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  1. The shirt or his ears?
  2. Wow, I thought this was goung to be my first failed QUORDLE Daily Quordle 170 quordle.com Has anybody tried today's?
  3. 13 in the end - he took 8 in the second innings, so all over in 2 and a half days. In principle, I have nothing against pitches being prepared to suit the home team's attack, be it batting or, in this case, bowling - the pitch is, after all, the same for both teams - but, unless the pitch is dangerous, I do resent 'lesser' counties being deducted points when the Test Match counties (and Essex) appear to get away with it.
  4. And he wasn’t so scared that he decided to give up his professional football career? Fair play to the young man.
  5. Was Easter particularly early that year, hence playing on Good Friday? Sorry, silly puerile ‘humour’.
  6. Not a bad debut, so far, for young James Rew 40 NO, with six fours. Additionally, and not wishing to jinx either of them, Lewis Goldsworthy approaching his career best. Let's see what the evening session brings.
  7. He's a good bowler, this Harmer, isn't he ?
  8. To be fair, I might be doing Rovers fans an injustice. Was it perhaps that they (Bobby Gould?) missed an open gosl just before Ipswich equalised? I am sure @In the Net or @Miah Dennehy can recall, and clarify matters.
  9. I don't remember the details, but I am pretty sure Rovers fans still moan on one (both?) of their forums that they were somehow 'cheated' out of the win at Eastville, prior to losing the replay.
  10. Is it possible @Phileas Fogg was thinking of Conway, and not Cundy?
  11. I thought this was going to be another failed WORDLE, but just scraped through. Wordle 387 6/6
  12. Almost in complete contrast to my results. I suspect my WORDLE figures are very similar to your QUORDLE success rate.
  13. I’m not watching the game, so missed it. Do you or anyone have a link to the incident? If not, don’t worry, as I am sure I will be able to find something on French media.
  14. More evidence of a lucky, although perhaps inspired, guess in today' WORDLE. Wordle 386 3/6
  15. He would be an exciting prospect if we were able to get him on loan for the rest of the season.
  16. Similarly, I often do WORDLE and QUORDLE in the morning, but, as I clean my computer daily, my sequences aren’t retained. I usually complete WORDLE, but not always, and I dare say with a less than 96% success rate, but I find it quite boring compared to QUORDLE, which I have yet to fail. I have, on occasion, albeit rarely, completed WORDLE with my second guess, although that is down to complete luck and gives me little satisfaction. I find QUORDLE far more challenging.
  17. Did you manage to get there for the start after your umpiring?
  18. Not too bad amongst the carnage . George Scrimshaw (rmf) 4 0 16 2 4.00
  19. Will Smeed put out of his misery.
  20. I don't think she has 'moved', as such, as she still has a flat in Moscow. I believe she has been representing Kazakhastan for four years or so - for financial reasons, rather than political.
  21. She was born in Moscow, to Russian parents! Sounds pretty Russian to me. She chose to represent Kazakhstan as the their tennis federation offered to fund her.
  22. I will be. It’s a shame about his on-court character and behaviour, as he is a very talented and exciting tennis player.
  23. So, as was to be expected, Novak won. I saw this on the BBC site. How true. Andy Smith: It's madness the gulf between 2 single figure seeds and the monopoly the 35+ year olds have
  24. Surely Keynsham is bigger than Saltford.
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