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  1. Then surely part of wages should be performance based - certainly would have saved us a fortune in the last 2 1/2 seasons!
  2. dave36


    I am with you on Bentley, only average, poor anticipation and a defenders nightmare. Said it a couple of weeks ago and got slated, give me a Maennpa any day!
  3. Did SL once say that the buck stops with him? No wonder he has stayed tight lipped about his 2 wonder boys that failed him so badly. Without SLs support I dread to think where our club would be today! COYR
  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion!
  5. Time obviously stopped for him when we took on Man City! The jealousy hollow head endured sent him into hiding during the ensuing collapse of LJ/Ashton leadership
  6. Did we at least get the kitchen assistant? Or was there a lane closure on the M5?
  7. A bit unlucky a bit too often for my liking and the confidence of the team - at least max offers lapses of inexperience, Dan offers poor reflexes and anticipation
  8. dave36

    Kalas throw

    As we so rarely win 2nd ball from a throw I say keep going with the long ball - at least there’s a chance of something developing with the ball coming in long and high.
  9. Bonfire night? Is that what happened to their stand?
  10. Schadenfreude! Love it!
  11. Cant we do a Derby and sell the HPC and the chairman’s underpants to raise the funds for a striker?
  12. Gone from rebuilding to stalled redevelopment and poor planning, the recycled dross has proved useful - just not to us.
  13. dave36

    Hot drinks question

    Could we ensure the proper pre packed hot drinks are available at the concourse concessions? The slop served up as coffee was disgusting and the bagged sugar, milk and stirrer totally impractical Pre packed hot drinks cost pence, up to 30p each, so what’s the motive in a spoonful of unbranded instant in an unbranded cup with no lid? Extra profit?? Might be a good idea to ask the lady with the spiked drink if she received a branded cup and lid! I am presuming she did not take an alcoholic drink to the stand!
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