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  1. There was a kid who went to an inflatable school, everything was inflatable, the teachers, the tables, the students, the stationary etc etc. He decided to pop everything in the school so he was then called into a meeting with his teacher who said to him... You've let yourself down, you've let me down, your friends down and most importantly the school down. I'll get me coat.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/22581462 Not sure if it's been posted but that is rather funny.
  3. That Benfica team goal on the right hand side of that link is simply brilliant!!
  4. I must say, if we can keep the nucleus of the team if we were to unfortunately go down then i'd be confident of a returning to the championship under SOD. At this moment in time and since SOD came in we have been a very decent team in this division, the previous months under Del and his poor tactics/coaching have been whats cost us.
  5. ''We want to be a side that's hard to beat first and foremost. Back-to-back clean sheets says we've done that." "This team has come a long way. The commitment and effort was there for all to see."
  6. SO'D: "Thought they were terrific tonight. We played a free-scoring side and the game plan certainly worked."
  7. I must say though it's very impressive how quickly SOD has got us very organised. Nyatanga and Fontaine are decent defenders after all? Possibly.
  8. Mourinho, what a gent. ''The best team lost'' *walks off* What a bloke.
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