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  1. Fantastic player. Best wishes to him
  2. Its different these days a lot of these fans are either looking for opposition players or going straight to opposition fans. We can't risk somebody getting killed and opposition players put at risk. You have to stop it.
  3. It worked for Everton and Newcastle
  4. I think you are the one out of touch. Should Sky just ignore it then what will that achieve exactly.
  5. Not sure fences are the answer but soon a player, manager etc will be seriously hurt or worse. More police at games that are at risk of a pitch invasion is a must and stronger penalties. Ban and fine every fan that goes onto a pitch.
  6. Super

    Prem today.

    Some defending by Mings but has to score
  7. Super

    Prem today.

    How on earth did Burnley not score
  8. Super

    Prem today.

    Ffs Palace don't let in another
  9. Super

    Prem today.

    Most annoying chant ever!
  10. Super

    Prem today.

    How was that throw in not seen?
  11. Super

    Prem today.

    Burnley just have to make sure they don't lose this. Draw is fine.
  12. Won't make any difference most of these idiots are pissed before they get into the ground.
  13. Not at all. Most had a preferred team last night which happened to be Rangers. They may play somebody else and that might change. Some will want Liverpool to win next week and some will want RM.
  14. In fairness I don't blame them. I didn't hang around to see Brighton and Hull celebrate!
  15. Great to see the German fans applauding Rangers.
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