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  1. Change of tactics helped him no end, not been a fan but good to see him shine against Badiff COYR
  2. Max for me, always thought Bents is not trusted by the defenders, Max’s current problem is low quality in defence. Fulham result was not down to Max
  3. Only showed a couple of good efforts last time out - not good enough
  4. Woke up a bit 2nd half but too little too late - subbed off- first half so poor he was a hinderance and a danger to us. Otherwise one of the best games at the gate for a long time - if we had a real striker we would have been out of sight by half time!
  5. Good half, well happy with most of the team, only 2 passengers so far!
  6. Update! Finally got through, parking being sold alongside tickets today! You could not make it up!
  7. Easy to buy tickets - parking at the Gate though, need it and you are in trouble! If Customer service don’t spark soon I’ll be looking for refunds! Over an hour wasted yesterday and again today! totally ridiculous- FLO time to kick some butt!
  8. Ridiculous situation - I bought our tickets for the cup games weeks ago but was unable to buy parking (disabled) I keep trying but it’s getting stupid! 55 minutes again today in q only to be given the brush off again “the person dealing with parking is not in today” Despite having the cup tickets and a regular space in Winterstoke for the league games, I cannot attend cup games if parking is not available! Surely if you can take payment for match tickets you can allocate a parking slot if required! Another situation where the club could do much better - But why is this so often the case? quite honestly I would not trust our club to properly manage a tiddlywinks tournament!
  9. Seem to remember a certain number 8 that was quite good at screamers but nowhere near as mobile as Massengo - very much enjoying life at Burnley now!
  10. Massengo is so frustrating- can’t wait to see him score a screamer, when he does I’m sure we will see the true quality player emerge!
  11. Another farce from LINNINGTON, disagreed with linos a few times and seemingly intent on helping WBA - win only for WBA to throw it away!
  12. Lightbulb moment! - mother used to put Bounce in the dryer! Is Scotty doing the laundry wrong?
  13. Been there before same elderly Lino can’t keep up - offside!
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