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  1. It’s really bad, and maybe I’m speaking too soon, but it’s really hard to see us being at the wrong end of the table with any of the above line ups. We’ll see I guess.
  2. Fordy62


    My word. Even I don’t hate Lee Johnson.
  3. Fordy62


    Such a liability on the ball. Shame really because his desire to play the ball forward is so commendable. Really thought he looked the real deal when he broke through… sadly it didn’t continue.
  4. Don’t do drugs.
  5. Neither here nor there for me. If he wants game time, then fair play to him making the step down.
  6. I do say it in jest you’re right. And I’m not an LJ fan, largely because of the bollocks he spouts (and the unlevel Playing field Cotts got or LJ’s benefit from nepotism, whichever way you wanna look at it!) But there are very many people out there who are adamant that everything good was LJ and everything bad was MA. And it’s just nonsense. Above, you’ve even gone as far as to say that you don’t believe what LJ said himself! Its remarkable. I don’t think everything LJ did was bad. Not at all. But I just want people to have a balanced view that they can’t just blame everything bad on Ashton. At the very least, LJ was guilty of saying “yeh, go on then” every time MA offered him a new player. We’re now paying for their collective mess. It’s their (collective) fault.
  7. 1. Webster, Brownhill and Reid were LJ’s picks. 2. the other 60 were Mark Ashton’s. Come on. You must know that by now?! Duh.
  8. Didn’t Pack do the least effective shielding off the ball out ever in the dying moments?
  9. I’d just like to see more threads about Lee Johnson.
  10. I’m torn here. Never been a Southgate fan. Didn’t deserve the job, plays a poor standard of football and my word doesn’t make the most of what could be considered a fairly golden generation. But… he’s done well so far. We won’t win with him at the helm, but at the same time he’s done too well to be sacked. Remember when Southampton did really really well under Adkins (I think) and then they really really harshly sacked him and everybody thought it was silly. I feel like that’s where we’re at with GS. But the FA won’t be as ruthless as Saints were.
  11. Let me let you into a little secret. One of my favourite pass times is having a nap. I had a 90 minuter this afternoon and I feel great. I do it regularly and it’s something I genuinely enjoy. I wake up refreshed and much more capable of dealing with my ridiculous children! I imagine it’s pretty good for my health, it has no impact on my ability to sleep at night and I’m fortunate enough that I don’t suffer from stress (I’m not sure that this is related!). And for absolute clarity, this isn’t dropping off on the sofa, this is a full on afternoon back to bed scenario! Anyone else like a nap? Or indeed have any other particularly strange hobby?!
  12. I think I’ve accidentally eaten the wrong mushrooms.
  13. Depends how much £10 means to you. I think it’s 99% likely you’ll end up with a book in the post… but check their profile. Does it seem a real person? When did they join? Is it a real name? Just use your head, And if it’s a scam it’s only a £10 lesson.
  14. I hope this is the first time of many that this subject turns hot today!
  15. I was in Florida. I racked up a £900 phone bill using data to follow the David James saga. Remember it well.
  16. If we only knew back then what we know now… that’d he’d gone on to never score a single goal for us. We wouldn’t have been so excited.
  17. Stop it you lot. It just makes the disappointment stronger.
  18. I don’t want to come across colour blindest… but I have a whole day planned of getting nothing done by watching this thread. Can we keep it about Kane Wilson?
  19. And bring squad wages down massively… so whoever replaces Pearson will have some serious spending power when we start 23/24 in the Prem. It’d be just my luck that’d be the return of Lee Johnson.
  20. I’d give anything for that.
  21. And we’re signing Kane Wilson!!!!! that takes the Payne (!) away!
  22. Good game boys. Never any shame in losing to ZZ. Good team.
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