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  1. 1st game of the 1958-59 season , my Dad took his usual place with friends and family after setting me up on my orange box with my city rattle on the fence just to the left of the goal at the Eastend , that day City beat Rotherham ( Div 2 ) 6-1 and I was hooked . City’s next game was away to Burnley ( obviously never went ) but they won that 4-7 !! Still that passionate today !!! Win or lose CTID !!
  2. That was the Marie Celeste , with Bielsa on board to spy on Weston incase the draw them in the FA cup next season
  3. Strange when you look at its past flights it’s never been near Guernsey !!!!
  4. Car parking us no probs , I Travel to home games from the midlands park outside the orchard pub for a good cider, cross the bridge by the Avon packet and in the ground 10 mins later, also by parking that side of the river , no probs getting to the M32 to get back home , there was no major holdups during the old 1st div games when the ground was full, let alone this season with only 8k
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