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  1. As of June this year - just under 34 milllion shares. Sigh. I am sure Lansdown pays every single penny of tax he is due as a resident of Guernsey. He founded a company which is now a FTSE 100 listed business. The economic benefit of this company being based in the UK/Bristol will absolutely dwarf the contributions he no longer has to make (because he doesn’t live in the country). If you’re looking for people to target for not contributing enough to the UK, Lansdown ain’t your man... edit - not knowing your financial status, do you contribute more tax than required? I believe it’s an option to HMRC if you want me to find you the link
  2. Three five seven nine, on a little white line Motorway sun coming up with the morning light!
  3. Fair enough, you call me misguided but - ultimately - nothing to back it up except conjecture. I don't think Steve Lansdown has invested £100m+(?) for any other reason than he wants to see Bristol City be the best club possible. Now, he may, eventually, own land greater than the value of his investment (massively unlikely given the returns he could have made on other investments Billionaires make), but to infer that's part of an ultimate plan, I think, is a bit disrespectful for what he's done for this club.
  4. Potentially, yes. But to the extent of his investment? I'm not sure. Its clearly not an investment based on potential property prices in the future. If the family eventually make the money back which has been invested in the club, good for them! I wouldn't begrudge it.
  5. Sorry but I have to massively disagree - do you think Lansdown's ownership of City has been nothing but massive drain on his personal finance? Any redundancy is horrific, but the positions being made redundant are surely the ones created by his investment in the club's infrastructure?
  6. .... We only take 1,000 regularly to away games ...
  7. By a wonderful twist of fate I'm at Bromley today. Really nice ground, good bar and they are actually playing some nice stuff!! Bromley can do them for sure
  8. "Walking through the romantic canvas flaps" reminds me of my wedding day....
  9. Should probably also mention the longevity of this post is testament to each and every one of the amazing gifts they have given since they have been a league club. What a FOUR years of league football it has been.
  10. Here we ******* go again. I swear this comes up at least once a year? I think it was maybe TomF who broke down the percentage of use on this thread over FOUR years. It's almost like this is a fan base who struggle with simple arithmetic such as, I dunno, attendances... P.s. HELLO SAGGIES!!!
  11. Spent a good portion of the day looking at the share price of a sh*t box Arab bank. Never been so pleased to be able to go: YYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS
  12. I had market cap at JOD 180M which based on 1 Jordanian Dinar = 1.41 Dollars came to the figure above. Haven't looked at that post yet as I'm currently walking a hyperactive pug!
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