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  1. Hmmm. Not exactly. @pongo88 was like your 'funny guy' . I am sure you would enjoy this why not see if the club can offer you an hospitality package, eg a pint in the Merchants Arms followed by a pie from the Clarks Pie van? but you should not consider it as VIP Hospitality . Best to check on the Club site. Good Luck with your trip.
  2. Wow, it does, doesn’t it (reminds me of the answer of one of the two nuns sharing a bath to her fellow nun’s question - ‘Where’s the soap?’). Presumably, if he was still alive he would sue them. Seriously, though, I seem to recall there was a spoof song shortly after (before?) the Court case, where the chorus, after the two lines, ’He’s so fine, I wish he was mine’ was, Oh Georgie. I can’t for the life of me think who sang it. Was it, in fact, The Chiffons, or some Wall of Sound type group?
  3. Perhaps I should have said he is a potentially dangerous player.
  4. Wasn’t that (effectively) being paid by the sponsors? Will they stay, now WR has gone? Obviously, I have no idea, but I should imagine they will now lose out on some SKY live match coverage, with its associated fees, and, presumably, other potential sponsorship, thus reducing the Club’s overall value.
  5. Ah, so you managed to finish your can of beer in time to watch the last few overs .
  6. A higher value for the Club with, rather than without WR, plus more likelihood of soon to be out of contract players staying on?
  7. As near as dammit, but probably needing Sussex to beat Essex to get a home QF draw.
  8. I would say he is still a very dangerous player - he just ran out of partners and failed to farm the strike.
  9. We are making a proper fight of this. Two ex-Somerset players batting now,
  10. I assumed he was jailed, I was just intrigued there was no mention of it in the article.
  11. Interesting. Unless my eyes are deceiving me (or the length of the jail sentence was just omitted), whilst the headline states he was jailed, the District Judge says only a custodial sentence will do, the article seems to suggest he only received a banning order.
  12. I believe so, hence the reason Blundell was unable to review what appeared a dodgy LBW decision.
  13. It is indeed, shocking, quite disgusting, in fact, as it makes a complete mockery of our justice system, but, as we have discussed on several occasions, it is not really surprising.
  14. Wow, a simple post comparing MleT’s inane, irresponsible comments to JC spitting at a young girl has now degenerated in to a comparison with The Morning Star. Just to be clear, my opening post was intending to say simply that, whilst I agree that MT should have been dropped, I understand his argument that so should JC, for something I consider far worse. Incidentally, @IAmNick, I admire your restraint.
  15. Absolutely. If/When there is any statement to be made, it will come when NB is ready, and not a moment before. It is surely inconceivable that NB might have just popped off for a few weeks holiday without the Club’s approval or, likewise, to get married and go on honeymoon.
  16. Credit where credit's due. James Vince (rhb) 129 62 9 10 208.06
  17. I think you might be exaggerating a bit there. All over Porn Hub, perhaps, but surely not Sky Sports.
  18. Wow, now that is a very interesting revelation. Please tell us more.
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