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  1. As far as I understand it, VAR will not be flagging offsides. It will work exactly as it does now, i.e. if there's a goal then it will be referred to VAR. Its just that now that decision will be made quicker. So all this talk of AI interpreting the rules, is moot.
  2. He's been pretty ordinary since I've started watching... Right, I'm turning it off!
  3. I definitely remember having a questionnaire sent around to local residents asking for our thoughts.
  4. There's a full range online, so it seems odd they wouldn't have anything in store https://www.sportsdirect.com/uefa-euro-2022
  5. I guess it means that the only way to get one (as in that particular keyring) is to be a season ticket holder, so it's unique to season ticket holders...
  6. Don't worry, there will be plenty of people on here (myself included) who will be happy to pass out their codes. There will probably even be a thread dedicated to it. And definitely no need for you to pay for a pint for anyone!
  7. That's not entirely accurate... Towards the end of the season, games in the primetime slot are often swapped (or flexed) at the last minute if the teams originally scheduled to play aren't involved in the playoff race. To quote the NFL, "Flexible scheduling ensures quality matchups in all Sunday time slots in those weeks and gives "surprise" teams a chance to play their way into primetime".
  8. The 90s was certainly a stylish time
  9. Not sure how you can make that assumption after one single year on tour (in which she actually won a grand slam), when she is only 19 years of age. And any comparison with Laura Robson is just silly. She never looked close to being able to win a grand slam, even before her many injuries.
  10. Lucky? She won a grand slam tournament without losing a set. There's nothing lucky about that. Considering that this time last year nobody had even heard of her, and she's now one of the most famous people in the country, I'm just impressed that she hasn't had some kind of mental breakdown and still seems to be the lovely grounded person she was last year. I'm sure if she's given time to continue her development (she's only 19 FFS) she will become a consistently top player.
  11. Yes, of course. But at £12.50 a ticket I think a sellout is more than feasible.
  12. No excuse not to sell out the opening game. First game, decent opposition, cheap tickets.
  13. What it really needs is a membership pack. I loved a membership pack when I was young.
  14. To be fair, he's beaten Kyrios and Tsitsipas in the past couple of weeks, as well as taking Berretini (who's won his last two tournaments) to three sets.
  15. He is. He's recovering from an abdominal injury.
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