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  1. This team are def bad enough to get relegated.
  2. Alex Scott he dives when he wants
  3. Super


    I expect he has already reached that with some. The trouble is we don't have much else to come in.
  4. Taken down Woodsy you're next!
  5. Super

    FA Cup 2021-21

    Is that the St Albans we put 9 past? Obviously a long time ago!
  6. Lets get the record first then we'll worry about a Plan B.
  7. He will be when Fury gets hold of him.....
  8. We def need some pace this must be the slowest City team i can remember.
  9. Not sure anyone is having a go at the club we are just saying he would walk into this team at the moment.
  10. And no creative players.
  11. He would walk into our team now nobody can argue that.
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