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  1. 5 minutes ago, TonyTonyTony said:

    Perspective is a wonderful thing. I stuck with it for a while - pretentious bollocks IMHO. 

    As someone joked - parents dropped the kids at the pyramid and then came to watch PSB 

  2. Just watched Cut Capers on Glade. Bristol band smashing it out of the park, one of the best sets all weekend. 

    13 minutes ago, RedM said:

    Yes certainly much, much more even. Very hot on Weds which made a lot of people still feel drained on Thursday, but after that it's been amazing!

    I'm here! 👋

    Im lurking at back by the flags, leaving site after this, not ready to go back to real life 😭

  3. 31 minutes ago, MichaelRobartes said:

    Village spinner. G'wan Jack!


    It’s not I like agreeing with Vaughan but as he said ‘He can dominate at County level and with a run of games he can do it at test level’ - the key is to keep him in the side and not just picking him for tours in India etc 

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  4. 28 minutes ago, BS2 Red said:

    It looks a lot of fun and there's a ton of atmosphere, but Diana Ross really can't sing anymore. 😂

    She’s got a hell of a lot of bangers to get through. Voice improved as it’s gone on. But yeah the contrast between her voice and Garvey who’s on next..

  5. 3 hours ago, RedRock said:

    Just proves the point to me. You’re Headlining at Glasto on a Saturday night, top spot of the entire festival, should be the crescendo.

    We want sing-along festival anthems, how many of those songs had full-on audience participation that brought the house down? Possibly 15-20% or so. Should be more like 40-60% for me in that spot.

    Maybe I’m getting old and want to release energy and have a good time when listening to the top slot at a festival. Maybe the era of festival anthem bands have past - certainly seems so from the headliners this year - more’s the pity in my view.

    As someone in the crowd. Right in the midst of the heaving crowd, I’d say 80% of his songs were sung like anthems. 

    The Beatles after all were only 10-12 years of his career. He’s got such a catalogue that he could probably fill any 3 hour set with a certain era of his career. He probably is damned if he does/doesn’t.  He has also been touring so this was the same set he’s been dropping worldwide rather than just one night at Glasto. What you probably didn’t see on TV was just how polished it was, the visuals behind the stage were incredible. 

  6. 33 minutes ago, Midred said:

    Trying to watch Macca on iplayer. Not showing on "headliners" and not available on yesterday's viewing?

     GetiPlayer should deliver the goods in few days time and can download any set as long as it’s on iplayer for watching 

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  7. 45 minutes ago, RedorDead BCFC said:

    Bigger I mean, at the moment he’s supporting in big stadiums. A few years he could possibly be headlining. 

    Watching Noel and can see he needs Liam with him. He’s good but not as good vocally. Had the pleasure of seeing Oasis at Wembley the night they didn’t bicker so was a great concert. With a mashed up Shaun Ryder at Happy Mondays. Now I feel old as that was 22 years ago. 

    I don’t see it happening. Noel’s happy collecting the money given he wrote the majority and still coins it in when Liam sings them too.

    Having seen all three at Glasto (Oasis, Liam and Noel) I’d still put Noel ahead of Liam.  Liams band are lot better since 2019 however 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Red-Robbo said:

    What's the ground like after that rain this morning @TomF

    I'm thinking of popping in this evening to see Yard Act and Roisin Murphy. 

    Absolutely rock solid, all it did was dampen the dust down.  Somehow the site has missed nearly every rain blob bar a tiny downpour this morning which was about 3-4 minutes tops

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  9. 7 minutes ago, Port Said Red said:

    Aren't we supposed to ask if she came by horse or something? Anyone with green credentials seems to have to justify leaving their house.

    If you look at the replies you won’t be disappointed 🤣

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