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  1. I can, he won’t be with us very long if he keeps his performances up over the next couple of years!
  2. Bit of a weird thought, but want if they they scanned someone and they genuinely think they have an explosive device on them.... what then? Surely the person would then let it off there where they are. Yes it’s better than going off in a stadium where even more people would be affected but it’s hardly a preventative measure.
  3. What’s do people think the next steps will be will max? Clearly he has ability but at 24 really needs to be getting match experience to keep progressing? Is Bentley likely to leave anytime soon and how long will max be happy being number 2 on the bench each week when he knows he’d be a starter for a high end league 1 if not low end championship team?
  4. Didn’t boo, didn’t clap but what I don’t get is how someone can say that the kneeling isn’t linked to BLM “because they stated it isn’t” and is accepted, yet when people choose to boo it can’t be accepted that it’s not racist “because they stated it isn’t and that it’s because they don’t agree with this gesture in particular” it’s not. I like most others never agree with racism. The hypocrisy on people’s choices on the other hand is should not be encouraged either.
  5. I live in Wiltshire and work in Swindon and have never met such inconsistent fans base. Only a week or so ago there were genuine concerns from them that they wouldn’t make the start of the season. A week later with a new owner in place and there’s talks of promotion and then pushing for the championship in the next few years.
  6. Just a question and this is no way a dig at you or anyone else that is wary, just would like to understand people’s thinking. At what point do think you will feel safe to return to watching football in the same manner you did before? Myself personally cannot ever see the rates ever being lower than they are now and do not think the percentage of the population vaccinated will change much from October onwards, possibly even drop if it’s decided that continuous boosters are required each year. At what point do you say ok now I’m comfortable or do you genuinely fear you may never go back to doing things we all love like going to watch city?
  7. Have been trying to renew season ticket all week but constantly been getting this error code come up. Thought it had been because I was using my phone but tried again this morning on a laptop and still getting the same. Has anyone else had this?
  8. I’m sure it’s been asked already but can’t find it anywhere so feel free to merge. Does anyone know if you took the options of ticket credit from your 2019/20 season ticket, then can you use this towards your 2021/22 season ticket as there doesn’t seem to be any mention of this on the official site?
  9. Does anyone else think that the club have deliberately put off the renewal of players as they knew there would most likely be a new head coach and didn’t want to them to lumbered with half a squad they don’t want?
  10. If you’d asked me a year ago I’d have said Adkins. A few promotions on his cv and promotion to the premier league whilst developing younger players(at the time) like Lalana, Schneiderlin, Ward-prowse ect. Yes he struggled at hull but they were a club that had bigger issues and in free fall. My worry is, are we now also another club like that? History shows that we’re almost due a relegation back to the third tier.
  11. So can I ring up and buy a ticket for myself, brother and dad? Or do we all need to each ring up individually?
  12. Not literally but put the academy players out Friday, give these players a rest. They’re struggling with the schedule and it’s only going to get worse. With over a week and a half off they might be ready to go again
  13. After announcements of indoor concerts taking place from December and the prime minister actively encouraging public to visit cinemas, it appears that many fans and professional football clubs including Charlton and Shrewsbury are losing patience with the one rule for one, one rule for another approach being taken and are now speaking out on twitter using the hashtag #letfansin For any fans who are hoping for any sort of return this season and can spare a few minutes to sign and share this petition and let the powers that be that enough is enough and that if these other venues are considered safe then there’s no reason an open air stadium can not be with the correct measures in place. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/552036
  14. I’m sure a few good results at the start of the season he’ll be back out again. Didn’t seem to handle the announcement of Holden very well especially on radio Bristol and hasn’t really been seen since, that was probably the first time I’ve seen him struggle with his words. Feel his heads on the chopping block now.
  15. A manager who chooses not necessarily a formation but a way of playing, then signs players to suit the system rather than “lots of clubs in the bag” it doesn’t matter how many clubs you’ve got if your swing is inconsistent and changing half way through every shot
  16. This is the line that gets me the most, suggesting that people who take the money because they’re In desperate times and need to feed their family are not loyal. I am delighted that we have managed to secure the ability for our most loyal fans to watch all of our remaining games, both home and away, on Robins TV."
  17. You’ll get all of the pro rota money back except the value of the highest valued ticket
  18. New season tickets start in 7 weeks time, last seasons would have finished by now anyway. I can’t really see what benefits you would have got that you’re not going to now?
  19. I think they are saying they will but you will have to do it for each ticket which will make it more effort if you have multiple tickets
  20. This is the clubs stance on it, apparently it’s a discount and does not represent actual money
  21. I believe we had the same issue with Adidas towards the end of the deal with them. I remember Amy Kingston (academy director) saying they were having to go to places like sports direct just so new players joining the club had kit to train in.
  22. Good luck getting it back, you’ll be waiting a while by the sounds of it. I’m in the same boat and will never fly with Ryanair after the way they’re treating customers during this.
  23. It wouldn’t let me send the photo by DM so sent it on here just so no one thinks I’m pulling a fast one.
  24. That’s great, I’ll make the donation now then give you a message
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