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  1. I had the same experience yesterday as queued to get food for my grand-daughter but all sold out. It seems this area of the ground is anything but family friendly. And why do the the shutters close at the start of the 2nd half?! I assume that due to the extortionate prices the club has made it's profit margins so no need to stay open?
  2. I will be buying a copy of the Fanzine. What are the prices for the hats?
  3. It seems to me that SL is content with Championship level which is a very dangerous game to play given the fact we do not have a Championship squad. Bigger clubs than us struggling in the lower leagues
  4. I thought it was the other way around - I'm a bow legged Chicken and a Knock Need Hen? Always liked the chant - Who are the People - We are the People - Who are the Scum - They are the Scum - Scum didee um dum, dum dum - or words to that effect!
  5. We got to game at half time. We were delayed in the pub then couldn't get a taxi driver to take us to White Hart Lane! When we eventally arrived found out we missed all the trouble and a couple of stabbings too. Very intimidating atmosphere. 2nd half was terrible but we ended up somehow winning. If I recall correctly Don Revie and the England squad were at the game? Watched Match of the Day in a pub in Paddington and got the last train home - I think!
  6. Was my first City hero. Great player and great man. I used to go to the reserve games in the late 60's and remember sitting in the old grandstand watching a reserve game. I noticed Chris was at the game too watching with his then fiance. I think I ruined their day when I moved to sit next to him and spent the whole game just staring at him. But I was in awe!
  7. I would be interested why you think he has a charmed career. It seems out of context of the thread
  8. Maybe there should be a Welsh Football League - that would solve the problem
  9. Not heard the name touted over the last few weeks, but have to admit when I saw the thread title I did think that!
  10. Still have great memories of that game and that night! Got a lift with 5 mates to the game and the motorway was full of fellow fans on their way to Coventry. We arrived a few hours before kick-off and some pubs weren't allowing Coventry fans in as they were packed with City fans. The build up before the game, the amount of away fans - we ended up in the Coventry Home End - and topped off with the result. Will never witness a night like that again. Not sure how I made work the next morning!
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