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  1. Was at Burton New Year’s Day, in the programme and on the screen there were mentions of all the Burton fans who had passed away over the last 12 months. Before kick off there was a minutes applause for everyone who had passed away that year. I think this would be a good idea for City a set date first last game of season, maybe first of the new year for all fans to remember those lost.
  2. Called off due to Covid in the Liverpool camp. Being rearranged for later in January. Personally think Liverpool should be out of the cup, Leyton Orient last season were unable to field a team and were told they are out due to Covid. Why one rule for Orient and one rule for Liverpool, doesn’t seem fair to me.
  3. Harry Chapman last season at Shrewsbury, watched him a few times this season for Burton, not sure if it’s the system they are playing but he looks half the played he was last season. Scored a good goal Saturday first of season, as I mentioned on the Desilva thread, Cameron Borthwich Jackson looks a really good player and looks good in the LWB rule, if desilva went would like us to go for CBJ if we are going to play wingbacks.
  4. I know there is little else to pick from, just seems silly to put an unfit cb on the bench, surely you would do more damage than good.
  5. If he isn’t fit why is he on the bench and played nearly 60mins against QPR. Seems a bit silly to have him on the bench if he isn’t fit.
  6. Going to make a mockery of the rankings. Players getting more or less than they would of. Chisnsll I think will drop out of top 16 now.
  7. At least 3 of the matches were off due to teams having to close there training grounds for cleaning and stop the virus spreading. This meant teams were not able to fulfil fixtures.
  8. Also the youth tour seems to be bringing a few players through it. Brooks last night was one.
  9. Isn’t that a problem, I believe if you want to be part of FIFA you can’t have government etc. interfering with your FA. How much control/power would this body have to effect clubs and not be classed as dealing with the various FA. The whole idea is good and I want it brought in ASAP but unless clubs stick to the rules, they don’t at the moment. Penalties are dealt with immediately then people/clubs will keep bending the rules.
  10. It’s a good idea, but agree with the PL clubs why give more money to lower league clubs if they are just going to spend it and still break FFP/p&s rules. Champ down needs some kind of body to watch over clubs and ensure they don’t go silly on the spending. 3 year average is good but if you gamble one year (Derby) it creates a financial mess. Maybe just have the rules for per season so easier to administer.
  11. I agree, why no documentary on Bury, Hereford, Aldershot etc. why are Macclesfield so special they get there own documentary. Because he’s a BBC pundit he gets special treatment. I know that Macclesfield are not liked at all in the league system, signing other teams best players and then not playing them. There squad is stupidly large and if they carry on as they are they will not have many friends in the league system just the media and that will hurt them as they climb the pyramid. Also got special treatment by being put up a level higher than Bury because of who runs them and the publicity. Not fair on other teams at that level and the league is being run with an odd number to shoehorn them in.
  12. Will be there with my son. Looking forward to it, see it’s now a sell out which is good seeing it’s only Albania.
  13. Warnock said he knew 2 weeks ago he was leaving Mboro, so plenty of time for them to speak to him.
  14. Was the 3 knockdown rule part of the fight. The bell may of saved Fury in rd 4 if it was.
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