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  1. Saw them at the MEN last month and were superb.
  2. Any PL team not in Europe can’t complain of being tired for only 2 midweek game weeks and 1 at Xmas.
  3. Adam Nagy only been on 15mins so can’t really compare.
  4. I reckon when Haaland starts for Man City Grealish will look a lot better in the Man City side. Personally think he plays better when there is a striker to aim at unlike at Man City where they play false 9.
  5. Thought it would do quite well, surprised was so low after Jury votes.
  6. Moldova got 2nd highest public vote.
  7. Be interesting to see where they hold it next year, if the war is going to be a long drawn out affair. I wouldn’t like to be an artist that has to perform in Ukraine next year.
  8. Ridiculous score from the public for Ukraine
  9. Maybe we pay him £8k pw for 3 seasons and his new club gives him the same. Means we save on wages but not sure how it would work out on his transfer fee amortisation wise if he goes for nothing.
  10. Didn’t NP say he’s been injured and is starting to train again.
  11. How much did we spend that season? People keep saying we bankrolled the league, but we only spent what we got for Sam Baldock and also released some high earners in the summer in Louis Carey, Sam Baldock, Marvin Elliott and Stephen Pearson. It was a very good summer of recruitment, and seemed to follow a plan.
  12. Ref bottled it, because he didn’t give it wasn’t a pen. If he gave it, it was a pen. He waited on VAR instead of making a decision.
  13. Think someone better tell the club we’ve beaten Swansea according to the official site we’ve won 1 3 at Cardiff.
  14. Just comes across as everything he says is fact when normally it’s wrong made up. Interrupts peoples opinions and won’t listen to other people. It’s so frustrating and as I said has put me off listening to it. It seems like he thinks he is some kind of football guru fountain of all knowledge. Just seems he has an agenda for always so negative towards NP.
  15. Have stopped listening to it now, just can’t listen to it with Ian on there. If he isn’t on will listen to it but if he is you’ve lost me listening.
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