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  1. Bits in Bold were initiated by Dawe. Ergo he gets zero credit in my book. They were not his ideas.
  2. Id argue that he's never had a run of more than three games in a single position either, which is likely the bigger problem.
  3. Everyone slating O'Dowda but I felt he was one of the few who at least put 100% in. Can't say the same with Pato, Diedhiou, among others. Actually had a few good games before getting crocked.
  4. I think this is a false dawn to be honest. Whole it's free up some wages, we have to keep in mind how much we were already overspending under the tail end of LJs tenure and this season.
  5. 1. Mark Ashton is shit at recruitment. Namely staff. Employing mates. The End.
  6. I'd say Conway and Edwards strike me as good options off the bench for minutes. Pring would be a good option at LB. Cundy's done quite well at Gills. Scotts been better than most other options in the middle with his limited game times. Can see a majority of the rest getting loans to L1/2 I.e. Jannah, Pearson, Bell, Towler, Britton, along others.
  7. Baker - Keep (Reduced terms, otherwise - Gone). Mariappa- Gone Rowe- Gone Hunt- Gone Watkins- Gone Walsh- Keep Simpson- Keep Gilmartin- Gone Lansbury- Gone Diedhiou- Gone Weinmann- Keep Paterson- Gone Adelakun - Gone
  8. Where did Lansbury get promoted? If we're judging by getting the medal based on appearances over the course of the season. I dont count Villa. Season they went up, he played three (yes, 3) games. And was routinely shunted to train with the U23s due to attitude under Smith. Baker was relegated with Villa. Never promoted however. Palmer, at Hudds, correct. Simpson - Twice promoted with Newcastle and QPR. Mapps, unless I'm mistaken, has been relegated twice from PL, but never promoted when actually in a squad. Sessognon scrapes it with 14 appearances in 19-20. No technically about it. In terms of players experiencing, or being apart of a team being promoted at any level, it's Bentley (Southend, L2), Kalas (Middlesbrough, CH, Fulham, CH), Hunt (Huddersfield, L1), Wells (Bradford, L2, Huddersfield, CH), Martin (Norwich, CH), Walsh (Coventry, L1), Watkins (Barnsley, L1), Rowe (Stockport, L2, Peterboro, L1), and I believe that's it. So in summary, in terms of experience of promotion from this level, it's Palmer, Kalas, Wells, Martin.
  9. Fair to say. It's going to be a long, interesting, tough summer.
  10. Not really. I'd give him applause for calling half our frauds out correctly and having the pride in his profession to have a go at other so called professional who have downed tools. Its just an honest assessment. Hard to get upset about it, moreso when it's so accurate.
  11. Come on then Marky boy, take the rest of the rent boys with you. Utter utter poison. Need a DOF to appoint football people to footballing positions ASAP.
  12. Nige ain't a god. He may be a good man manager and overall coach. He is not a miracle worker.
  13. Sieb Dijkstra. Just remember his goalkeepers reaching satellites. And the facial hair.
  14. Free: Ryan Nyambe (Blackburn, RB), Luke O'Nein (Sunderland, Utlity/RB), Amine Bassi (AS Nancy, LW/AM), Sam Field (WBA, CM), Mario Vrancic (Norwich, Free). Loan: Benkovic (Leicester, CB). Transfer Fees: Jerry Yates (Blackpool, £1.5m + Moore, RW/ST), Mohamed Bayo (Clermont, £2.7m(€3m), LW/ST). Alex Palmer (WBA, £2m, GK). In regards to the above; I did give that consideration, per below; Releases: Mariappa, Rowe, Lansbury, Z. Smith, Baker, Diedhiou, Paterson, Hunt, Simpson, Watkins, Adelakun, Walsh (Compensation), Gilmartin, Sessognon. Sell: Moore (p/e), Wells (£1m), Bentley (Don't want to, but feel we would need income - £6m), Nagy (£2m), Semenyo (£4m). Breakdown: My logic here was to break the players contracts expiring and sold into three tiers A (0-10kpw), B (10-15kpw), and C (15kpw+). - Rowe, Walsh, Gilmartin (likely moving to a U23 coaching role full time), Sessognon, Moore, Adelakun, Simpson, Semenyo (Avg wage of £6kpw). - Mariappa, Lansbury, Paterson, Diedhiou, Bentley, Hunt. (Avg wage of £12kpw) - Baker, Weimann, Nagy (Avg wage of £18kpw). In total, on this basis I made rough esitmate of (8 x £6kpw) + (6 x £12kpw) + (18kpw x 3) = £174kpw Total (including minor increments i.e youth releases, less overestimates wages (Gilmartin). Signings: Comparing that to the signings, I factored in a 0.95 wag reduction in-line with club lower cashflows that could in theory be used in a bargaining position, this being factored into players having wage increased moving to City of 25%, meaning an on average 18% increase on current wages where playing level was similar. Signings from abroad this would raise to a flat 30%. Players already attracting interested would have a further 20% addition in wages (marked with *), all wages rounded up to the nearest K. Whereas for signings of 31 and older, I added a 0.8 decrease coefficient to last reported wages (Vrancic). Some I've added further wages where I feel needed due to division changes and exceptional performances. Current Salaries at previoius clubs based on a mixture of utilising the FM Database and sleuthing online; Ryan Nyambe* - (£4.7kpw x 1.18 x 1.20) +1kpw = £8kpw. Luke O Nein - £4.0kpw x 1.18 = £5kpw. Amine Bassi* - €5.0kpw (£4.34kpw) x 1.30 = £7kpw. Sam Field* - £7.25kpw x 1.18 x 1.20 = £11kpw. Vrancic* - £17.0kpw x 0.95 = £16kpw. Benkovic (50% terms seem common when loaning out based on previous evidence) = £30kpw x 0.5 = £15kpw. Yates* - (£2.5kpw x 1.18 x 1.20) +3kpw = £8kpw. Bayo* - (€4kpw (£3.47kpw) x 1.3) +3kpw = £8kpw. Palmer* - (£4kpw x 1.18 x 1.20) +1kpw = £7kpw. Total - £85kpw. Meaning: Reduction in overall wages would be £174kpw - £85kpw = £89kpw. Overall reduction in wage bill per annum - £4,628,000 (Estimate), likely to be more with cancellation of Mawson loan mid season, add in youth releases and some more conservative wage estimates (Diedhiou, Baker, Hunt), and its likely closer to £7m. last reported wages were circa £30.6m if I recall correctly. Meaning with the proposed movement in the market, wages for 2022 would be reducted to around £23m. Depending on how the wage are individually tailored, that gives some nice wiggle room for new terms to improving players (Vyner, Massengo, among others), as well as another loan or two for cover as needed.
  15. Fuber


    They all but want him back another year (Lincoln Fans), done very well this year, good shot stopper. He's a WBA player however, not So'ton. Issue will be if WBA sell Johnstone, their other two keepers are Button and Lonergan, who both will defo not be first choice in the Championship Imo. Loves a penalty save, also.
  16. For myself: OUT Releases: Mariappa, Rowe, Lansbury, Z. Smith, Baker, Diedhiou, Paterson, Hunt, Simpson, Watkins, Adelakun, Walsh (Compensation), Gilmartin, Sessognon. Sell: Moore (p/e), Wells (£1m), Bentley (Don't want to, but feel we would need income - £6m), Nagy (£2m), Semenyo (£4m). Loan Out - Sam Bell, Ryley Towler, Sam Pearson, Saikou Janneh, Louis Britton. OUT Total - 24, £13.5m Eq. Replace Coaching staff, namely the fitness and conditioning team. IN (Examples) Promote: Owura Edwards, Tommy Conway, Robbie Cundy, Cameron Pring, Alex Scott. Free: Ryan Nyambe (Blackburn, RB), Luke O'Nein (Sunderland, Utlity/RB), Amine Bassi (AS Nancy, LW/AM), Sam Field (WBA, CM), Mario Vrancic (Norwich, Free). Loan: Benkovic (Leicester, CB). Transfer Fees: Jerry Yates (Blackpool, £1.5m + Moore, RW/ST), Mohamed Bayo (Clermont, £2.7m(€3m), LW/ST). Alex Palmer (WBA, £2m, GK). IN Total: - 9, £6.7m Eq. SUPPOSED OUTCOME Profit/Loss - +£6.8m, to be spent on other targets, or save for the Jan window. Squad: Palmer, Nyambe, Kalas, Benkovic, DaSilva, Massengo, Field, Williams (VC), O'Dowda, Yates, Bayo. Bench: O'Leary, Vyner, Pring, Vrancic (C), Bakinson, Bassi, Martin. Reserves: O'Nein, Edwards, Conway, Cundy, Scott, others. All Hypothetical - its highly unlikely the clearout will be that uncompromising.
  17. Fixed that for ya.
  18. Would also (personal opinion) like to add: Ashton, Rolls, Diedhiou, Watkins, Paterson, Adelakun, Sessognon, Wells, Lansbury. Also Starring: Simpson, Downing, Mountain. Many Thanks! - Apologies if the doors clap your ass cheeks on the way out. Any coaches who manage to get us playing this unorganised in terms of defending, both open play and set pieces, and incapable of any kind of ball retention, need sacking, basically complicit in the utter shambles the past 9 months.
  19. His only guilt was being under LJ and naive enough to accept getting thrown into the deep end by Ashton. Hope he does well at Stoke.
  20. Fuber


    If WBA keep Johnstone and we sell Bentley I'd like for us to got for Alex Palmer at WBA, on loan at Lincoln currently. 24. Wouldn't cost the earth, could compete with Max. They paid £10m, it ain't happening. More likely they could lose Forster, I think Ralph is signing McCarthy to an extension. From social media it does seem Gunn is nowhere near the first team - so will see, but reckon wages in this climate would scupper that.
  21. Fuber

    How many?

    Harsh on Nagy imo. Always gives 100%. Single handedly got us the two goals versus Luton. Id use his in rotation with HNM. Thats one less position to worry about cover for. Get Williams, another CM, Scott, Bakinson and that's not looking too bad imo. We need Martin for his experience, I believe he also has another year to run anyway. We have no real width, need to get a proper winger who can beat his man. O'Leary can't be judged off the back of one game - Villa two years back sticks in the mind, he may need a game or two to get back into the flow. Rotating keepers carries that inherant risk. O'Dowda was one of the few players pulling his finger out towards Holden's reign and playing some his best football for a time. He's a fantastic bench option once fit. Covered why I'd hold Nagy and Martin. Besides that, bin the rest. Haven't/Hasn't worked.
  22. Fuber


    Alternately Bentley is even worse at it imo. When Max comes he usually tends to claim. Bentley tend to punch more and we've seen him fluff his lines just as much.
  23. If true, good news. Of the two assistants in the other hand, Downing at least has experience with WBA - however I believe he may have had a role in Brunt coming in. Id honestly rather on that basis neither staying. As long as we get a Solid DOF vs CEO I'll be content dependant on results next season.
  24. Relatively. Even at Championship level, I.e Freeman at QPR had better returns than Pato ever had at this level. And that was actually across the entire season.
  25. May renew my season ticket now. Its like having 10 new signings in effect.
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