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  1. Pugofwar


    How are people still not getting this?
  2. Bet 365 will have to fight Tesco pretty hard if they want Denmark...
  3. Things definitely seem to be on the up there since King Ecgfrith of Northumbria granted the land to Benedict Biscop to found a monastery
  4. Is this whole thread a wind up? Have we all been done up a kipper?
  5. Yeah he won't be too bothered about anything to do with Sunderland I'd guess. The club has also been sold on again since he departed.
  6. It's all about relative risk. Generally people are not good at calculating risk. 6 times greater chance of heart failure sounds very high (if true), but relatively the risk is still tiny. Clubs will be most concerned with what can realistically have a negative impact on their finances.
  7. More likely than either of those events would be an unvaccinated player missing games after contracting Covid. That is the primary concern of clubs.
  8. Normally yeah. Seemed like he was played out of position. The team was very static. Dare I say they could do with someone who runs around a bit?
  9. Laimer played on the right of a front 3 and looked like he was doing a poor impression of Weimann. Baumgartner was also disappointing on the left. Arnautovic is still getting a game upfront but spent most of the game offside. Overall it was a low quality game. Gilmour was the stand out player and looks like a real star. Alaba was stuck at left back not able to influence the game in any way.
  10. Shocking that Andi doesn't get in the Austria squad. He'll be fit for Saturday at least.
  11. Yep. Plenty of reasons never to trust a side managed by Conte or Guardiola, but probably applies to many big clubs.
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