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  1. Just written my complaint email - hugely frustrating!
  2. I've always harboured mixed feelings on the Rovers. Either go bust and get out of the way to allow one successful Bristol City team to shine. Or perhaps we're missing out on a couple of great games each season as true local rivals- Manchester, Liverpool and London derbies are great occasions. It would be great competition to look at them as true rivals - as long as we won twice a season and finished above them!
  3. I get fed up of the people that call threads about people complaining about people who complain about people that complain about those people, potential classics.
  4. The only glimmer of light is despite our disastrous season, we're not adrift! There is clearly lots of other dross in this league!
  5. The only glimmer of light is despite our disastrous season, we're not adrift! There is clearly lots of other dross in this league!
  6. In all my many days upon this earth I have been subjected to all sorts of opinions- good bad and irrelevant, and as a liberal minded individual I give time and space to each. However, never before have I witnessed such a non sensical, irrelevant, desperately craving attention post . 2000 years ago entertainment was men in a pit killing each other with wild animals for good measure- let's bring this back ! Utter garbage sir !
  7. I'm going to make it black and white and upset a few. Do we want rules in society or no? Most of us behave according to the rules, some- a few, don't. If you excuse their law breaking, what's to stop anyone running on the pitch, after a 23rd minute equaliser against Crawley Town, in a non competitive fixture in February? I might fancy patting wagstaff on the back for a good through ball, should I be allowed to run on the pitch mid game and do this ? - it's only high spirits, I never intended to hurt anyone! Perhaps 10,000 others could run on to show there appreciation of a fielding goal kick? or any other highlight or lowlight as the game unfolds ????? This is total nonsense! You are not allowed on the field, and expect no quarter should you do so! Here endeth the lesson!
  8. You've got to feel for the police here, damned if they do and damned if they don't! A high profile game in which idiots brought shame upon the clubs and got us national news air time. They knew the law, and either ignored it or got themselves drunk and couldn't help themselves. Could it have been dealt with there? Possibly but as a previous poster stated, riot police entering the stands often insights more idiotic behaviour and results in more injuries and 'oh the police have over-reacted again ' comments. - damned if they do etc. Yes it is a strong message, but why not send out a strong message? These fools will be punished and publicly embarrassed. This action will certainly make others think twice! Many of the 16 have probably been dining out on their 'glory ' since, and a knock on the door at first light would shake the to the core! I can't comment on their offences I have no idea, but these are clearly wrong doers, and whether serious offences or running in the pitch, a stand has been made! Let's be honest, the police must be sure of their eggs to do this ! Was it Burke who said .'all that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing' sadly we sem to have a vocal element that acknowledge the wrongdoing but hey it's not the end of the world! Imagine a world where breaking the law and bringing shame upon a club was ignored and chalked up to high spirits- the thin blue line between society and anarchy would disappear forever . Bang em up if guilty and ban them for a long time!
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