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  1. Colin....... Both a pair of C****
  2. I hate you C**** with a passion! But..... I wouldn't wanna see you or any club go out of business, Its just not right! Some of my best mates are Swindle fans and I wouldn't wanna see them with a void in their lives. I enjoy it too much to see you gone..... so do us all a favour, get relegated about 3 leagues but don't disappear anytime soon!
  3. Swindon to win the league, rovers top 6.... Best tenner I've ever lost.....
  4. Lee Power is a legend.... he's doing a fantastic job
  5. You should know by now that he can do what he wants as he is protected by the MODS......
  6. Buy a home shirt..... get a player free....
  7. I know..... the photo is a symbol of you lot celebrating winning the league in November..... hence the never forget bit....
  8. Never forget...... I doubt JET has.... Couldn't happen to a nicer club.....
  9. Crawley Away..... Priceless watching the Police bemused at why so many people were celebrating a last day mid-table dead rubber 1-1 draw and celebrating at full time like we had won the world Cup!
  10. 90 mins. Changed about 15 years ago.
  11. This has to be @Never to the dark side dream situation!
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