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  1. Christ I wish I shared your optimism! I feel it’s very unlikely however I would be happy with any of the names above. I can’t see it though.
  2. I would be absolutely amazed if it’s Hughton. I think people are being naive at best hoping he still may take it or be offered the role. Why would a man with his credentials and principles be messed around by a small time club like ours?
  3. Possibly yes. I do feel so sorry for him because the way in which this has been handled by the club is nothing short of amateur. I really don’t want DH but he would of had half a chance if this was dealt with better. Was it Mr Ashton that was saying not long ago that people/clubs like dealing with us because we do things ‘right’!? Do me a ******* favour.
  4. He won’t turn us down though will he? That would be utter madness surely? Unless smarmy Mark has offered him the job, then changed the goal posts, I can’t see why he would turn it down? The bloke couldn’t get the Oldham job and unless he takes a chance like this he won’t get as good an opportunity elsewhere again. Yes he will have the majority of our fan base against him from day one, but football is about opinions. Surely he should be relishing the challenge of sticking it to us doubters and proving us and the footballing world wrong!?
  5. If I remember rightly @GrahamC after that SL interview you made reference to the fact we wouldn’t go proven!?
  6. If he has to think about it surely something is very wrong? It’s the opportunity of a life time for the bloke! IF this is true then what the hell is going on? Was he offered it initially under different circumstances? Have the club moved the goal posts? Its bizarre. There is no way someone in Holden’s position would turn this down surely!?
  7. I will be wishing DH all the best and hoping he can prove everyone wrong. i won’t be going next season though and will be cancelling my DD.
  8. Happy to eat an extremely large slice of humble pie if DH does a good job. This whole saga is actually hilarious now I’m actually beyond caring. I’m intrigued to see what the club will say regarding this. Even the king of spin can’t weasel his way out of this one. All the best DH. You will need it.
  9. I don’t see it like that? To me I’m worrying Macca has made room for Williams, with Holden still as HC. either way an absolute circus
  10. I think we all feel stupid now given then circumstances around all this. But I don’t think anyone could have foreseen this when LJ was removed. Regardless of what happens, if it’s DH or not we couldn’t have continued that way under LJ.
  11. Why would they look stupid? 99% of fans at other clubs would react the same surely? Or were we just expected to accept the stagnant dross on show? We were going nowhere fast under LJ. His time was up. Its not the fans fault, or Holdens for that we have ended up with him. I don’t want Holden. Incredibly disappointing but nothing to suggest he won’t play better football than LJ?
  12. Holden in isolation would appear to be a very poor appointment but Ashley Williams as well? Very surprising. But then nothing should be a surprise anymore I guess.
  13. Our Joe loves a big game mind!! class! So pleased for him! His interview was quality
  14. The bloke was absolutely class on his day. I loved watching him and was one of his biggest fans. Anyone that genuinely wants him back surely can’t be serious though!?
  15. I don’t see a reason why he couldn’t take us up? I get what you mean though I’m not sure he would be the man to take us up but is that even guaranteed with anyone? I think we all appear to be putting too much emphasis on that. I honestly believe Cook would take us forward, whether that’s promotion who knows? It would be a welcome change in direction for me. He has way more good points than bad. Maybe he’s not a marquee name but there isn’t many I would take over him given the options available.
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