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  1. Think he’s including children. Just over 50% of whole population had two jab. About 15 to 16 million will not be eligible which is roughly 22%. That then leads to the question what % needed for herd immunity or the 22% get it and we hope it starts to die out.
  2. I believe the FA now count playing and training not as close contact (think may be step 4 and below) If a player tests positive rest of team are ok to continue if showing no symptoms. Only if contacted by track and trace then team mates must self isolate. One rule for us and another for football again. FA are desperate for no more seasons to get abandoned. FA Guidance here https://www.thefa.com/news/2021/jul/16/20210716-non-elite-football-update-step-4-government-covid-19-roadmap
  3. Suspect we will hear eventually but only what they want us to hear. The test events seemed to be negative test before you go but voluntary testing after. So if no one goes for a test then positive rates will be low. Money talks and that will be the main leader. Found out today, that FA new Covid rules are if a player tests positive as long as rest of team don’t show symptoms then they are ok to play. which means games shouldn’t be called off very often if at all.
  4. Is it because every match carries points towards the ODI standings.
  5. People saying Grealish should of took one, he’s not Villas penalty taker and can’t find any info on if he’s ever taken one in a first team game. Basically same situation as Saka taking one.
  6. He took off Rice and replaced him with Henderson after 70mins. 120 mins he subbed off Henderson who has missed his last 2 penalties for England and brought on Rashford.
  7. You have to give the ref your 5 and who’s where before the penalties.
  8. Would of brought Calvert Lewin instead of Sancho for pens. interested to see last pen from behind goal there keeper didn’t seem convinced when he saved it.
  9. That’s a debate for another topic. Getting to the stadium, mixing in concourses, mixing in the ground, use of toilets. 4 things that can be controlled for a start. Just because it’s outside doesn’t mean you won’t get bottlenecks etc. If you add the so called government pilot scheme which was prove your negative when you get in, but voluntarily test after and then we can say only so many tested positive when a small % actually got retested to make the figures look good. There are plenty of reasons why a small % is a good reason.
  10. Look at there infection rates compared to England’s and maybe they are doing the right thing. That is a discussion for another thread.
  11. Welsh government rules I am guessing.
  12. So you are saying every single person who said they were at Wembley and were Scottish and caught Covid didn’t catch it in London but had it already. I think you may need to read the information available and the dates these people tested positive. If what has been said today is going to happen 100000 people a day will be testing positive (Sajid Javid) in a few weeks there is no way I am going anywhere near a concourse or sitting next to anyone at a football match. He is basically saying at least 1 in 50 of us will have it and in a crowd of 20000 that is 400 people sat there spreading it. Think I will wait until it is a lot safer to go.
  13. According to people who went and tested positive and said where they have been. If you don’t say where you have been then you can’t be traced. The 400 are people who have actually admitted they were at Wembley. No conspiracy actual information given to Track and trace in Scotland. All in the public domain and easily found online. Good stadiums are being opened but according to Whitty yesterday some kind of social distancing was adviced to the Government and Boris has ignored that advice. So he isn’t following the Science he has taken a huge gamble.
  14. Problem with the test events was that after the events being tested wasn’t compulsory only voluntary and the majority of people didn’t get tested. So it is hard to work out what the actual rates were. I believe around 400 Scotland fans who were in Wembley tested positive for Covid. Think it all depends on what figures the authorities are releasing and making known.
  15. Real money spinner for clubs in step 6, just seems FA are taking more and more money away from clubs lower down the ladder.
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