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  1. We’ve been long ball experts for the past 4 years!
  2. That’s not a thing any more
  3. Is that right? Changes my opinion somewhat if true.
  4. Really glad to have you back posting Graham!
  5. I’ve really noticed how much less we pass the ball backwards. Incredible compared to LJ/DH.
  6. I’m in for a couple of them!
  7. The statistician has a midlife crisis and tries to branch out into spitting lyrics. It didn’t go well!
  8. Must say I’m a little disappointed more of it hasn’t been made on here. I, like I imagine many others on here, had absolutely no idea he had slotted it away. Such a difficult skill from that angle. He is much slated on these pages, but he was brought on to do a job yesterday and he did it perfectly.
  9. “You can’t let the little man come in your yard and piss on the tree.” Roy Jones Junior.
  10. “AJ is the best athlete the heavyweight division has ever seen.” Tony Bellew’s stand up tour coming soon.
  11. Fury is a miles better boxer than AJ. I don’t know.
  12. This should be comfortable. Just how corrupt is boxing?
  13. It should be that AJ needs a knockout.
  14. Let me rephrase. Happy to avoid…
  15. You know that’s never gonna happen.
  16. Deliberately avoiding the two best in the division.
  17. New fury. The stronger version would be comfortable. Doesn’t fill me With confidence at all.
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