of his songs were sung like anthems. The Beatles after all were only 10-12 years of his career. He’s got such a catalogue that he could probably fill any 3 hour set with a certain era of his career. He probably is damned if he does/doesn’t. He has also been touring so this was the same set he’s been dropping worldwide rather than just one night at Glasto. What you probably didn’t see on TV was just how polished it was, the visuals behind the stage were incredible.
  11. GetiPlayer should deliver the goods in few days time and can download any set as long as it’s on iplayer for watching
  12. Send help please* * and bacon
  13. A few terrible pics to finish. My back hurts.. that was quite something
  14. The guy next to me just got the set list so I best save it for later.
  15. You guys must be quite behind then!
  16. I don’t see it happening. Noel’s happy collecting the money given he wrote the majority and still coins it in when Liam sings them too. Having seen all three at Glasto (Oasis, Liam and Noel) I’d still put Noel ahead of Liam. Liams band are lot better since 2019 however
  17. Haim really good. Locker into the pit centre stage of pyramid about three rows back. Going to be a long evening
  18. Also how well are the BBC doing in not focusing on the flag on the pyramid that says ‘Prince Andrew is a n**nce’ ?
  19. Absolutely rock solid, all it did was dampen the dust down. Somehow the site has missed nearly every rain blob bar a tiny downpour this morning which was about 3-4 minutes tops
  20. Just saw Ed Miliband wondering around the green fields. Pointed him in direction of the bacon sandwich van
  21. If you look at the replies you won’t be disappointed
  22. Bit like Leech at Lords when in 90s
  23. Gammon rage intensifying
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