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  1. I do question whether the reason for the switch to more a 3 is the sheer unavailability and or number of wide players in the squad. Alternatively however - I'd be interested in a comparison between games where we've played Baker-Pring compared to JD. I always feel Jay flatters to deceive going forward and is a liability defensively.
  2. Apologies, my view was in the context of the last few games as well as today. I was more referencing that I believe some on this board massively overestimate how good a few of our players are. Quoting your post in particular was likely just short sighted of me while I unknowingly went on a tangent.
  3. Think it's this that needs addressing. Why only so long? The mess he inherited will stay that way until he has room to maneuver and resolve - it's as simple as that. Fact if the matter is that, until someone/players are sold - we won't see any such movement, aside from end of season windows when some wages will be freed up. Hence why no offensive player was signed in the summer. We still have the likes of Moore, O'Dowda, Palmer, DaSilva, on very good contracts. Not forgetting Kalas and Bentley. We needed, from last season's squad, to cut wages by at least 40%. That hasn't happened yet as far as I can tally, I make it a third. Until two or three of the aforementioned are sold, we're stuck, unless we risk FFP punishment - which could be done, but Gould and SL will likely play it by the book.
  4. Disagree with this. If I'm being honest. Kalas, for me, while he can be a good defender does not communicate enough - period. Especially with more inexperience players either side of him in Atkinson and Tanner. Jay and Kasey have provided a return nowhere near the £6m we forked out for the pair. Bents has wonder saves and howlers in equal measure. Theres a reason Brentford upgraded to Raya. Arguably his distribution has been woeful lately. For me he needs dropping - but then he's also captain. Martin and Weimann simply aren't good enough physically in the former's case and technically in the latters. I could go on. I realise there is a degree of, if they could do all of X y and Z they'd be PL, true, it'd be good if they could prove to just be solid at this level. Which none of proven whatsoever, there been zero consistency. Of this squad, the only ones I'd look at keeping are O'Leary (Never had a string of games since Villa), Atkinson, Pring, James (who I think must need a rest), Tanner, Massengo, and Scott. While as squad options I'd keep the academy prospects such as Semenyo, Vyner, Towler, Bell, Conway, Janneh, and Benarous. With a couple to be loaned out as need for gametime. Purely on a cost basis. Everybody else could be binned, sold, or released, and I don't think I'd bat an eyelid. O'Dowda, Bakinson, Palmer, King, Simpson, DaSilva, Weimann, Wells, Weimann, Martin, Moore, etc etc. Wouldn't care, if anything I'd be glad if the wages saved. If we could get money from any of Kalas and Bents, Id snap their hand off. Think we may see some really cutthroat transfers over the next 18 months. I've said it before, but for me, we - along with Millwall and Hull, must have one of the most technically inferior squads at this level.
  5. To be fair, two of these recent games (writing this one off as a loss) are against teams who profit from an utterly broken financial aid system. Until that Cancer is removed from the league, we struggle and paper and in the literal sense to compete. Same for us, Preston, Millwall, etc. Ta least half of this league have had the equivalent of £60m+ for free in the past 11 years. I don't think belief is the problem, the issue is that for all the effort we can try and leave on the pitch, we're a small squad with zero technical ability with some wasters still on the books.
  6. Anyone wanting him gone with no one to replace him, with this squad, is a bigger one.
  7. No manager is the solution to this show. Ashton's management with regards to player recruitment and managerial appointments, in combination with a nationwide pandemic, has left us up shit creek without a paddle.
  8. Because he's also a club ambassador. Most likely.
  9. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/micky-bell-joins-city-full-time/ TICKETS MICKY BELL JOINS CITY FULL TIME FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22ND 2021 Micky Bell has joined City full time as a Professional Development Phase coach. The appointment of Bell, who has been working part time with the Robins’ Under-18s and Under-16s, will further strengthen the Academy’s coaching structure. Bell made 330 appearances for City between 1997 and 2005 as arguably one of the club’s finest left-backs. And with managerial stints at Clevedon Town and Weston-super-Mare under his belt, he brings local knowledge and valuable experience to the role. Bristol City Academy Director Brian Tinnion, whose partnership with Bell on the pitch was legendary, said: “Bringing Micky in full-time to work across the age groups is a huge boost to the Academy set-up and the club as a whole. He is very highly regarded and well known and will really help the development of our young players.”
  10. Depends. Managers inherit players who aren't playing for the manager, may not be good enough, or it may be the previous manager was playing incorrect tactics. Not many if them inherit such a mess of a playing squad as we have, with no previous style of play, destroyed morale, a contractual epidemic, bloated wage budget, with way to address it, etc.
  11. Agreed. There are exceptions, the issue is they're few and far between with regards to Williams ilk, i.e. 24 or younger. But he's one of very few still around for which I hold out hope - injuries again, as you state, permitting.
  12. My understanding is that said release clauses tend to be up front. Which is less useful from an FFP standpoint. I.e. Webster was £19m rising to £24m with clauses, said £19m was split in three equal installments. Similar with Kelly. Whereas if we wanted money up front we likely would have got less.
  13. This keeps popping up. Issue was, barring one or two signings, the sign young sell high model stopped under Ashton. The only exception being Webster (throw enough shite etc). The issue is, of those cheaper bets, i.e. Walsh, Szmodics, Eisa; they for whatever reason we're not trusted by LJ or injured. Szmodics has since proven he has a bit of quality at this level, against us, annoyingly. That aside we signed older players with no potential growth, i.e. Williams, Kalas, Lansbury, Martin, Wells, Weimann, Brunt among others. That was the bigger problem, as all were on huge wages, blowing our wage budget beyond a sustainable degree. That was the biggest failing. Imo.
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