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    Honestly think Bentley must be one of the best instinctive shot stoppers In the league
  2. Great composure from Weimann with that lay off, could easily of had a swing
  3. There’s chasing a dream, then there is just irresponsible people running a club. Be careful what you wish for.
  4. Dreadful watch and they thoroughly deserved a point. Still struggling to see the progress I’m afraid.
  5. Absolutely spot on… totally agree
  6. Atmosphere is dire, like many have said it doesn’t help when some of the songs are too complicated, or the embarrassing “bounce around” cringe fest.
  7. Agree with that other than Pring as thought he really struggled to make an impact going forward and was largely bossed by van den berg. Also looked very tired from around the hour mark
  8. I am going to put it out there and I am so confident about this that I have actually bet on us on my accumulator, but we will win tomorrow 2 or 3 nil. Anyone else share my optimism?
  9. Pretty decent fee for a league 2 player which makes me think Nige sees something special in him. he now has a chance to learn from a very experience premier league winner in his position. Good luck George
  10. Really really good performance, Weimann stand out performer obviously but the defence and Bentley were superb
  11. Solid 3-1 defeat I fear- hopefully we can keep playing with a high energy level and can continue to see more small shoots of positivity
  12. FFS gonna have to use my fantasy premier league wildcard ASAP once he joins and slot him in alongside Fernandes and Salah, then try and shop at Watford and Norwich for the rest of my squad. This is far too stressful
  13. Hopesey used to go to my gym…nice lad and certainly seemed to be doing well
  14. Remember when Michael Mcindoe started posting on here- does anyone recall why he was and if it really was him?
  15. Sheltons Army- I thought the same
  16. Nicky Maynard - sorry about the Bristol accent thing, he was a beast for us and as someone who is Bristolian the accent is pretty bad
  17. Fair enough he had knee surgery in the summer but does that mean he can’t beat the first man on any of the crossing opportunities he had tonight which I reckon was about 4 or 5.
  18. Nope sorry Dave, Simpson looks all of his 34 years now. I thought both of our full backs were poor last night and they bossed us in the wide positions. It looked like especially in the first half that they were targeting Simpson and on a couple of occasions they doubled up on him. Scott while exciting going forward I think needed to help him more defensively. I like Baker so would not mind Kalas at right back but surely the preference would be to bring a right back in if we can free funds up.
  19. Arsenal have spent over 100m on b team players… hopelessly mismanaged since David Dein left… very sad as for me their team of 1998-2005 was the best the premier league have seen
  20. Hoping for the best fearing for more of the same COYR
  21. MC RISK77


    I can get to London by train from parkway in 1 hour 7 minutes direct- I totally agree
  22. Fair comment as he has been anonymous since Pearson’s appointment. However in respect to the OP I am also concerned that we are not seeing any improvement at all in our defending our creativity or have any kind of playing style or identity. We still have much of the squad that started last season when many of us were thinking we had a squad capable of a play off push. There are still some very talented players in that squad but they are not gelling at all.
  23. Very sad news about the loss of Havantopia- seemed to be someone who had a good story to tell. Wasn’t he living somewhere odd for an expat? I can’t remember where but he always apologised for late match day threads because of the time difference. Anyway onto the game, I can only see a very resounding 2-0 defeat and lots more questions than answers
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