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  1. I like the guy and wish him well as he is a talented player and glad to see him do well today, he just is not consistent enough. He was the same at Forest, same with us and will be the same at Swansea.
  2. 2015


    I didn't think he was the worst we had out there in the first half yesterday but I do think he is a poor player What will annoy me is he is the sort of player who will go to another Championship club and do well for them, when he has been pretty poor for City.
  3. Unpopular opinion this but Purple and Lime was good from 1992 - 1994 but I think it should always have been firmly in the 90s.
  4. His subs have always baffled me. I am also unsure why he loves Mason Mount so much as whenever I see him play for England he is totally anonymous
  5. Any game at Swindon from between 2003 and 2014 .
  6. Well it was poor lets be honest. Slow. Took the wrong attacking player off the earliest in Grealish. We haven't looked good in my opinion since the Euro semi finals
  7. Imagine thinking the guy should be sacked. Alex Ferguson would have been sacked about 50 times in his career if this is the case..
  8. 2015


    This guy will believe any nonsense that suits his own misguided narrative
  9. No, he's an overhyped body builder
  10. To think Wilder took Fury to court just to get knocked out again. I think never underestimate Fury, he is incredible and worthy of going down as one of the greats in my eyes. He's on a different level to AJ
  11. 2015


    Exactly - been to well over 300/400 games following City and probably can count on 1 hand times when I've seen serious mass disorder. It's blown way out of proportion, typical of the woke lot of this forum though
  12. There's no doubt a lot of the Geordie's have complained about Man City's money that are now lapping up the fact they are absolutely minted. Laughable. Their fans have always come across as entitled. Admittedly, Mike Ashley was a right ar$ehole at times, but maybe Newcastle needed him to tighten the purse strings to enable them to be sold to extremely wealthy businessmen? They are also a Premier League club, which I think their fans also take for granted. Any side who isn't Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs are all at threat of being relegated imo
  13. 2015


    What is wrong with being patriotic and proud of your Country? Just because you big up your own doesn't mean you hate every other country.. Just because patriotism is linked with far right and racism doesn't mean that everyone who chants England is a racist. English Patriotism isn't allowed we get that
  14. 2015


    I think all of that is in your own paranoid overly sensitive mind if you genuinely believe people chanting England are deliberately trying to intimidate those that are not from England. Maybe going to a Football game isn't for you and try Badminton as a Sport to attend?
  15. 2015


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