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  1. Next Saturday will be an emotional occasion.
  2. Still remember 1986 being a young boy at Wembley. Thank you Terry. RIP
  3. Not even a ten goal a season.
  4. How was Kolbe not sent off there?
  5. Nothing up front. Massive worry for new season
  6. Printed mine but at A0 size will that be ok?
  7. Super

    Tokyo Olympics

    How small are those bikes?! Exciting to watch though
  8. I met Jimmy Saville when i went to Fort William.
  9. Must have missed his transfer to Blackpool.................
  10. Hilarious. Gatland must have a huge smile on his face.
  11. Maybe one might be slightly more interesting.
  12. Super

    Celtic Out!

    Rangers are a very good team you saw that in the Europa League last season and have a top manager. They would def be challenging playoffs in the Championship.
  13. Super

    Celtic Out!

    Perry Groves said last night Sunderland would finish above Celtic in League one and Rangers would be near the top of the Championship.
  14. Sure they still have 100k members and 20k waiting to join up anyway.
  15. All getting very heated. If i was Wael i would unveil the new stadium plans to distract them.......oh wait...
  16. If we don't sign a striker i hope we Play Wells up top and not Martin, We get drawn in to hitting too many long balls with a targetman.
  17. Super

    Tokyo Olympics

    I can imagine it being difficult but jeez i find it so boring. I don't mind Show Jumping too much at least they are jumping things!
  18. Not a chance it will be anywhere near that
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