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  1. He was an unused substitute this evening in Cork's 1-0 victory against Wexford, in Ireland's Second Division. I wish the young man well, but I think it is clear he is not yet ready for English Championship football.
  2. Merguez sausages are actually Maghrebian (North African) and far too spicy for me in hot weather, which Toulouse will be enjoying at this time of the year. Toulouse sausages are certainly nice, especially on a barbecue, but duck is my go to meal when I go to Toulouse, or, in Winter, a Cassoulet de Toulouse or de Castelnaudry; made with white beans, goose or duck thighs, pork belly, lamb and Toulouse sausages - absolutely delicious, but far too heavy for summer.
  3. I have eaten some very nice meals in Barcelona, but I have no idea where. I do second the positive comments about La Boqueria, though. We never actually sat down for a 'proper' meal there, but snacked there on several occasions - very nice and reasonably priced. I can also confirm that the food is good in Toulouse, but more so in the winter months with their stews, casseroles and numerous duck dishes.
  4. Ooh. The covers are coming off at Taunton, and play is due to start at 14H35. Presumably a declaration and fingers crossed the conditions, both overhead and on the pitch, prove favourable.
  5. I was going to post earlier that Glos look like getting a draw, but that Abbott hat trick has left them in a very precarious position.
  6. Any rain at Edgbaston will now prove academic, as Kent have just won. Not that it really affects us, but there looks to be an interesting afternoon in store at Lords. The covers are still very firmly in place at Taunton, although it seems the rain may have finally stopped.
  7. They have just started removing the covers at Taunton. Sorry, they have now replaced the cover and are adding a further one!
  8. Thanks for that. As I posted earlier, she was an interesting commentator/pundit, and was joining in with the (Peter Trego especially) banter. A welcome addition to the already excellent commentary team.
  9. Fingers crossed for Lancs to help us out tomorrow.
  10. Ah, you may be correct. He was chatting with the female commentator, and I wasn’t really paying attention as I was writing something and only listening in the background. Who is she, by the way. Knowledgeable and seems good fun.
  11. If I heard correctly, he is also playing occasionally for Devon Dumplings!
  12. Of course, although it would seem academic now as he suggested in one of his commentary sessions that he would be staying - ´Im a one club man’. I really hope so, as he does seem to be a nice young man and, of course, is a very good one day batsman. In addition, I think it is admirable that he has turned his back on the lucrative overseas thrashes to concentrate and try and improve his First Class game.
  13. Saved the following on by two runs, although I doubt whether Somerset would have enforced it. 50 overs left in the day, so a lead of 300ish by close and a quick thrash for an hour tomorrow morning?
  14. QUORDLE completed, as well. Daily Quordle 178 quordle.com I don't know why, but I seem to find QUORDLE far easier than WORDLE.
  15. Not in two, but at least it was a reasonable challenge. Wordle 397 5/6
  16. Sure, but if they are all in the same (Atyeo) Stand, from whom do they need to be segregated? Wouldn't it be more to do with netting at the front to keep them off the pitch?
  17. A very good point, and Good Luck to NP, RG and the rest of the management team.
  18. I saw this earlier, especially how happy Tom Banton looked. I also read how he spent a long time signing autographs for the numerous schoolchildren present today. Surely, that doesn't look or sound like a young man who wants to leave, and to Warwickshire?
  19. This is what I love () about WORDLE. I have yet to fail a QUORDLE, but frequently fail WORDLE and thought today was going to be another failure. Wordle 396 5/6
  20. I was actually being sarcastic about ´Leach’ being back, in response to your comment about the bowling attack looking weak, apart from Jack - Jack Brooks is, of course, also in the 11. In all seriousness, though, you may have touched upon something with your comment about Dom Bess - one of Tom Abell’s best mates, I heard on the commentary yesterday - inseparable apparently. We are 26 runs from a fourth batting point at Lunch, with 12 overs left to get them and four wickets in hand. The pitch (and overhead conditions) will only get worse, so let’s see what happens this afternoon and tomorrow.
  21. We’ve also got Leach back, though.
  22. I must say that, going back to the days of the Gillette Cup, the one day game is probably my preferred version. It was just such a wonderful day out, and I recall trips with my father, mainly to Taunton, but also to other counties, New Road and The Oval being my favourites. My favourite was the Peter Denning inspired win against a star studded Surrey side, just an absolutely fantastic day - more than 400 runs scored between them, which was a phenomenal total back then.
  23. As I said, that’s fair enough. Personally, I am quietly optimistic of a top half finish; threatening, even attaining if we are lucky with injuries, the play offs.
  24. OK, that’s fair enough. But, apart from having a rubbish defence, midfield and attack, all managed by someone who is only a patch on what he used to be 10 years ago, why are you so pessimistic about the upcoming season?
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