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  1. I'd like to see Freeman's reaction again, don't think i've seen that replayed.
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    I think max plays as a proper sweeper keeper. Bentley is comfortable on the ball, but it is always passed back to him in the area - when max played he stepped up received outside the box and was like an actual sweeper. This let everyone else step up. I think he is actually better for our overall play, but Bentley is the better keeper. reminds me of Joe Hart and Bravo at Man City - I think Hart was a better keeper (shot stopping etc), but bravo understood how to play as part of the system. It felt like Bentley got better when he came back in for Max, but I don't think that area of his game has progressed.
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    Hi Iain. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Now on rolling adds, nothing to see.
  5. Totally deserved too, we have been completely outclassing Burnley with our superior use of the alphabet for years.
  6. Yes I just purchased at £140 and then canceled my renewal on the old purchase.
  7. commentary on Espn is a bit ahead of the pictures! commentator let me know we had scored before it was even in the net.
  8. Love the kit. Looks good.
  9. I assume they are the same as the home shorts, but in black. the home shorts have ties, but no pockets.
  10. I wore the new home kit for the 1st time in a 7 a side game last night and managed to fracture my elbow! Hopefully not an omen! maybe our kits are cursed and the reason for our injury issues!
  11. City shop were very efficient for once! I have my new home kit already! Arrived yesterday - in California. I think it looks good.
  12. As this one is officially confirmed it could be moved to the main page.https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/clark-signs-for-the-robins/
  13. Quite a few players on that list I know nothing or very little about. Anyone care to give a little more detail on the following players. - Zach Bell Marlee Francois Dylan Kadji Harry Leeson Joseph Low Joseph Porton Also any of the Scholars we should be particularly looking out for?
  14. It was played back to the Keeper who waited until he was challenged - then he picked it up and looked at options and then booted up field. It also saw the rise of the sweeper keeper and whole new tactical styles.
  15. If its the same as what Wenger originally proposed to trialed then its not actually as clear cut as the thread title. The idea was to stop time wasting by giving the option of a kick in instead of a throw if taken within 5-10 seconds. It wasn't actually to get rid of throw-ins altogether, just incentivise getting the game moving quicker. If kick is blocked by the opposition it becomes and actual free-kick. I'm not sure its an area that needs to be changed or that I like the idea (would a team trying to time waste actually care?), but throw-ins are kind of the modern equivalent of passing back to the keeper, and that change did improve things.
  16. As I said i'm not the most informed in these aread so, I'm not sure why i'm getting further into this! But heyho! I think employers used to be able to withhold PAYE on these schemes, as long as that was reported.
  17. Haha, good catch! Autocorrect on my phone can go to hello!
  18. Would a ESPP scheme be gaming the system when it is so commonly used? Does FFP restrict this? I would definitely understand if it does, but this is something that defiantly happens in most businesses here. I admit this area is not one I know a huge amount about (so I may be sounding really stupid! ). However if these shares where used in that kind of scheme, would that be a way of tempting high calibre staff without actual financial outlay? technically the employee is buying the shares.
  19. It might well be. I know shares are huge part of recruitment in the tech industry out here, just wondered if that was possible within FFP. You are probably right though.
  20. I think recruitment (so far) suggest you are right. I agree, also If we have the same system as last season then you are asking a lot of the 2 centre mids. I think we look like we are going back 5 though. for that to work I think everyone needs to have really good positional awareness. At various times CB's will need to step up to support midfield and Wing backs will need to tuck in.
  21. Genuine questions Could we issue shares to top up salary for someone? I presume thats not possible for players but if we wanted someone behind the scenes (head of recruitment for example) would it be allowed? Would that be a FFP work around.
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