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  1. Good listen. However, the Swindon home win was the best game for the Club that season, miles clear of the Yeovil one, in my opinion.
  2. Good podcast. Ian sounded delighted by yesterdays result
  3. Is it just me who remembers them snapping up the old Eastend seats when they lost a game against us? I have a clear image in my head of a dozen angry Cardiff fans at the front lobbing the seats onto the side of the pitch in and around 2002
  4. A glorious read. Back when they were good (Late 00s/Early 2010s) they would give us so much stick over there. About time we got a double over them
  5. Imagine doing that to 2 players who both spent a minimum of 5 years at the club, were part of the double winning team and the run to the League Cup semi finals. Really poor by some of our own fans that. That being said i'm glad we put pressure on Flint as he really isn't a Championship level defender anymore
  6. What a game, what a feeling, what a day. Missed this feeling. I just knew if we went into HT level that we'd go on to win.. Cardiff tired in 2nd half and their pressing game dropped because of this and true quality went on to prevail. Hope they get relegated too
  7. Needs rid of then if he has a bad attitude. Something some former Manager's have been reluctant to do with the bad eggs in the dressing room
  8. Tom Heaton Adam Webster David Noble Jamie Paterson Bobby Reid Think that would be a good 5 a side team. Quick, good feet, Goals
  9. I bet that Italian keeper didn't go on to much bigger and better things..
  10. We have indeed, although Martin is a great alternative option to bring on from the bench, like Wilbraham was used in the Championship for us.
  11. I used to love AFCON when it was on BBC 3. Still has the unpredictability about it which I loved, but what wasn't unpredictable back then was Egypt winning it all the time! Have enjoyed the drama so far
  12. They were looking for anything to rule the goal out. Maybe BBC or ITV had a brown envelope for some FA Chief about giving Man United a helping hand so they are able to air them in the 4th round fixture. Just a tin foiled hat thought of mine
  13. This was my biggest issue with VAR to begin with. Easily manipulated to benefit the big boys
  14. The better team are losing unfortunately. Villa been very impressive tonight
  15. Woeful decision. Not surprising though is it, decisions going in MU favour
  16. Always respected them, not particularly liked them. They're a proper grassroots old school football club. Every club has its idiots, they have quite a few. Envious of their atmosphere they can create at The Den. At least when you play Millwall it feels like a proper game with something riding on it
  17. Shaun Taylor might be ok but **** Swindon. Up there with the Gas
  18. 2015


    The problem is, calling for academy players to be playing is all well and good, if they are actually ready for it. I haven't seen anything that suggests Towler is, he's certainly a unit, but he's years away from being good enough at this level. I remember last season calls for him to be playing on said podcast when we were short at LB and days later Watford thump us 6-0. I'd much rather play an experienced player out of position than a player who really isn't good enough for the level currently as it is more likely to cause us issues, which it has.
  19. I just think Huddersfield were a better side. They actually played really good football, they were too quick for us that day, I don't think we were particularly bad (we were at defending) just that we got beat by a side who are better than us currently, it wasn't through a lack of effort which was what I saw at Sheffield United. The Blackburn game, who have now gone on to be 2nd in the table is also a game we played well in and should have won.
  20. I don't think fans quite understood the mess the club was left in by the time NP took over, and when you see the accounts it certainly shows that. Our Home performances have massively improved since beating Barnsley, infact we have played better at home this season than we have since 17/18 to be honest. We've had some enjoyable wins (Cardiff, QPR, Reading, Millwall). Where we are in the table is probably about right for the squad we have and I recently am seeing performances improve - we look quicker, play with intent and look much more dangerous than we have done for quite a while at AG. Ok Pearson's record wasn't the best up until October and it has taken a while for him to get some sort of consistent performances out of the side, but we really were in such a downward spiral last season it was going to always take a while. The last 3 months of Holden's reign was absolutely woeful, could barely get a shot on target at AG most games, the players had lost confidence completely and the injury list was shambolic. We will benefit massively from Pearson's time here as an experienced Manager and we are lucky when looking at our accounts that he is in charge with Richard Gould as CEO who also has bags of experience. We're in safe hands, no one should be expecting playoff form or a playoff push too soon, but I certainly can see signs of recovery from City.
  21. Wasn't Bialkowski the keeper who slated us after our defeat at The Den last season. 'Worst team they played all season'. Cheers for the assist and 3 points Bart
  22. One of my favourite ever City players. Criminally underappreciated. Been consistent for us ever since he came in
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