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  1. Should’ve beaten the useless **** for good measure. Kalas has gone up even further in my estimation if true
  2. Like the song says “Rip it up and start again”.
  3. Great news. 3 years gives him plenty of time to sort the team out. Next season will be an interesting one.
  4. Now there was a day of glory if ever there was one.
  5. Probably, the shifty bastards. Pass on that one.
  6. Depends how long it lasts...
  7. Oh dear. How sad. Never mind
  8. This. The chairman doesn’t need to come out and say anything, and when they do it’s to (in the past anyway) issue the old vote of confidence. The CEO on the other hand....
  9. By that logic we should be in the top flight after our 14/15 season.
  10. First he brings in Simpson, next he’s molesting a player?! Christ Nige!!!
  11. What did you expect him to say publicly? “Our squad is a bag of shit??”
  12. Yep, it’s brought forward the implosion by about 5 years. Instead of slowly seeing 1-2 clubs go bust like Bury each year it’s probable that it might be 10 at a time. Gazing into my crystal ball I’ll wager that the lower divisions (L1 to conference) will turn part-time, even regionalised like conference north/south. Back 5, surely?
  13. Feed the Bell and he will score I’ll get me coat...
  14. Loving the new gym. The Robins dumbbells look gert lush. Always good to see tons of power racks-last decade or so football has jumped into the present regarding weight training. (maybe not so much our S&C team, who appear hell-bent on crippling the squad )
  15. Liking the detail here of old shirts painted on the wall.
  16. Watching Frontline Fightback on BBC 1 at the moment (missus choice I hasten to add ) and they’re showing a feature on A&S police in Bristol. “What has this got to do with the gash” I hear you ask-well, they showed a nice view of the Suspension Bridge and Ashton Gate. Further imprinting onto the blue few that when people think of Bristol, they think of one team
  17. I remember thinking in 98 that Clifton College sports grounds were awesome for a training facility for what was a Division 2 club. Shows how far we’ve come.
  18. It’s the mighty gas, he’d play for free, surely?
  19. Probably felt safe to return now Darrell’s gone.
  20. They’ll probably sign Ronaldo too. Not Cristiano, no, the original Ronaldo-in all his fat, poker-playing prime The gash announcing them two as new signings
  21. That’s a double Irish couple o’scalps for the Luxembourg boys this century
  22. Can’t wait for the ‘Archie Andrews Rants like Buggery’ podcast to hit Spotify
  23. You don’t know what happened and you’re commenting? Or are you obtuse in general? Drunken mistake/repeated mistake...doesn’t matter. How do we know it wasn’t repeated by him?
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