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  1. Only just got used to it being on Quest tbh and Colin Murray was a brilliant presenter. Bit of a shame in my eyes
  2. It earns my respect in the regard many other high profile individuals think similarly and are not willing to come out and speak up about some of the nonsense rules that were put in place, but instead were cowardly and just went with whatever their company told them to say in fear that they would lose their job and all credibility because of online trolls. None of what he has said is particularly hateful towards a group of people or is physically harming others, unlike Carragher. Just opinions, like most things I think you say is bollocks and likely you think I say. Makes the world go around
  3. His interview on Undr the cosh recently was good actually. Went in depth about his relationship with Hoddle when he was England manager and after which was interesting
  4. That's your opinion though isn't it still. To others they may want to listen, whether they agree or not. I'm sure Le Tissier could live a life perfectly fine without voicing his views from the money he received as a pundit and a player. People have asked him to do after dinner speaking and podcasts and he accepts, they ask his views on things and he gives them. Don't like it, don't listen and **** off basically
  5. Neville is a walking hypocrite but he's allowed his opinions. Le Tissier however absolutely crucified just for having not such 'cool' views. My respect for him has gone up to be honest, the world would be a sad place if everyone thought the same.
  6. Are words of opinion more offensive than an adult spitting at a child which could contain any kind of disease? Sad world that Le Tiss is this hated, he might be wrong but I respect him for voicing his own opinion, you don't have to like it. Absolute class player as well
  7. It's getting annoying that EFL keep putting us against newly promoted sides in our first home game. Sunderland 2022/23 Blackpool 2021/22 Coventry 2020/21 Wigan 2016/17 Millwall 2010/11 Not only that in most cases as well we always seem to play other promoted sides 3 or 4 games in.
  8. If Derby go under that will be really sad because at the end of the day its the fans who lose out and imagine if it was us
  9. I'm guessing you haven't watched our rather lukewarm displays away in Poland and at Home to Hungary at the end of last year either?
  10. I would imagine many France supporters are unhappy at how their extremely talented side has under performed since the 2018 WC. Deschamps should be dismissed as should Southgate imo. I will add that there is no room for sentiment in Football these days, if you arent performing of what is expected of you for a period of time then off you go, that's why the best remain the best, it's brutal. Kind of like thanks Southgate for what you've done but we need fresh ideas
  11. Incredibly patronising of him to tell other people what to think and it's kind of ironic that Hungary are the ones to have humbled him
  12. Yep, good. None of the corporate fans are there like they usually are at Wembley and the usual self righteous ex pros like Carragher and Neville not having it. Embarassments
  13. Exactly and already the usual ex pros slating the England fans on social media instead of aiming the correct criticism at the management and players. Bored of it, we're a soft touch.
  14. Cue the nonsense by ex pro's saying that they've had a long season bla bla bla - total bollox
  15. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha you just have to laugh. Giving me Iceland memories
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