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  1. I just hope to god we pick the form players up front… not Rashford and Sterling. But I know we will.
  2. Safe to say Bracey will never ever play for England again.
  3. You got there first. I’m there tomorrow… how much is a pint of stowford, and what sort of standard was the bag checking?
  4. This England batting line up looks the most fragile I’ve seen it in a long time. I think Bracey is heading the same way as Mike Smith - although Smudger had either Hayden or Langer dropped at slip early doors en route to a big ton if I remember correctly? Never got a look in again - grossly unfair IMO.
  5. No, you upload the result to the NHS website by using the serial number on the test tray thingy. Then they text and email you to confirm that you’re negative. Which is all a little bizarre given that you can choose if you’re positive or negative! You then show the email/text to the turnstiles.
  6. I’ve got to do it for the Test Match on Saturday too. Standard. It’s not difficult. You just use one of the home test kits.
  7. Remarkable thing is that there’s every chance neither will start.
  8. Did anyone else think that Southgate pretty much just said that Grealish won’t be starting the game next week?
  9. That’s the way we do it. You should know that by now.
  10. Yeh. I hope so. I work with a lot of Villa fans and they’ll be gutted to see him go.
  11. Rumour is that Villa have bid 30m for ward Prowse. And 33m for Buendia. Looks like they mean business.
  12. Yeh… for England I’m prepared to overlook the C word. Shall we agree on theatrical instead?
  13. Nice work Henderson.
  14. Not convinced that was a pen. Grealish looking leaving his foot out.
  15. Ward Prowse has been incredibly tidy. Haven’t seen delivery like his since Beckham.
  16. I think he was talking about the front three was he not? Foden Kane Grealish which incidentally would be mine.
  17. Interesting thoughts and could be some truth to it… but I suppose the squad reminds me a little of our own under LJ and DH, lots of individual talent, but can’t play together as a team. Let’s hope I’m proved wrong.
  18. Agreed. I just wish he was a more dynamic/better football coach.
  19. I suppose when you put it like that...
  20. I don’t get the comment. You’ve got the football stance and elbows? Am I missing something? Is it some form of insult? I genuinely have no idea.
  21. I hate to sound like a complete school boy, but don’t suppose you’d ask ST if you could give me his email address so I can drop him an email? That’d be proper Jim’ll fix it stuff... well... before it was weird!
  22. Shaun Taylor. Without a doubt. Hardest City player I’ve ever known. He’d be right at the top of my list for players I’d buy a pint. Him and Ade Akinbiyi - my absolute faves.
  23. At the age of about 10, I saw one of the U16’s win a throw in deep inside the opposition half. As an opposition player turned away from him, he threw it against his back and the ball rolled back to him and he whipped in a dangerous cross. A couple of weeks later I was invited to a mate’s (Gas) birthday party. His dad had arranged a football tournament on their farmland. I won a throw in deep inside their half and thought I’d try the old throw in trick myself. Only I didn’t wait for him to turn his back. I threw it full on as hard as I could and it hit him in the face. He cried. At his own birthday. I wasn’t popular.
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