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  1. I don’t think they’ve ever broadcast from the acoustic stage. C4 did. It’s a tent with no mixing desk etc at back so maybe tricky. It’s also right in the far corner of site. It was really good, had the whole back catalog including housemartins classics.
  2. Nope I checked the score after exiting the acoustic stage
  3. Went for the old git choice and went for Paul Heaton/Jacqui Abott. Wasn’t disappointed.
  4. We’ve done alright, I don’t think wickets matter when it’s so little overs
  5. I’ll just open another can so I can’t read the score on my phone
  6. Oh my god it’s the church! On avalon just then maybe my set of the festival
  7. This year has defo been more busy Weds/Thurs. Combination of rail strikes and the gap between festivals id say
  8. Wednesday is defiantly an explore the site day. Today some of the smaller stages/tents open along with the SE corner. It’s all go tomorrow really. Absolutely knackered tonight and having a early one before the real action tomorrow. In a site of in excess of 200k people who would I happen to bump into as I’m walking back to my tent but @RedM - what are the chances!
  9. Yesterday was effort in that heat. But god I love the Wednesday at glasto so much
  10. Been in queue at A since 5, it’s very very busy. Gate D was already closed. Think gates maybe opening soon
  11. As long as you got walking boots? Thursday is now looking iffy.
  12. My god they’re the most arrogant, biased pricks on the planet. Hope the commentators next shit is a hedgehog
  13. My mate went on train today fearing worst and it was completely empty
  14. If we’d have not collapsed at half way stage we really could have been in the game
  15. Some brain dead shots tonight. We looked intimidated by them.
  16. Seems odd nothing posted yet. No doubt if going ahead all the good stuff will appear as already fully booked
  17. Defo take them and keep in car if driving
  18. Wasn’t expecting much tonight..
  19. He was never that special for Hampshire, his form this year has been exceptional.
  20. Mad to think his worse game for us was against the club he's signing for!
  21. TomF

    Big Jeff

    Really does sound horrible if he's going to be in that long, life changing injuries by sounds of it. I do know some people at Morriston hospital thou, he's in one of the best hospitals in country, they'll look after him.
  22. Got a feeling Hildreth will retire end of this season, he's been in gradual decline. Few others likely to move on too I think - Brooks, Waller, MDL. So maybe quite an overhaul this winter.
  23. Bloody hell what a signing that is.
  24. Yeah just be completely silence soulless atmosphere again
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