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  1. Heart of Midlothian man me mate! ”Stand up if you hate The Cabbage!”* *cabbage? Seriously? WTF?!
  2. Such is the character of the man, I get genuinely stumped as to whether quotes like this are real or not. Genuinely confused here!
  3. Wow. That’s a long time to have to listen to him.
  4. Just one correction here. He doesn’t have to behave to serve half. You automatically only serve half. The only way you can serve more is if you commit further criminal offences or if you’re naughty the prison can add a maximum of 28 days. That footage is far from clear cut though. It’s much more difficult to see for definite what the bigger picture is.
  5. You’d think he’d probably go in as one of their highest paid. I would want Vyner anywhere near the top of my wage structure.
  6. Absolutely. And I wouldn’t mind. So long as it’s not with us.
  7. This job feels like it needs to be a successful one, otherwise his stock is going to be pretty low.
  8. I’d bet my mortgage he’s going to prison. It’s nasty, it’s aggravated by football, it’s cowardly and premeditated. Defo going down the steps.
  9. I’ll gladly take heart attack duties from you. Thank god we don’t have to have any more COD false dawns.
  10. About time too. Let’s hope others feel they can follow suit.
  11. I was thinking what a massive signing it was for Yate!
  12. My apologies. I could only read YTFC as Yate Town! I hope that explains my actions! @Leveller
  13. Knowing people on here if Sunderland get promoted it’ll be credit Lee Johnson, if Sunderland don’t get promoted it’ll be Mark Ashton’s fault somehow. Anyway, in answer to the question… Wycombe. Purely for Akinfenwa reasons.
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