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  1. Brilliant! That should be on the back of the tee!
  2. Up until NP got hold of us. The (ahem) two local clubs were a right pair of "Bristol's!".
  3. Not sure about Arsenal’s inclusion in that.
  4. I thought Saturday was bad. I'm emotionally done with the City atm.
  5. Skinheed was my favourite. Although I may be showing me age!
  6. Bradford Park Ave, Sheffield FC.........?
  7. I despise that name! He'd score if he came on this Saturday! Flashbacks of disbelief ensue....
  8. heart breaking, phenomenal player in his time!
  9. Best - City 4 Blackburn 2 was a classic. I remember the 2-0 win at Wrexham a few years back. I believe it was the first opening day win for about 14 years! Worst - start of the 87/88 maybe. Lost at home to Mansfield with Owers scoring for them. (I may be wrong about this one). Millwall still grates, it was clear there were major problems behind the scenes....... Cracking thread btw!!
  10. Indeed, he got a pen. A sniper from the Dolman took him out!
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