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  1. Both me and the business made it. Thanks for the concern.
  2. Got my refund this morning,followed by this month's payment going out. Lovely
  3. Luton away last season will take some beating.
  4. Last minute takeover one season, pandemic the next. They like flirting with danger thats for sure.
  5. My advice would be to drink it prior to kick off.
  6. The direct debits start from July and will run till April.
  7. No , it's a club cock up . I have 5 people in our group only 1 of us has a working code.
  8. 3 months out and it takes 40 minutes for a major **** up
  9. Unfortunately they do match . Thanks for the input though Dave ( infuriating)
  10. Tried and failed , that's 3 different browsers for me. Got a feeling it's the code I've been sent then ( surprise surprise)
  11. I dont need to have the app to watch this on my laptop do I ? You've missed nothing
  12. So you reckon it's a ruse . A punishment if you will ?
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