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  1. Basil Fawlty


    When fans attack each other it inevitably leads to the innocent taking the brunt, and, when you have the ‘brave’ csf step in to save the day they’re suddenly worthy of idolatry…and so the cycle continues. “Kept the Dolman safe” do me a favour. “poured petrol on a fire” is more accurate.
  2. Basil Fawlty


    So, that’s all right, then. He’s a lovely bloke apart from the occasional bout of football hooliganism, I take it?!
  3. Same, watched the goals from it over and over
  4. Travel restrictions possibly?
  5. Hungary gonna get fined for lobbing cups at Sterling. Stupid *****. Hope Raheem does a Murray/Weimann if he scores again.
  6. Used to live in Carlisle so asked a few old friends about him. Not a bad signing and has a decent first touch.
  7. Wouldn’t surprise me if we are-the ground has been redeveloped to fit rail seating I think?
  8. Excellent points. Twitter, especially after the first 3 matches (inc FGR), was a cesspit of idiots claiming that Pearson wasn’t the man to take things forward. Patience is definitely a virtue and we’ll be rewarded in time by Nige.
  9. At top level sport it’s a given most will be ‘on’. Any advantage and all that.
  10. Should’ve beaten the useless **** for good measure. Kalas has gone up even further in my estimation if true
  11. Like the song says “Rip it up and start again”.
  12. Great news. 3 years gives him plenty of time to sort the team out. Next season will be an interesting one.
  13. Now there was a day of glory if ever there was one.
  14. Probably, the shifty bastards. Pass on that one.
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