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  1. What year would it have been? McIness or SOD?
  2. Love that he plays for QPR now. Not enough players get the chance to play for their team. I remember that season we were so shit. Literally the only outlet we had was pass it to Albert and let him run at them. Proper top bloke.
  3. It’s funny isn’t it? Weve always talked a lot about the pathway. It was a buzz word. But in reality, that pathway was anything but open in the tenure of previous incumbents. If we needed a player, the academy was the last place we’d look we’d just buy another - a Diony, a Wells, dare I say a Rodri (god I had banished him to some far part of my brain!). It’s taken years and years of over spending - buying players who ‘aren’t on the bus’, picking up nearly 30k/week for us to realise that the pathway actually was the answer all along. There were 7 clear pathways against Millwall and 5 against Cardiff yesterday. I think many of us agreed that we’d be prepared to fare slightly worse in the league if it meant that the pathway was genuinely open and genuinely open it now is. Whether it’s Nige’s eye, a particularly talented crop, being financially hamstrung into it or just a simple win against Cardiff is anyone’s guess, but these are exciting times for the team. But we must remember that players so young will make mistakes. They may get the occasional drubbing, they will make silly mistakes and from time to time they’ll be anonymous… but so long as we remember they’re young and still learning and we have patience, then we’ll reap in the long term. It’s been a fantastic weekend. Here’s to Tuesday.
  4. I think we all agreed we’re prepared to do relatively poorly in the league if our youngsters are shining through and they’re certainly doing that. I’m torn between who the find of the season is though… Scott or as an outside bet… Cam Pring. These are exciting times.
  5. Fordy62


    Expires in summer next year, but we have a 12 month option.
  6. It would. I just can’t see how this situation comes about. I just can’t get my head round it.
  7. Congrats on coming across as a complete cock.
  8. How did this come about Dave? Any idea?
  9. Don’t watch it if it upsets you.
  10. Wow. Can always depend upon England!
  11. Fordy62


    Just done some quick maths: Semenyo injured: P20 GF 21 Semenyo playing: P7 GF 14 Could be coincidence, probably isn’t.
  12. Seems like the sort of lad you wouldn’t be too disappointed if your daughter brought him home. Nice lad, good vlog.
  13. “We aren’t going down”. Thought I’d analyse that… we’re as close to QPR (4th) as we are Peterborough (22nd) - 14 points from each. I think you’re right. We don’t have a lot left to do to stay up. I was going to write this can only mean more game time for the youngsters - but actually they’re now proving to be part of our best team.
  14. Nothing against Max, but give me Bentley every day of the week. I genuinely think he would’ve saved their second.
  15. Given the choice of smashed up toilets and three points, versus no points and a luxury toilets Refurb, I know which I’d pick. Cheers Cardiff.
  16. In the shock of the day… Young Wes Burns is 27 years old!
  17. Quietly optimistic. Our football seems to be on the up… so I’ll go with 4.
  18. I’m sat watching Waffle The Wonder Dog mate. So that’s a yes.
  19. I went as far as to Wikipedia him!
  20. Fordy62


    There’s probably some good room to do it too. I don’t expect he’s anywhere near a high earner. The random websites quoting salaries seem to have him on 2.5k/week.
  21. Fordy62


    Just made me look up when it expires: Next summer, but we have a 12 month option in addition to that. So effectively, this year plus two more.
  22. Fordy62


    I imagine Nige is probably an incredibly good manager to have develop you if you have the raw attributes.
  23. This is one of those jokes that shouldn’t be funny… but somehow manages it.
  24. Without the anger and disappointment my afternoon feels like it’s missing something. Quite bizarre!
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