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  1. Both mine . It's a bloody Mary. It's 6:19 am here! Got up at 4:30 for kick off.
  2. At the airport for a weekend away! Perfect lway to start it.
  3. I don't actually think he's a bad player, just obviously not on board with whatever role is being asked of him right now and so best for him to move on. He certainly had chances to play under NP, but is obviously not fully onboard with what we are doing right now. Wouldn't surprise me if he matured into a very solid Championship player.
  4. It was interesting seeing what the Fulham fans thought. We go one up: oh brother...down early Great pressure by them when we have the ball Oh well we aren't going to win 7 nil today! they are straight onto us They look much sharper than us Bristol are working really hard pressing. Surely wont be able to keep this up all game After the made it 1:1 Thank god. Please let us score the next goal. Thank goodness Phew. Lets hope that puts Bristol heads down and give us a kick up the backside. We go 1:2 up: Jesus WTF Ream should just haul him down there. What a strange strange goal Appaling defending… What a finish by that man! For god's sake For go The guy got a bit lucky with the touch, but hes also super fast. I don't blame Ream entirely here. Wtf is this game. Why has one of their youth players turned into prime Cristiano Ronaldo? 2:2 they level it: Get in What a game!! We might win this one 7-6 What the hell haha This game is so open They go 3:2 up : Carv?? Amazing Oh ma goodness Yeeeeees.3-2 Wow!! I hope that's the excitement over for this game. Feels like there will be at least another 3 goals in this game. Really open. After that they don't mention us much just get excited about their goals - which is understandable. Just a few mentions: In reference to the foul on Dasilva (I think) - Stonewall pen. So lucky. That Semenyo bloke looks good though. I'd be having a proper scout of him Imagine leaving Mitro, on a hattrick unmarked in the box.. what did they think would happen They also have a thread on Semenyo: https://www.friendsoffulham.com/forum/index.php?topic=84683.0
  5. I think form a fans perspective this is true I would much rather watch us be competitive, but if you're the manager and your overall job is competing week in week out so that we get back to being genuine contenders for promotion again (I mean in the long term - before this gets taken out of context) then it makes sense to take opportunities to develop the players we have. The only way to gage how far players have come is by giving them opportunities and letting them learn harsh lessons. Look at Semenyo - lots of people (including club staff/coaches) have talked about how finishes so well in training. The Fulham game was the first time he has really demonstrated that in a match (although I'm a fan of his and the signs have been there). With a different manger or if we had money to spend in Jan he could easily have missed his chance and be out, or at least benched. If we except that we mostly need to work with the players we have then developing them and testing them is going to be a vital part of that. I would think he probably expected a better showing than he got, but when Kalas also struggles physically we don't exactly have better options.
  6. I'm not so sure it was stupid. I think we are in a position where (for the most part) we will be working with what we have. Vyner needs to develop skills against more physical players and there is only so much you can teach in training - You can defiantly train to improve physicality and watching for movement, but we don't have a Mitrovic to train against, you are only going to learn what thats like against those players. Pearson literally said that in a way games like this are free games. Challenging players to step up and then working with them on what they got right and/or wrong after could massively help development. Vyner is fine as a lower half championship player, and maybe in an ideal world he moves on and we bring in someone better, but that is not our reality right now. So developing players like him is going to be important. I'm not saying this is what NP was doing, but overall there is signs of individual improvements and very obvious signs of team improvements.
  7. I'm gong to put that down to my dyslexia! Silly mistake to make. Apologies to Antoine Semenyo!
  8. See I don't think it will. The improvements from our young players this season has been great. They will need to continue to progress granted, but that coupled with a couple of decent signings and we will do much better.
  9. Obviously the highlight for us today. If he can get his finishing to be more consistently like that what a player we'll have. Looked confident from the start and can't wait to see him against cardiff.
  10. Clear pen. Other end and they score. So unlucky.
  11. So often we say this player or that player deserves their own thread, well today its definitely the fans! You have to say fans were 12th man again. Amazing support. Especially given our record at home and it hardly being champagne football. Cheering every tackle, shouting encouragement. Great atmosphere - think it shows how much difference fans make when they get behind the team no matter what.
  12. Anyone have a clip? @IAmNick? Or can direst to a stream? Can't get ESPN to work here.
  13. Same issue and ESPN not working either, despite having a sub. Anyone have a stream thats working?
  14. Think it will be Pochettino to Man U and Zidane to PSG - either now or in the summer.
  15. Great post, however winning at home is now intrinsically linked with you being there! So you will have to go to every remaining home game.
  16. He came for/got to at least 4/5 today. Keeper can't come for everything. I think its an area of his game that can improve, but I think he's been coming for more balls this season and making some progress. Could be subjective though - @davefevs any stats on that?
  17. You have to celebrate it. With the run at home we've had its huge. Had to get a win no matter how. We were lucky, but we've had games in the winless run where we've been the better team, games we drew where, we should have won. Games we lost where we should have had a draw. Arguably even games we lost we should have won. It really doesn't matter how we got it, we really needed that.
  18. I would normally agree, but he signaled that he thought it ght the defender got the ball. He's wrong Def pen, but he obviously thought defender got ball.
  19. The crowd- "We're winning at home, we're winning at home how sh#$ must you be? We're winning at home!"
  20. I think this is a must. My daughter has always had a passing interest in Football and City, it seemed to fluctuate a lot - one minute very into it and then in different. I put this down to her wanting to share my interest, but as soon as I started to show her the woman's games/highlights she was captivated and now loves both the mens and women's teams. I think its hard to emphasise enough how much seeing a female role model can have an effect on young girls. Almost like it made her see - 'hey this can be for me too.'
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