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Community Answers

  1. Yeah, went there a couple of years ago, and despite being a card carrying carnivore, I very much enjoyed the food.
  2. There is plenty of live Olympics on the BBC, but for obvious reasons, the majority of this is in the early hours. The only change is that they are no longer able to show more than two sports live simultaneously, which means no unlimited streams on the iPlayer like in previous Olympics.
  3. I stopped reading at ketchup in a bacon sandwich.
  4. Moved your post to this thread so more people can see it
  5. Just can't get interested in the Lions this year, and I usually watch every tour single match. The covid situation and lack of crowds etc means I just can't get excited about this tour. Sad really as it's normally my sporting highlight of the year.
  6. Fouls don't have to be deliberate.
  7. Yet, in two of their three games they've been decidedly average (at best). I'll take those odds.
  8. Germany barely scraped a draw against a Hungary team you seem to think we'd beat easily, yet you don't seem to think we'd have a chance against them...
  9. Twas definitely a woman.
  10. Boring Sweden that very comfortably won their group.
  11. Can't wait for this! Will be a weird feeling being back at the Gate.
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