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  1. Read this in the post article: "The application also seeks to remove conditions relating to opening hours and open of the site for non-professional use." So the Sags first team haven't got permission to train there yet then?
  2. Someone a few pages back posted Barton's win ratio compared to Garner's. I always think that in these circumstances win ratios are the wrong metric to use. A manager could have 1 win and 4 losses in 5 games and have the same win ratio as one with 1 win and 4 draws. For a true appreciation of absolute shiteness you have to look at the "loss ratio" Garner lost 17 in 33 for 52% Biffer Barton lost 17 in 24 for 72% To put it another way, Garner scored points in almost half his league games while Barton can just about score points in a quarter (oh how ironic, quarters?)
  3. Bwahhh, Haas Haas Haas, bwaaahhh haaa, hah hah hah hah
  4. According to Sky Sports the attendance was 16878. Looked less than that though.
  5. If we had taken all three points tonight it would have been a brave man to argue that we fully deserved them. Despite the marginal improvement in the second half, overall we should have been 3 or 4 down in the first. So many problems across the pitch its impossible to tell where to start putting things right. At times Kalas and Atkinson played like they were total strangers. Baker (despite the goal) and Vyner provide almost no decent threat from wide positions and struggle to get back. Martin looked a yard too slow tonight and the remainder of the attack ran around without producing any real threat. Who wants to start the thread discussing how critical the Jan transfer window is? We have mediocrity stamped all over the club and right now, it simply isn't good enough.
  6. Jesus Christ, we rode our luck in that half. How much space do Atkinson and Kalas want to give their players in our box? If Vyner crosses roads like he crossed balls tonight he'd end up back where he started. Not a great night so far
  7. Two paragons of virtue right there. It's still possible to be an asshole and not break the law. Just look at 99 percent of the MP's involved in the expenses scandal. Yes, my scenarios were very general and I agree, anyone leveling the accusation of illegal activities needs to be extremely sure of what they're saying before claiming such. I'm also sure that posting of a link between person A, person B and an Investment company isn't enough to bring Perry Mason banging on your door. Whatever went on, the last 12 months turned out pretty badly for our football club but didn't seem to effect the career of our former CEO. Edit - But our future is definitely looking better with NP and RG in post.
  8. So ultimately we've several options. 1) The breach of rules option which we'll discount as it could involve legal ramifications. 2) Ashton was not involved in any of the big work but was aware of the goings on, perhaps acted as a point of contact and was offered the role at Ipswich prior to SL being aware. 3) Ashton informed SL that he was working with investors to buy into Ipswich town on behalf of a former colleague and SL was happy for him to do so as long as it didn't effect his City work, ultimately Ashton decided to put his notice in and leave at the end of the season. 4) Ashton woke up one morning to find a group of investors involving a long time friend and work mate of his had purchased Ipswich and quite out of the blue they called him up and offered him the CEO job. Personally, I'd say the least likely of all of those would be option 3. I just can't see SL being happy with his CEO working for someone else when he should be concentrating 100 percent on Bristol City. From what I recall when the initial threads appeared on OTIB, there was no suggestion that any impropriety had taken place. The poster simply pointed out that a company with a link to one of Ashton's friends had popped up in relation to football investment. There was nothing more concrete than that. It was that scrap of info that sent the hot line at OTIB towers off. Either way, I'm sure enough rocks will eventually get kicked over to reveal more light on the subject.
  9. I'm not so sure. We'd need to work out a timeline of events but the big questions such as who said what and when I doubt we'll ever fully know. I can guarantee though that when I'm not in work at my desk, my boss would have no idea what I'm doing. It's not all that absurd to believe Ashton was devoting some time prior to the announcement of his departure working on non City related projects.
  10. Steve Lansdown must have felt pretty pissed off if Ashton hadn't been up front with him. City fans had been quite vitriolic about the Smarmy One for a long time prior to the Holden debacle forcing SL to come out and defend his man publicly on several occasions both in print and interviews. To then be proven to have backed the wrong horse would have been a smidge embarrassing for a man well regarded in business circles. I'd love to know the full story regarding Ashton and OTIB (and by extension the supporters club?) But understand and respect that it's unlikely to be written about. I would guess though that Ashton's initial involvement in the US was probably focused on investment opportunities in Bristol Sport and maybe, when this didn't come to fruition, Ashton saw opportunities elsewhere.
  11. The charge against the Mem is still there unless Wally lifts it or the Mem is sold and the Wally family haven't had their loans paid off so the balance is taken out of the charge. That's how I see it?
  12. Which breaks down as follows: £899,000 on a giant electronic score board. £1000 - 3 plastic chairs, a wooden and plastic cover over the disabled by supporters viewing area, a TV with Freeview to watch babe station, a plastic cover over the restaurant entrance, 2 pitch side sprinklers and a new carpet.
  13. Forgot to add, the best cover of OTIB ever was a drawing of Ian Baird giving his two fingered salute with the tag line "Yes Ian, we know which division we're in but whose fault is it?" Classic.
  14. Living up here in the Mildandshires, I've just signed up for the postal subscription.
  15. While the wife took my daughter to a birthday party today, I decided to take my lad out for a bite to eat. I took him to a pub that does great food and he calls it his favourite cafe. Unfortunately a group of rowdy Mansfield fans were using it as a pre match boozer before their game against Walsall. There wasn't any trouble but they were singing the usual footy songs and bantering with a few Walsall fans in the same pub I was annoyed and my 9 year old son wasn't massively impressed. Then I cant my mind back to certain match on May 3rd 2014 where Sir Colin Daniel scored the only goal of the game. Like that moment when your puppy takes a piss and a shit on your carpet but then looks at you with those beautiful puppy dog eyes, I looked at the Mansfield Town fans who'd spoiled some quality father / son time and I thought to myself "Nah, I can't stay angry at you for long"
  16. The final score team have got the tissues out to wipe up after their excitement about Ronaldo scoring. Clean up on aisle 4
  17. Around the grounds, Tommy Rowe has scored for Donny and Mark Ashton's Ipswich Town are now 4-2 down.
  18. @Davefevsthese are the type of people who seemingly walk through the rain without ever getting wet.
  19. Regarding the relationship with agents thing. When it comes to Ashton there's always this nagging feeling in the back of your mind that there's something dodgy or inappropriate going on when of course there's absolutely no suggestion there is. When my mum and dad have replaced their car, on the last two occasions they've gone to the same garage and dealt with the same salesman. In all likelihood they'll go there again as a first choice when it comes to replacing their current one. Why? They tell the chap what they want and he finds the right car and gives them a competitive price. All parties are happy. At face value, that would explain why Ashton uses the same agent / agencies on a regular basis. Here's the thing however, Ashton is not buying a complete outfit but parts of one. So, instead of replacing a Ford Fiesta for a Ford Focus, he's buying new tyres, then a new body kit, then a new fuel filter and so on. The way he does his upgrades is by going to the same parts shop every time and by buying parts that look great but may not even fit the car he's buying it for. Of course, he doesn't bother talking to his mechanic about this but relies on Google for his research. He may have a Ford Fiesta but he'll buy a sports exhaust for a Mondeo because Google says its brilliant, then ask his mechanic (Paul Cook) to make the thing fit and get it working. The parts shop (agents( aren't going to question what Ashton's doing because why on earth would you want to stop someone from spending a fortune with you and, after all, it's none of your business why he needs those parts or where they are going to be used. When you find out you can't fit the part or its not working properly it wil just sit in the garage and rust unless you can persuade someone to buy it off you. Sometimes you can't and end up giving them away. Sounds familiar. A Mark Ashton assembled squad:
  20. Oh bloody hell, that's what I've been doing wrong. I've been doing my Who tribute eggs for 905. The sodding things taste like rubber bullets.
  21. Not shocked by the responses to it it though. Ranging from "it won't happen here", "we don't believe you", "no fan knows what goes on inside the club", "well it was your fault as a club for not controlling him" and so on and so on. There are so many counter responses that could be made to their points but I sadly feel it would be a waste of breath. I get the fact that they haven't been where they would hope to be due to their ownership issues over the last decade or so but the drowning man will always grasp at anything that floats by. Who knows. It may well all work out for them but the odds are they'll be stuck in the same rabbit hole we were. Ah well, time to move on.
  22. I've had a family connection to the Ipswich area on my mums side and my Great Uncle was a season ticket holder at Portman Road for over 50 years until ill heath prevented him from going anymore. He saw them through the 50's all the way to the turn of the millenium so had seen the good and the bad. It's dissapointing to read their forum and see some of the responses. Things like calling us knuckle draggers and the constant accusations that this whole thing is born out of spite or the fact we are jelous of them. Nothing could be further from the truth. We need to remind ourselves, we are talking about a CEO here. Football staff always move on and around the industry and there's abolutely nothing strange about that. If this had been about anyone else other than Ashton then it would hardly raise more than a few pages on the forum, mostly posts wishing the new person good luck and thanking the old one. The fact that we are still having conversations about Mark Ashton shows what a negative effect he had on our club. SL rarely talks about the internal running of the club and frequently defended Ashton while he was here in interviews but it was very evident through some of comments he made about the positive impact of Gould's arrival and the improvements he'd seen compared to what had gone before that even our owner may have finally lifted the wool from his eyes and seen the situation for himself. When people change in high profile roles they occasionally take a member of staff with them. Look at Brian Clough and Peter Taylor for example. If this has been a successful partnership then it makes sense. When Ashton moves however, he seems to take the same people with him. This isn't about keeping a winning team together but more about one man shielding himself from any external factors. The same with sacking many of the current staff at his clubs. A new person in role isn't going to challenge the effectivness of his decisions as easily as one who has been in post for a while. Ipswich's new owners have created a similar situation to that which Ashton had at City. He's in sole charge with what appears to be very little oversight. We've all seen what can happen with that. Ipswich may well see short term improvements but they won't last. Much like when Pulis walked out on us for Portsmouth, Ashton walking out for Ipswich was one of the best things that could have happened to us as a club in the last few decades. Like Pulis, if he had stayed, by the time Ashton had been found out by the board it would have been far too late. As a result of all of this, our club has been set back at least 5 years in it's progress. It feels like we are back at the start of the 16/17 season but this time without the bulk of a promotion winning team within our squad. Time will tell how we progress and how quickly but Ipswich need to realise that they have a rotten apple at the heart of their fruit basket They may not see it at first because of all the ripe, good looking stuff at the top but eventually, all of that will have been eaten or sold and all you're left with then is a pile of stinking mush at the bottom and no way of getting rid of it.
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