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  1. Then may I recommend “The most hated family in America”? Youll be dumbfounded.
  2. I’m pretty sure he’ll back NP. But he couldn’t back him on top of how much he’d backed Johnson. It’ll come, but our cloth has to be cut accordingly. And NP has done a decent job of cutting so far. When we see the back of the likes of COD, Wells and Bakinson and Palmer (not that I think I’ve necessarily seen enough of the latter two) then there’ll be more room for manoeuvre.
  3. Presumably Nige doesn’t ask his defenders to play their attackers through?
  4. Everyone: “we’re in such a mess, wouldn’t it be great if we could finish outside the bottom 3 this season?” …3 months later… Everyone (while mid table): “quick sack Pearson!”
  5. Morning all, I’ve recently rediscovered a documentary made when I was just a mere 20 year old, back in 2000. It’s a Louis Theroux documentary entitled “looking for love” and follows the plight of older Englishmen looking for love via the avenue of Thai brides. Most importantly you’ll make Lake Palmer. Arguably the funniest ever character to not be fictional. You’ll need a spare 47 minutes, but I assure you it’s the greatest program ever made. It’s available now on BBC iplayer. Season 3, episode 5 of his weird weekends collection. Watch it ASAP, or otherwise I’ll be forced to destroy you verbally (this is an in joke!). Enjoy.
  6. KC and the sunshine band? Baby give it up? unoriginal I know.
  7. This is all getting a bit “I’ll meet you in the Eastend walkway”.
  8. Oh and likewise Graham. But I think you raise two points in the above. The first is; do you rate Jamie Paterson. My answer to that is “yes, when he’s on form.” But as discussed that’s far too infrequently. Whether you’d rather have any of the other named players is a completely different argument and indicative of the mess we find ourselves in. You’re essentially saying that Pato would be better than those. I don’t necessarily disagree, but I’d rather have none of them and I’m pleased JP has moved on. I don’t wish him any ill will, I’d just rather he wasn’t our player. Having one player who turns up one in ten (I stand by that) is bad. Having 4 of them is just suicide in the championship. The sooner the rest of the players you name above go, the better!
  9. The recent parts of this thread are OTIB in a nutshell. A week or so ago we were salivating at the thought of seeing a James, Massengo & Williams midfield threesome. A standard Nathan Baker rush of blood and a blatant handball later, all of a sudden Jamie Paterson is the answer.
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