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  1. Why can't we keep this all in the rovers thread.. seriously?
  2. Is there anyone tweeting from the court?
  3. Presume unless its a sort of compromise either party will consider an apeal anyway?
  4. Judgement begins at 10.30.. so not before then.
  5. To commentate for Sky? A reasonable day at Middlesex amongst all the Ashes hysteria.
  6. Pleasing to see not least for the franchise nonsense as presumably they'd be in the counties culled for it. Somersets wankathon of having Gayle play three matches has worked. Oh.
  7. Jeeesus, just give the Yorkies the title now and everyone else can fight it out for 2nd place downwards.
  8. He's been poor for the last two seasons in T20. He's just not quite got it anymore. However in first class games he's been excellent. Ideally would like him to concentrate on that but no idea who's around to captain the one day/T20 stuff.. Hildy isn't exactly good in T20 either
  9. Joking aside, well played Glos - comprehensively better with ball and bat from start to finish..
  10. No Over inside 17 overs without loss by looks of it.
  11. You lot are as bad as the gas when you win... Ps Rayman just spilled a dolly. Going home now
  12. It's still 5-1 on agg. Pipe down, were both shit!
  13. Trust me this is over already
  14. BMac doing alright for Warks then..
  15. This is going to be over in 16-17 overs unless a flurry of wickets. Somerset haven't batted well not taking twos and glos were excellent with the ball. Klinger and Mashall have just blitzed it
  16. Absolute pasting on the cards here
  17. 20 possibly. Depends how the middle overs go but it's not a 175 ish wicket IMO
  18. Quite often wonder over pre match to watch warm up and give into the BBQ !
  19. Me and the wife should be. Weather forecast is improving, going to be hot tho!
  20. I missed it, not another last over cock up? Glos season started so brightly but seems to have gone to the dogs last few weeks?
  21. Russe wasn't great, if we're honest.
  22. He was paid back when they took out the wonga style loan, I think?
  23. Higgs has already remorgaged the stadium to a pay day lender ffs, it's borderline asset stripping already.
  24. Yorkshire look like winning back to back titles as well. Even with half their team playing for England they are some side.. Hell of a knock by Bresnan again - that's at least his second ton of the season.
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