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  1. We def need some pace this must be the slowest City team i can remember.
  2. Not sure anyone is having a go at the club we are just saying he would walk into this team at the moment.
  3. And no creative players.
  4. He would walk into our team now nobody can argue that.
  5. Not there's? Baker cleans him out.
  6. I'm still not sure on that pen. Hardly any contact and he throws himself to the floor which he does a lot tbh.
  7. So are you saying no other manager could do better than Bruce?
  8. He was miles better than Martin and Weimann only denied by a wonder save in the 2nd half. Give him a run of games.
  9. One is pretty much finished and one is just starting out.
  10. I don't think Gerrard would touch it he wants the Liverpool job after Klopp if he goes to Newcastle and it goes wrong he knows he wouldn't get that job.
  11. I don't think he would beat Wallin tbh. He will be destroyed by Fury.
  12. I expect he will still have to fight Wallin.
  13. Probably loan signings.
  14. I know we don't create much but all of them are poor at holding the ball up.
  15. I think striking options or a lack of is a big problem.
  16. Should we have had a pen second half on Scott? Haven't seen it back and yes he does go to ground quite often.
  17. Martin is beyond useless at holding the ball up. The problem is not one player in this team is a good passer of the ball.
  18. Not so sure. I think a manager can surely help especially late on in the game. Feels like he is hiding away.
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