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  1. Clevedon_Red


    Afobe to return and play well too, perhaps?
  2. What a day. I had won the OTIB Prediction league and was very kindly offered tickets in the boardroom which for a then almost 18 year old was quite surreal. To this day, I am humbled how lovely Marina Dolman was towards me and my Dad, as was Maggie Lansdown. I only had 5 cans of Blackthorn but remember trying to remain my composure throughout! When the players celebrated in the Directors box after the game I'm just behind the team, was an incredible day! I remember after the game once the celebrations had died down saying to Steve Lansdown we should sign Chris Iwelmo, who was doing w
  3. That's a surprise. This means there are just 5 managers ahead of LJ in the longest serving ranks. 1) Gareth Ainsworth 2) Eddie Howe 3) Sean Dyche 4) John Coleman 5) Jurgen Klopp.
  4. Sad news to wake up to. RIP Buster, what a legend he was. I remember him popping in goal during his testimonial match in Clevedon too.
  5. I've been to Benfica and Athletic Bilbao musuems in recent times and both I would highly recommend for the club to visit both for research. Obviously both clubs are higher in stature than City but there's still much history City and now Bristol Sport can explore, as mentioned by others above. Both musuems were excellent in their own way. I was with my partner who doesn't like football but she really enjoyed both, and learning about the history of the club, stadium and the cities themselves. Both were very interactive and great for kids. Virtual penalty shootouts were at both, record your
  6. Yes if Robinson is worth 10m, then JD must equally be worth in that region too. Wonder how long we can keep him before he gets traded. Great prospect and Prem teams will be knocking on the door in the next 18 months for sure.
  7. I also thought their no. 16 Molumby in centre midfield was very good. On loan from Brighton, only 20. Ireland under 21 captain. Could be one to keep an eye on next summer.
  8. Given Pereira recently scored a headed goal from a corner, no doubt this was in LJ's mind when making the sub which makes sense to me.
  9. Awful news. With a 18 month old daughter myself I cannot even imagine the pain they are in. RIP Amora.
  10. Yes also after parking advice. Last went in 2009, parked on nearby street but apparently there are now resident parking zones nearby?
  11. Wow, I was only at Benfica's stadium today and was wondering if City have ever had a Portuguese player?!
  12. Will listen at some point this week. Out of interest, does LC mention what he's up to recently? Last I recall he was a youth team coach at Southampton?
  13. https://www.ashtongatestadium.co.uk/events/ They publish the 'actual' attendance here. I agree it was between 16-17k yesterday.
  14. http://www.ashtongatestadium.co.uk/events/ See this link for 'actual' attendances. Was there tonight, really enjoyed it. Great start for Bris.
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