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  1. Of course, but what I meant was: Who is Tom Ball? Why have they changed their official address? Wasn’t it Portman Road before?
  2. In all seriousness, what is the relevance of this new development?
  3. On the same site, I see that City also have a Friendly tomorrow - against Green Forest Roads .
  4. Comedy Gold; Come on you Routes! It must have some value.
  5. I am pretty sure that would have been the same game - too much of a coincidence not to be. It may have been good humoured during the game, but I can recall 'Porky' chants in response to his gesticulating, and it was anything but good humoured when we ran in to them after.
  6. Rovers have what would appear to be an interesting Friendly tomorrow night. It seems a wonderful opportunity for them to parade some of their new signings. https://www.infotatiles.com/preview-bristol-rovers-v-stoke-city-prediction-team-news-form-guide/
  7. It happens at home matches too. Some years ago, when away fans used to be coralled in a corner of the East End, adjacent to the Williams Stand, we played Cardiff, and they had one particularly obnoxious fan who was constantly jeering and gesticulating at the City fans - behind a large Police cordon, of course. Unfortunately, said Cardiff fan was particularly fat, and received a constant torrent of abusive chants, frequently highlighting this, and even received the (not too original) name of Porky, resulting in more gestures, more chants in response, throughout the game. At full time, my friends and I made our way in to Bedminster, when who should we come across, but Porky, accompanied by what I assume was a minibus group of Cardiff fans. There was only four or five of us, so we ran away, and I remember us laughing and being so relieved and grateful he was so fat.
  8. Thanks. Obviously, I hadn't seen that before creating my thread. As our @Major Isewater says: Be quick or be original - it would seem I was neither.
  9. Any chance of this chap turning up at Failand? Manchester City @ManCity · 3h "You have a fabulously symmetrical face!" Who better to wave us off on our pre-season tour than the President of the Greeters Guild?! @milocomedy | #ManCity
  10. OK, I believe you. I am surprised, though not so surprised as I was to read that RC frequented what was then The Salutation in Mangotsfield - it has changed a bit now, mind.
  11. So, @slartibartfast and @Norn Iron, curiosity got the better of me, and I tried (unsuccessfully) to find the origins of Bannerman. Whilst I have not yet succeeded, I did come across this very interesting (for those of a certain age) article. https://magicmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/02/23/my-pop-life-201-the-banner-man-blue-mink/ In addition to showing the lyrics for Melting Pot, it also shows a very interesting 1971 chart - note Jonathan King just above The Hollies, Hey Willy (23 and 24).
  12. I suppose I could always try and look it up to check, but I suspect @slartibartfast is making a little joke - about Bannerman, I mean, not Melting Pot.
  13. Ah Yes, born in Fishponds, no less. Cook and Greenaway, who wrote such diverse classics as Bannerman, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing and Congregation’s Softly Whispering I Love You. I seem to recall reading some years ago that he wrote Bannerman whilst on a plane journey.
  14. If you are still using it, I imagine it pisses off your children and grandchildren .
  15. I suggested earlier in this thread that Rovers fans claimed they had been cheated, but that is quite an impressive spin; turning a missed open goal in to the goal being ruled out due to an incorrect offside decision .
  16. Of course, and I agree with all you say, especially that he has a good season. Nevertheless, the romantic in me would have preferred him to stay with Brentford, who gave him his comeback chance after his injury.
  17. Who is the Welsh commentator? I am pretty sure he was a Glamorgan spinner, who played for England. I ought to know, but I just can't think of his name.
  18. I used to have a fan, then she saw me naked in the house.
  19. The T20 Blast final has not been diminished in any way at all, it is just missing a few players. The semi-finals and final of the Blast are all staged on the same day but player availability has been limited this year by a clash with England's series against India. The third ODI takes place in Manchester on Sunday, barely 12 hours after the final is scheduled to finish in Birmingham. As a result, six players who have been involved in the series have effectively been ruled out of Finals Day: Jos Buttler, Liam Livingstone (both Lancashire), Craig Overton (Somerset), Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, and David Willey (all Yorkshire). I really don't see what the fuss is about .
  20. Wow, I am truly astonished. Not disgusted, I hasten to add, just amazed that there are pubs open at 10H00 on a Sunday morning; and I am aware that the pubs in question are 'City' pubs, opening in preparation for an Anglo/Welsh derby. Forget Church, I must make arrangements to come across soon.
  21. Would all that be possible before a 12H00 kick-off? I should have thought a Wetherspoons would be the only possibility at that time of day, on a Sunday.
  22. A strange beer, Heineken. I have drunk it both here and in the UK, draught and in cans/bottles, and I find it tends to vary generally from poor to average. I must say, though, that I have drunk some very nice draught examples, here and, of course, in The Netherlands, so I suppose, like most draught beers, it depends very much on how it is stored and served (cold) and whether the pipes are cleaned regularly! The beer that surprised me, though, was Amstel. I have drunk it in the UK, many years ago, and here occasionally, though only due to a lack of choice, as many bars stock it as a cheap draught beer, sometimes the only one on offer. A few years ago, I was in Spain, where my draught beer of choice is Estrella Damm, a fine beer, but, unfortunately, the only draught beer available was Amstel. It was hot, and I was extremenly thirsty, so, against my better judgement, I tried a glass: it was magnificent, and is clearly not the same rubbish that is served here in France.
  23. I saw that Tom Banton didn’t play against SA. Does anybody know why not? I hope he isn’t injured.
  24. I’ve come closer to losing before, but I only had two correct letters for my final word, and only two attempts remaining.
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