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  1. Re. Britton, do you have any idea why he is not starting? I wasn’t aware of that, but I did see he played against Watford - I have no idea whether or not he started. Given his supposed goalscoring prowess, hampered only by his lack of technique and match fitness, I should have thought he was being pushed to get as much game time as possible.
  2. Presumably, given that it is such a short journey, one benefit is that the coach fare is quite cheap.
  3. Hmmm. One minute lonely overseas and pining for your wife and young child, but, no sooner are you back than you are straight out of the house and down to Ashton Gate to watch City with your Dad! For the record, I have posted this with a and a huge . Enjoy the match.
  4. I have just noted, the expected team was subsequently edited. Predicted Bristol City XI (4-2-3-1): By Gregor MacGregor 07:00, 19 OCT 2021 UPDATED12:16, 19 OCT 2021
  5. EP also stated that King went off injured and is very unlikely to be considered - then proceeded to name him in their expected team.
  6. Nor is he wearing a waistcoat (gilet).
  7. I see that Yeovil are number 75, but poor old Weymouth aren’t even in the draw. That should make for a very tasty replay, indeed.
  8. I am sure they will - in good time. No doubt they have families, jobs etc....
  9. Regrettably, albeit not surprisingly, it has now been updated. Never mind, though, the story itself is quite amusing - poor old Matt Hancock . Inside testing centre responsible for 45,000 wrong Covid tests: Workers played football, scrapped and threw SNOWBALLS at firm set up by Harvard-educated entrepreneur just months before it was handed £120m NHS contract by Matt Hancock Immensa Health Clinic (left and top right) is responsible for processing PCR tests taken at sites across the South West. But an investigation has revealed it may have been checking swabs incorrectly since the start of last month, and telling infected people that they do not have the virus. Its Harvard-educated manager Andrea Riposati (bottom right) said he was co-operating with autorities and that 'quality is paramount' for Immensa. Employees at the company were filmed fighting, playing football and sleeping on the job in January. This was at the height of the UK's second wave when the cuntry was plunged into lockdown.
  10. Like many others on here, I often knock the quality of journalism on Bristol Live, particularly the atrocious spelling/grammatical mistakes and what appears to be a complete absence of proofreading. It would seem that The Daily Mail is not much better; taken from one of their lead stories today. This was at the height of the UK's second wave when the cuntry was plunged into lockdown.
  11. Sir Alastair Cook kick-started his international career following an injury related call up to an England tour to India. Without wishing ill on any members of the England squad, wouldn't it be wonderful if Tom Abell was introduced to The Ashes this winter.
  12. I suspect the reason Viv Anderson is considered to be the first black player, rather than Paul Reaney is that PR is of mixed race.
  13. Undoubtedly, as she was apparently stabbed and her husband has gone missing.
  14. Each to their own, but I far prefer draught Damm.
  15. Whilst I have never heard of Brendan O'Shaughnessy, I am familiar with Brendan Grace, who was actually quite a good stand-up comedian. I must confess that, like @Norn Iron, I had always just assumed that The Combine Harvester was written by The Wurzels - as they say, every day is a school day. A propos Brendan Grace, as well as being a comedian, he was also a singer, and I came across this lovely, very poignant song some years ago when I was searching for something connected to cider.
  16. Melanie was one of my favourite female singers back in the 1970s, and I still listen to her records now - on CD, of course.
  17. Like you, I have only been to Coventry once - 40 years ago. By coincidence, I am pretty sure the away fans outnumbered the home fans - it certainly seemed like it.
  18. Hmm. Obviously, I have no idea what happened or what was said after the final whistle, but it would seem (unless the comment was from a supporter) the first yellow card was warranted. I assume that if a supporter had made the comment there would have been no yellow card, and it seems that the referee had no idea who made it, hence his comment ‘You’ll have to do’. Out of interest, what would have happened if the comment had been made by LL and a nearby supporter, aware of the likely penalty, came forward, apologised and told the referee that he was the culprit - given that, to a non-Bristolian, all accents sound the same?
  19. Firstly, it is years since I played football at any level, and I confess that the rules seem to have changed so much that I have no idea whether or not LL deserved his first yellow card. He states that he was booked due to a comment that came from the dugout and suggests that, even though he didn’t make said comment, he was booked as he was the manager and, presumably, as the culprit couldn’t be identified, he was responsible (as manager) for the comment even though he didn’t make it. You state that LL was booked in accordance with the rules of the game, but is my interpretation correct? Thanks in advance for your response.
  20. There is one case I am aware of that happened many years ago and involved a local referee. I forget the referee's name, but he later served for many years as President of one of the Bristol Sunday leagues, and once had the pleasure of refereeing a game involving Denis Law. I can't recall the actual incident, but he once had reason to book Mr Law, who apparently gave the referee some abuse. In so many words, the referee responded to the effect that, if Mr Law didn't like his decision, he should '**** Off back to Scotland!' Needless to say, the referee was reprimanded.
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