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  1. My bad chaps and chapesses. I totes forgot to check. Love to @italian dave
  2. Rov has become the new Champ yoyo team. They're on a 6 game winless run and we're playing away. It should be an easy win but I wouldn't be surprised by a 0-0 draw.
  3. Sending that wish list to the Big Man at the North Pole as we speak. He does ask if you've been a good boy this year Fredrick. He will have to check his list first though.
  4. Hiding in your back garden. I did the weeds for you.
  5. Oooh, hello! Yes. I'm back. I deduced that the majority preferred the more technical aspect given by Fevs and with Hav still in the honeymoon phase with Mrs Hav, I stopped posting with the intention to fill in whenever Dave is unavailable. So here I am. The 6th most popular female OTIBer. Like your uncle's fart after a Sunday roast, it lingers... So what have I missed? City are doing okish, COD was shit but now good again, Cotts and LJ got jobs, Fam might sign his new contract, Hunt is a good vice captain etc... Standard then. Just the post Christmas slump and banana skin game in the FA cup to look forward to. Classic City. On to today... Beeerrrrrrrminhimmmm (H) are on a winless run, most recently losing to Barnsley but also drawing to current top dogs Bournemouth. So I think a 1-1 draw can be expected. We shall see. COYRS!
  6. @phantom @Dollymarie @elhombrecito can one of youse lovely mods make this the MDT 9 please?
  7. Mainly because toKnight I was in a grumpy mood. Oh and when I bet on a loss, you can guarantee a City win.
  8. Good evening folks! After such a good start to the season, it's refreshing to know that City are still... well, City... A fan for over 20 years, City being City shows consistency which I for one am glad of, because we all know, it's the hope that hurts more. Now, in other news, Mr Ashton has dug through his cabinet and wheeled out his favourite employee to announce they're building on dog shit swamp after all. Silbury Road residents are disgusted that "she who must not be named" made the announcement. They wanted Downsy instead. He's a cutie. You Know Who also talked about consultations and asked the public for their feedback. But we all know it's a done deal, so don't waste your time. On to tonight. It's a clear case of the number twos this evening. Jase v Deano. Both thrown in at the respective deep ends at AG and Dean Court this summer. Local lad done good Lloyd Kelly will get a run out against his old employers, even though he will be naturally cautious after narrowly avoiding a red card in his previous game. We have little chance against a recent Prem team sadly. 2-0 to the Cherries. On to the next one. COYRS
  9. He doesn't. I often talk about off pitch activities or general nonsense. I'm the quintessential waffler.
  10. Long time no see folks! England has done their usual turning over of one of the big boys when there's nothing really to play for, just for us to garner hope that they'll actually beat them when it matters (we all know the outcome - we're City fans) so all the clubs have their international lads back within the fold. One minor housekeeping task. As is the want of most City fans, like a big bosomed mother, we watch from afar as our children move elsewhere. So imagine my disgust when I saw this. I spoke to two female City fans - one said nay, one said yay. Comment below on the state of this barnet. On to today... Barnsley came back up the season before last and have become a bit of a yoyo team. I hate yoyo teams as they're largely unpredictable and you have to think on your feet during matches against them. City reject Woodrow obviously signed a new contract with them yesterday so he'll be buzzing to start his goal bonuses. Even though I think he's a little overrated, he's still a threat on goal so our CB's will be on him like a pisshead on a kebab. However, with the loss of the man that saved them from relegation last year to America just 11 days ago, the team may have either caretaker bounce or still be in turmoil at the state of affairs off the pitch at Oakwell. Tricky one. So 1-0 win for City but can also see a 1-1 draw. Time will tell. COYRS!
  11. Good morning city fans! Now I'm sure this has been mentioned already but a certain referee is in charge today. Oh yes, the massive City hater Keith Stroud will be walking into the pitch with the teams. But here's a fun fact: he hates Forest too and their supporters haven't taken it well either........ I've been using www.worldfootball.net for these stats - https://www.worldfootball.net/referee_summary/keith-stroud/nottingham-forest/4/ So the stats for Stroudy v Forest are thus: 24 games reffed of which 5 Forest wins, 11 losses and 8 draws. Compared to our stats of 24 games reffed by him, we have 3 wins, 13 losses and 8 draws. Digging deeper, I've found that he has also given us 34 yellow cards and 2 red cards during those 24 games - ratio suggesting he's always putting his hand in his pocket during City games. Compared to Forest, he's given out an incredible 43 yellows and 2 reds in Forest games. That's nearly 2 yellows per game... Safe to say he hates Forest too... So if the Forest fans are anything like us, Keeeeef won't be flavour of the month with them. I headed over to the forum and I wasn't disappointed. "Keith Stroud against WBA was definitely bent" "That ref is a ****." "I don't want to upset anybody but Keith Stroud is an absolute c-word." So today's game could literally go either way. Forest fans are losing confidence with their manager Sabri Lamouchi and have yet to win since they beat us back in July. Forest supporters are hoping for a City win to be the final straw in ending Sabri's management. Because of Stroud and the balanced way he's treated both teams, I'll say 1-1 draw but expect lots of cards and even a penalty. COYRS!
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