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  1. I wonder if the statement will still be up come the end of play today? There’s a lot of pressure on them now! One thing I’ll absolutely prepared to give the gas credit for is the reaction of a lot of their fans on Facebook, Twitter and on gaschat. By and large disgusted. Fair play to them.
  2. I just can’t get over that statement.
  3. Oh my god. You just cannot make this shit up. I might be biased by my job, but take it from me, this is so completely Tin pot and amateurish it’s untrue. Incredible stuff. As if they actually wrote that!!!!
  4. Do you know - good question - I’m not sure but I think everyone would prefer if no one were intoxicated.
  5. I think as long as everyone sticks to the reported facts, we’ll all be fine.
  6. Without Mrs B giving evidence, here’s my informed opinion of what might make up the prosecution case: 1. The 999 call - we can see from the article that Mrs B called the police and said JB has throttled then kicked her. 2. Upon police arrival they’ll have undoubtedly been wearing body worn video. It’ll be interesting to see at what point Mrs B retracted her accusation. Did she continue it to police upon their arrival? Did the two other people present tell the police what had happened and was this captured on body worn video? 3. the injury. Said to be a half golf ball sized lump. 4. previous incidents between the two parties whether prosecuted or not. 5. bad character. Now, we know JB likes the odd assault, but in order to be used as evidence is has to be pretty strikingly similar. You can’t just tell a judge - he’s got convictions for assault - there are proper and quite tough hoops to jump through to allow bad character to be allowed in a trial. 6. CCTV - as someone mentioned above - this took place outside. There might be Cctv. all in all, cps only charge people if they think there’s a realistic prospect of conviction. So there’s definitely evidence here. Injury plus initial complaint is a good start - I wonder what else there might be… I wonder what JB’s behaviour was like when those officers and their body worn video turned up?! it’ll be interesting that’s for sure.
  7. No. Incident happened on 2nd June. He was bailed, so penny to a pound he’ll be bailed by the court.
  8. The vast majority of responses on the gaschat thread at least play out the way we’d hope they would.
  9. Wow this new hundred tournament is really exciting with all these Low scores. Amazing.
  10. I would crawl over broken glass just to sniff Sam Quek’s farts.
  11. So you have to bowl in overs of 5?
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