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  1. If it wasnt for Bentleys performance, I would have him as my man of the match. Weimann I mean.
  2. Chris Houghton, got teams promoted from championship before.
  3. Dont see why not, there contracted to City so must be available for selection.
  4. Hi, been let down by 3 people and I know it's a bit late now, but it is pay on the day now, so got 3 spaces up for grabs. We have a driveway booked right next to south ealing tube station. So were gonna have a few beers around Earl's court, then probably London bridge, the cost for van and parking is £16, anybody interested let me know
  5. Where are all the train travellers drinking from Paddington?
  6. Will ba another mad scramble for tickets then.
  7. When are the Millwall tickets on sale?, upper tier holds 4000, so we should get 3500 allowing for segregation. Should be a good day out in the capital.
  8. Dont think so that would need someone who's good with a sewing needle, and that's not me or the missus
  9. Not sure theres anything cheap with an embroidered badge on Rouge, but I will check it out.
  10. Yes I've tried Ebay with no luck, and I agree with you about the Robin on it's own, I've got the full badge tattooed on my leg.
  11. Any body know where I can get a couple of embroidered badges to go on kids high chair cover? All badge makers I have found require a minimum of 30-50. And I dont want to cut of from my City shirt.
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