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  1. Last minute takeover one season, pandemic the next. They like flirting with danger thats for sure.
  2. The direct debits start from July and will run till April.
  3. No , it's a club cock up . I have 5 people in our group only 1 of us has a working code.
  4. 3 months out and it takes 40 minutes for a major **** up
  5. Unfortunately they do match . Thanks for the input though Dave ( infuriating)
  6. Tried and failed , that's 3 different browsers for me. Got a feeling it's the code I've been sent then ( surprise surprise)
  7. I dont need to have the app to watch this on my laptop do I ? You've missed nothing
  8. So you reckon it's a ruse . A punishment if you will ?
  9. I hit the redeem button then nothing happens.
  10. I'm using Chrome and it's not working. I was hoping it was this .
  11. Vincent Vega


    Brian, watched a old England game on YouTube recently and twice he didn't know the name of the player through on goal. I don't dislike the guy , I grew up listening to him. I think it just highlights how good the modern commentators are.
  12. I actually don't care about the refund I'm happy to take the TV option. However if City charge a handling fee to give someone they're own money back I'd be frothing...
  13. We're the Boris Johnson of the Championship
  14. Vincent Vega


    I loved him at the time, but watching old games back now he was a shocking commentator
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