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  1. It wasn't working in South Africa or Ethiopia for the last 2 weeks, but it does work in Austria. Good to be back in a 'trusted' country I suppose.
  2. Can we take a moment to appreciate the name of the Barnsley 'keeper. Greatorex is not one I'd heard before but it seems to have a rather distinguished history... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greatorex
  3. I also missed out Joe Cottle from the 1910 FA Cup final team, not sure how that one slipped my mind!
  4. Amankwaah promised to have a lot of the attributes that I would like to see in a right back today. I think a tall, rangy player on the right would compliment Dasilva quite well.
  5. Can't believe I forgot to include Darren Barnard!
  6. In my days supporting City I can fondly recall a number of left backs who were outstanding footballers and among the best in their position for whichever league we were in at the time - Mickey Bell, Jim Brennan, Joe Bryan and now Jay Dasilva. In the same time frame I can't ever remember having a right back that fulfilled those criteria. Bradley Orr was a converted midfielder who did a good job, Mark Little was decent enough but unspectacular, back in the day Louis Carey started off well as a right back but then moved into the centre. So my question is, did Bristol City ever have a re
  7. Exeter City going for a very original combination of... lime and purple. https://www.exetercityfc.co.uk/news/2019/july/newawayshirt/
  8. Looking at the figures for City on those Swiss Ramble charts - shows exactly why we sold Reid and Bryan last year, Kelly this year, and why we will continue to sell. Personally I would prefer that than have any more seasons of zero player sales revenues and 25 million pound losses.
  9. Not a great translation. Germans hold their thumbs clasped in their fingers, more like pressing the thumbs. How did this sentence actually published? GmcG seems like a nice chap but he needs to learn to write or get a subeditor.
  10. Looking forward to seeing Frankie's distribution map from this Bolton game...
  11. Fielding totally ignoring Pack and Baker offering the short ball to lump it long instead... on repeat.
  12. Basically the same principle as a season ticket - covers league games only. Except it also includes away games. But not games that are chosen for international broadcast. Or games on the 5th Sunday of every month ending in 'y'. Simple!
  13. Correct. Championship games only on BCTV
  14. And in Austria on DAZN for the deutschsprachige Unterstützung.
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