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  1. Decent football on the deck when you have the players that can pass as well as keep hold of the ball. Not sure why how we play is relevant to how the top 3 in the prem play though.
  2. Absolute moron & should get a life time ban. Highly amusing how when he was being restrained by about 4 stewards he gave it the big one to the fans whilst trying to escape the stewards grasp. Honestly couldn’t make it up. Neanderthal.
  3. There seems to be a strange obsession with trying to remain negative after winning this season. Sometimes the way we play and lack of decent service doesn’t do him any favours. It wasn’t one of his better games today but he worked his socks off and was part of a decent team display and much needed win. Can’t ask for much else surely?
  4. This. Bloke was an absolute bellend but it was hilarious to be fair
  5. Taylor10


    Great post. He has limited resources and by limited I’m being very generous. This is nowhere near his side and when he gets out the deadwood we will be better for it.
  6. I think you have hit the nail on the head with the quality. We have so little quality it’s frightening but then that was the main issue for me yesterday. I thought we worked hard and defended well at times, admittedly from our own doing but we couldn’t keep hold of the ball. That was the problem and we didn’t have one single player that could keep it to take the pressure off. Decision making was abysmal too but when you combine that with inexperience and zero quality, sides like Sheff U will more often than not come out on top against us very easily.
  7. I too am very concerned and I think everyone is within their rights to question our current plight and manager. I don’t dispute that. My point was really about those that seem genuinely shocked we got outplayed by Sheff U yesterday and seem to have used that argument to peddle NP out calls off the back of us not being able to compete with a side with a similar record/league position. To me it’s pretty obvious they are in a false position and are far superior all over the pitch. We also had a very depleted side. Right to question NP overall? Absolutely, but the posts I’ve seen/pods I’ve listened to have had sections almost trying to use yesterday’s defeat as the final nail type scenario. As if to say ‘oh NP can’t get a tune out of our injury ravaged side against an ex prem side with a similar record to us’ or ‘if we can’t beat Sheff U we are bang in trouble’ which to me is an over reaction if it’s based off yesterday alone. Looking at the bigger picture I share your concerns but yesterday we were well beaten by a better side.
  8. They were way better than us yesterday though and are in a false position. If it were some of the other clubs in and around us beating us so easily I would be concerned. I wouldn’t say losing to them and being outplayed was a huge concern though in isolation. With the exception of their keeper all of their team have played in the Prem. Take their midfield 3 for example yesterday against ours, just a no contest. They are far superior to us and still had a 16million pound centre mid to come off the bench. I think they can easily come in the top 6 with that squad and I expect them to kick on now. I am worried about our current situation, but not based off that yesterday when trying to compare with them.
  9. Yes it’s frustrating at present but even by OTIB standards I feel there is a massive over reaction to today’s result/performance. Sheff U are in a very false position and have way more quality than us. I expect them to be top 6 come the season end if they get some rhythm now. We were poor today but I’ve seen far worse displays this season against much weaker opposition. Whilst we’ve seen a very brief up turn in form we still have square pegs in round holes at present. We lined up with the same system as them today. At least half of the Sheff U side that started the game were part of a very successful prem campaign under Wilder. Ok you could argue that they came down in the end but if you compare the starting line ups today man for man, given we played the same formation/system then the difference in class was pretty obvious. Plus every player they had was playing in their specialist position, whereas that wasn’t the case for us. For example Scott & COD have worked hard the last few games but they are both out of position and today were arguably against two of the best wing backs in the division. I honestly didn’t expect to get anything from today. That’s not to say I’m not fed up, underwhelmed or disappointed but a sense of realism is needed I feel. Not much to be positive about after today but certainly no need for over the top NP out calls based off that display today.
  10. Huge worry getting outclassed by Sheff U?
  11. Slight over reaction? We were poor today but it’s pretty clear Sheff u are in a false position. Far far superior to us. We have some gutless players but Sheff u way better today.
  12. Don’t like either. I hope they both fail to qualify.
  13. Glad to see a thread started on both. Such a huge positive tonight. Both exceptional in and out of possession and looked like seasoned pros. Different class.
  14. Am I alone in enjoying their demise? Ole seems like a decent bloke but he’s so far out of his depth. In all honesty he should never have got anywhere near that job. I also don’t think he recruited that well in the summer. I think Sancho will come good, but at that price United didn’t need him. Central midfield has been a problem area for them. I’m also not convinced CR7 was what they needed either, although he’s a machine. I hope they continue to plummet and the plastics keep going into meltdown. It’s good entertainment if nothing else.
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