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  1. He'd never turn it down and rightly so. The board and MA on the other hand... All that PR corporate bull is a two way sword. As it stands, MA should be ready to fall on it.
  2. Gair play to MA. Got us all on strings.
  3. On Balance, Bryan - harder in a tackle, and very strong for his height, so is JD, but his height makes him more of a target. Equallym DaSilva is 5 years younger; so has the potential to be better, Imo. Now - Bryan - In the Future? - Debatable, wait and see.
  4. With all due respect to everyone who is perhaps over-reacting. Could the leaks about backroom staff possibly be issues with the administrators at Wigan (Cook) and/or Hughton? It could be coaches are still on holiday such as Deano and we'll announce once everyone returns to training, along with a kit release. Ashton's had to make several key decisions with player sales already, and I'd argue on the whole he's done decent business.
  5. Sack Race show the interim managers as well as full time contracted. That's just the time Holden's been in the position.
  6. Mad Mick getting the job with Holden and Macca as Assistants? Cole as the Mole? Ive stopped caring at this point.
  7. Just get MM in ffs. We cant get Gerrard. Hughton will go to one of the PP relegated clubs because he cant work on a budget. Cook cant go straight into employment having resigned from Wigan. And I do NOT want Holden in the current circumstances. Do it JL. Get Mad Mick in on a 24 month contract. Tell MA, if he is interfering to go suck it.
  8. Means the absolute equilivant of **** all when you dont spend on the position that counts. Its like me buying a vintage airctaft when I dont have a fudging pilots license. Give a wash, look at it. But it goes nowhere. Complete stupidity.
  9. The FC Heidenheim manager? Bit left field, hes been there for donkeys if iirc.
  10. If its Holden we've; Wasted 5 weeks Are losing Diedhiou and Eliasson. Period. Have 4 weeks to clear dead wood and sign upwards of 5 players. Appointed someone with an even worse track record than LJ. I'd give up and rather play football myself at that point.
  11. Fuber


    Let him come back on trial for preseason. Prove his fitness. It may be his spell in Thailand has made him realise his err in terms of application (ala Tomlin). If not, let him find another club.
  12. Disagree. Any managerial appointment would need to be signed off by SL, in the same manner any players would need to have been agreed with LJ before initiating negotiations.
  13. Wouldnt want him. We have probably got enough Midfielders with Walsh and Morrell back (my personal opinion). He's also on extortionate wages (rumoured 40kpw). Been apart of Wednesday's issue in regards to FFP. Too may jouorneymen on high wages.
  14. Speculation isnt lying. Its a wild assumption of what may have occurred. Could turn out to be correct.
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