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  1. Not been away - laid up! Pickford yes he did have an exceptional game, but ref in my opinion threw impartiality out the window
  2. Agree, I had family arriving late due to them being Robins volunteers - very specific requests, which I could not fulfil! Hence the Ire!
  3. Before kick off the only food in the Lansdown concourse was steak n ale pie or cheese n onion pasty - take it or leave it! No planning or saving costs? How many games is it reheated, judging by the burnt crust it could be a few!
  4. Can’t argue Pickford was on fire - after what he did to van Dyke he should be on the fire - hard to forgive
  5. Chelsea never stood a chance - the game was ruined by bad decisions, killed by Kevin Friend, advantages where there was none and random undeserved cards - looks like relegation for historic clubs is officially to be avoided. and I despise Chelsea!
  6. This is exactly what’s wrong with Vyner, bricking it last time out, scared to make a mistake
  7. In fairness the Stroud show did not start until the 2nd half, but the tosser still did not manage to ruin an entertaining game!
  8. You are obviously close, so good luck! Love usually finds a way!
  9. dave36


    Have to agree that due FFP we will have to see our best players depart, I don’t think we will gain as much as some think, the market is still very depressed! Even worse we will be be buying in at a premium due to the fact we are deep in the smelly stuff and have to buy to survive! Very shrewd business to be done - but are the club up to it? Hope I am wrong but the future is not looking good.
  10. Or city! Occasionally interested in an easy ball - not good or motivated enough
  11. Geriatric Lino often at the gate, can’t keep up
  12. Pity ST price not linked to team performance - we could expect regular refunds!
  13. Was pure acting, jumped up and dropped on his knees, ref bought it - doubt the EFL will review it though
  14. Note you did not include the geriatric imports in your list - though with Martin getting an extension I dread to think what old pals NP might bring in next season
  15. Not for the first 24 minutes he didn’t! Failed to connect with every ball sent his way!
  16. Initial pass for Reach’ goal was offside- confirmed by sky - Lino out of position so could not see it! Usual shit officials cost us (all 3 of them)
  17. Todays draw was not down to NP - once again it was the EFL and their ****king useless officials! In extra time the initial pass into the box was offside, confirmed by the Sky/Quest replay! Let’s not get into the debate about the pens we should have got! Todays result was robbery! - BIG team favoured from kick off! I would question Martins extension though! 24 minutes before he touched the ball today! Countless punts up to him and he failed to connect with any of them up to that time!
  18. It’s the hope that kills, fans show total loyalty, rarely miss a home game and follow to some away games to watch what? A willing group of young players, some very much still learning the man’s game, supported by overrated pensioners, not fit or motivated enough for 90 minutes and a few very able and willing pros - a total recipe for disaster when you add in a 9 that needs it on a plate! We deserve to be fighting the drop this season and if things don’t change soon it’s a fight we will lose next season. The GAP getting smaller all the time!
  19. What’s the point of a striker that needs every ball on a plate! No control and seemingly little interest - give him the ball anywhere outside of the box and he will lose it! Not good enough!
  20. What? They renamed the Locarno? yes I am that old!
  21. Does Williams know which way we are playing, he’s like a car with 4 reverse gears and one forward!
  22. Our “experienced” players were bystanders for most of the first half, a couple of them looked like they are ready to apply for bus passes!
  23. Williams spent much of the first half avoiding the ball, presume he got his own rollicking at HT from Pearson
  24. Williams and James are experiment that’s failed - last number 8 that was so bad was LJ. We see the season out and go again, hopefully next season we can sow the seeds of a recovery rather than building a rest home for past it pals of NP
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