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Community Answers

  1. Part of his foot is clearly on the line, so no problem at all.
  2. 100% it should have been a penalty at the time. But not sure I like the precedent of 'appealing' for penalties to be applied retrospectively after a race, so not overly bothered that the appeal wasn't successful.
  3. Very disappointed both that Massengo isn't starting, and that Bakinson is... But I'll hold off going in to meltdown about it until I've actually seen how it works out!
  4. 1,300 according to the Bristol Post.
  5. Mike White. 37 of 45 for 405 yards and 3 TDs against the number one team in the AFC. Where did that come from?
  6. Win today and we could be two points off the play-offs *Yes, I'm attempting blind optimism today. Can't do any worse than my usual pessimism!!
  7. Not sure what Jubilee has to do with anything... Hengrove Leisure Centre has a 50m pool...
  8. To be fair, there is a public Olympic sized swimming pool five minutes walk from my house here in South Bristol...
  9. The Barbers of Eritrea. That's my new band name sorted
  10. I notice that this thread has become much quieter now that Bristol are not quite so all conquering... (We must all be glory hunters )
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