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  1. Not alone! Fly the flag
  2. 1 in 8 chance of a newly promoted opponent first game - not exactly disastrous odds!
  3. Just got rid of tother Mahlon in time!
  4. Watching him on the field - great skill on the ball, pity almost every time he tried to show off he lost the ball!
  5. Could be true! Massive ego!
  6. City fans at west brom fighting stewards and police because they were not allowed to go to the bar during a medical emergency was dire! Some of the idiots were totally off their heads! Sniffer dogs on the concourse, targeted searches of suspect groups - yes please! Hopefully before someone gets badly hurt or families have to stop allowing youngsters to attend games!
  7. Not been away - laid up! Pickford yes he did have an exceptional game, but ref in my opinion threw impartiality out the window
  8. Agree, I had family arriving late due to them being Robins volunteers - very specific requests, which I could not fulfil! Hence the Ire!
  9. Before kick off the only food in the Lansdown concourse was steak n ale pie or cheese n onion pasty - take it or leave it! No planning or saving costs? How many games is it reheated, judging by the burnt crust it could be a few!
  10. Can’t argue Pickford was on fire - after what he did to van Dyke he should be on the fire - hard to forgive
  11. Chelsea never stood a chance - the game was ruined by bad decisions, killed by Kevin Friend, advantages where there was none and random undeserved cards - looks like relegation for historic clubs is officially to be avoided. and I despise Chelsea!
  12. This is exactly what’s wrong with Vyner, bricking it last time out, scared to make a mistake
  13. In fairness the Stroud show did not start until the 2nd half, but the tosser still did not manage to ruin an entertaining game!
  14. You are obviously close, so good luck! Love usually finds a way!
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