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  1. From what I could make out, that was a good bit of passage of play by City eventually ending in a Corner. Joe Williams looking sharp
  2. Exactly right, what is going on globally right now is a bigger issue than National issues and tribal politics. It very much seems like most of the World leaders are all on the same page currently, and no one powerful enough who is willing to go against what's being said. It was perfectly fine for news reporters globally, and world leaders to travel to Cornwall in June and nobody batted an eyelid about it, yet we're the ones being told to comply to their rules. Bizarre world we live in right now.
  3. Surely this idiot loses his job? And predictably I bet there are some Gas defending him
  4. God down say a bit of common sense around here, they'll call you a conspiracy theorist how will you cope
  5. Much better having 3 subs. It gave such an advantage to more wealthier clubs. It also means that tactically Managers have to be better, with the 3 being used.
  6. Nah I am not a big fan of Swindon, being from Wiltshire, but wanting them to go under? Not at all. Lee Power is an absolute weapon
  7. Probably the best suggestion I have ever seen you make. Would be my version of Paradise island
  8. People find it easier to be negative after a result like this than positive. I actually am finding the negativity quite boring and I was one who didn't fancy our chances at all prior to the Tournament under Southgate. Throughout the Tournament Italy were the better side, we were the 2nd best team and on the night we were the 2nd best side. As usual, everyone is now focusing on the negatives. Football did come home even if we didn't win, everyone was united again, but you wouldn't have thought it after the negative crap I'm seeing this Morning. Can't wait for club football now
  9. Gutted, but Italy deserved it on the night in my opinion and over the course of the Tournament were the better side. We do have some talented young players coming through and looks to be a good future
  10. I have a bad feeling i'm not gonna lie
  11. Really bizarre. We won, we dominated most of the play and deserved to win. We got a lucky penalty which was 50/50 imo. Typical of some English, embarassed by our successes and always wanting to be the unlucky losers. Most of them are readers or writers for The Guardian.
  12. They are literally desperate it can't be said enough. Even some of our own English are being an embarassment about it. Where was the outrage from the same folk about Lampard's ghost goal and Campbell's header vs Argentina? Non existent is the answer.
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