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  1. If I understand correctly, Tesco/IKEA is built over what used to be the Tote End. My recollection of playing Rovers at Eastville back in the 1960s/70s, is that there were never very many Rovers fans in the Tote End whenever City played there, so nothing appears to have changed. A shame, really, as there always used to be a great atmosphere whenever I went in the Tote End.
  2. It was, indeed, dating back to their Doncaster days. I well remember his wonderful, MotM performance for Doncaster at Ashton Gate.
  3. Perhaps, but for £250,000?
  4. Oh, absolutely, Ayling seemed to be very much on the periphery, just laughing, which made it all the more disappointing to read that this unsavoury event might have been instrumental in him leaving when he did.
  5. Hopefully, he will be remembered for this, rather than a childish incident a few years ago at Cheltenham races.
  6. For @archie andrews. Hard to believe, but Heinz Baked Beans were first sold (in the UK) out of Wigan. Apparently, imported from the USA, landed at Wigan Pier and distributed throughout the UK.
  7. Thanks, as always, for a very interesting match day thread. In particular, I was intrigued by the following little snippet about their benefactor, David Whelan. When Whelan’s football career, as an uncompromising defender at Blackburn Rovers, was cruelly cut short after breaking his leg in the 1960 FA Cup Final against Wolverhampton Wanderers, he used the compensation to build his JJB Sports business empire. I don't think I have ever heard that, and I certainly don't recall DW ever mentioning it in the many interviews he has given.
  8. He played the full 90 minutes this evening.
  9. Another good inspired guess. Wordle 417 3/6 A good night all round. Daily Quordle 198 quordle.com
  10. 101 Not Out. First Century in the 100.
  11. I can’t recall which match it was last season when, in virtually the last minute, rather than take the ball to the corner flag when he was already in their half, he lost possession and we conceded an equaliser. I am pretty sure that, almost immediately after the final whistle, NP said in his post-match interview that he was fed up with players who wouldn’t follow instructions I remember, I was convinced at the time he was referring to Pring.
  12. I know you are not keen on H-NM, but that is quite amusing. Incidentally, I am not disputing the general thrust of your message, just that it elicited a wry smile.
  13. Perhaps you should stay away for a few days more, or at least read the OP . NW was asked on a BBC radio programme a series of quick-fire questions about his long career, both as a player and manager, one of which was 'Which team would you have liked to have managed?'. His first choice, out of three, was Bristol City. No more, no less, and certainly no suggestion from the OP that NW should manage us.
  14. Hmmm. He played against Barnsley this afternoon, so I should think it unlikely. Interestingly, though, Kadji didn't, so perhaps we will see him on the bench tomorrow.
  15. Lamont Dozier, aged 81. Anybody who followed Tamla Motown in the 60s and 70s would have heard loads of songs written by the fabulous Holland, Dozier, Holland trio. https://www.google.com/search?q=baby+love+the+supremes&oq=baby+love&aqs=chrome.3.69i57j46i175i199i512j0i512l6j46i512.6433j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:32c324b3,vid:ZAWSiWtUK2s,st:0
  16. Ah, Yes, I remember now. I know he stopped playing for City, but, with the passing of (my) years, I thought he had retired, as I recall John Galley signing shortly after. JQ, of course, was replaced by Bobby Kellard. I never realised (had forgotten) he was that young when he left City, although, of course, to a young boy all men look old.
  17. Yes, perhaps, as you suggest, Terry Bush was playing as a wing half if ever I saw him, John Atyeo and Brian Clark playing together in the same team. When I first started watching City (1965/66 season), I am pretty sure the front two were John Atyeo and Brian Clark; of course, John Atyeo retired at the end of that season. The following season would then have been Brian Clark paired with Terry Bush, before Brian Clark retired at the end of that season, replaced later by John Galley. Consequently, if I did see all three play together in the same team, it must have been in the 1965/66 season, with TB playing, as you say, as a wing half, unless he was playing as part of a front three. I wonder if that was possible, as the back five (2-6) I recall back then were Tony Ford, Alec Briggs, Gordon Parr, Jack Connor and Gordon Low.
  18. So did I, along with the great John Atyeo and Terry Bush. I’m struggling, though, to recall if I saw all three in the same team.
  19. Unfortunately, my limited experience of FaceBook indicates that is frequently the case; puerile, scurrilous insults with little, if any justification. JD may well be short, but he is a very skilful player, and perhaps more suited to a wing back or midfield role once Pring is fit.
  20. This is most certainly my best ever WORDLE attempt, and yet another reason I prefer QUORDLE. Wordle 414 2/6
  21. Unfortunately, I fear you are correct, which, for me, is a great shame. Many of my favourite cricket memories are of the 50ish over format, first the Gillette Cup, later to become the Nat West Trophy (initially 65 overs, but later reduced to 60 - Lancs vs Mike Proctor's Glos sticks in my mind, live on the BBC and finishing in darkness, although the earlier Somerset vs Surrey game was my personal favourite), then the Benson and Hedges Cup (initially 55 overs, but then 50 - anybody remember the infamous Brian Rose game away to Worcestershire?). These one day games were, for me, the perfect format, combining the then three day game with a quicker version of the same thing, but all over and done with in a full day. Sadly, the current version, using 'reserve' teams due to the abominable 100, is very much a watered down version, although it does give us the chance to see up and coming players and, of course, the live streaming was a great innovation and welcome bonus during the COVID confinement.
  22. My late father's favourite group. although his favourite song was The Carnival is Over. By the way, I assume either your spellcheck is playing up or you are confusing one of The Seekers' hits with a great film - it was Georgy Girl.
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